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Host of "Damn Traffic"

Jammin' Jim

Well I'm still on a mission for the Blues. I've been showcasing Blues artists on the road to stardom since 1991. (It sure doesn't seem that long.)

Many of the up-and-coming Blues heroes who I featured years ago now tour nationally. They're still youngbloods, but there's more great new youngbloods every day! These are the artists to whom I now dedicate my show. Get the jump on your fellow Blues lovers by hearing these youngbloods before they get commercial airplay. Also, if you think you are one of the up-and-coming players I'm talking about, here's your chance to prove it! Send me a CD. You could be on-the-air on Damn Traffic.

All you have to do is send your CD to ATTN: Music Director, KKUP, 933 Monroe Street, PMB 9150, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Be sure to mention my name in your correspondence and please allow several weeks for delivery and review. If you don't have a CD, but you're working on a recording project, drop me an Email to let me know how it's going, and keep on jammin!

For info on songs played during the show, upcoming events, and behind the scenes show info in real time, click Damn Traffic Info

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