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Spring 2002 Newsletter
Don Campau/No Pigeonholes/Lonely Whistle Music
PO Box 9162
Santa Rosa CA 95405
Radio program of home produced recordings and independent small studios. Live, twice a month on KKUP in the SF and Monterey Bay Areas.
Get your music on the radio, any style!

...also on Radio Marabu (Europe) Look in "Experimentelles"

Many thanks to Ida Laccabue for all her hard work for me and KKUP. She is moving on to other endeavors. Thanks for everything Ida!

CDR and cassette label of Don Campau, Robin O'Brien, Dino DiMuro, Timo, Harlan and many others. See Catalog
Micky Saunders TURN AROUND CDR $6
10 bursts of pop excellence from this southern Californian. She is a breath of fresh air!

Dan Susnara and Micky Saunders (1998-2001) CDR $6
10 songs over the years from this home taping dynamic duo.

San Jose State Storytellers And Poets THE MAGIC OF SOUND CDR $5
An eclectic spoken work compilation produced by Nicole Campau

Re-issue of this classic cassette release from Englishman Andi Xport.
Riffing and rocking with personal and social commentary.

coming soon:

Michael J. Bowman/ Don Campau SINECURE CDR $6
Avant pop, mopecore and sound effects collide in this mail music collaboration between these veteran home tapers.

rare and live material from various artists. Great new material!
Let's trade!

My friend Eric Muhs has posted our entire album INTERFERENCE for download. Check out his other goofy scientific interests too.

News from Radio Marabu:
The times of our transmissions via Radio Caroline on the Astra-Satellit will be every Tueday night up to Wednesday morning from 01.00 hours up to 07.00 hours MEZ.
RADIO MARABU e.V. - Postfach 1166 - D 49187 Belm - Germany
Tel.: 05406/899484 -- Fax: 05406/899485 -- E-mail -- Homepage
Europe´s radio station for alternative music

News from Russian electronic musician and producer Artemiy Artemiev:
The first Russian International Festival of Electronic, Electroacoustic, Experimental and Avant-Garde Music will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia from July 19 - August 1, 2002. Among the artists scheduled to attend are Manuel Gottsching & Ash Ra Tempel, HansJoachim Roedelius, Tim Story, Michael Rother, Dieter Moebius, Jeff Grienke, Peter Frohmader, and many many others. For detailed information

Jerry Kranitz continues to promote avant garde and electronic music at his Aural Innovations site. Includes Real Audio programs, catalogs, info. Go there

Chinchilla Music announces the launch of their new site.
Featuring video and audio clips of some of the best alternative acts around, including gigs, interviews, exclusives and moreS.

We are SMI Productions, LLC owners of
Reporter.com and eSoundz Promotions

We review independent artists weekly in our online publication that is mailed to over 2,500 subscribers of our various clubs and circulated worldwide via the internet.
We also offer promotional services pre-production, recording, replication/duplication, promotion (press releases, online CD sells by email etc), and Distribution. We also offer video and CD Rom film production services. E-Mail

John Bain recommends this resource for indie musicians