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KKUP 91.5 FM
Wednesdays 5-8PM
Doo-Wop & R&B
It was a cold, lonely Saturday night. The Fly was buzzing around the FM radio dial, looking for the kind of music that would make his thorax throb and his antennae quiver. And then------at 91.5, he found it: a program playing nothing but R&B and doo-wop! He called and made a request. The DJ played it. He called again and found out that by donating money to the station (a non-commercial gig) he could actually go on the air! The rest is insect history.

After months of intensive training, tests, theory, and tetanus shots, the largest insect on earth became a DJ. Now he plays nothing but doo-wop, R&B, Blues, and soul!

The Fly airs on the first, third, and fifth Wednesday of each and every month at 5:00 P.M. For almost three hours you will hear nothing but the coolest music on the planet: from the greatest doo-wop groups of the 50s to the heaviest R&B artists -- The Fly plays them all!

Only on a station like KKUP - a non-profit, listener supported station - could you find music like this. You might ask yourself this important question: how did a lowly fly ever learn to appreciate this kind of sound? The Fly was a-buzzing around a bar-b-que one summer afternoon and he heard the heart-throbbing sound of The Charts singing "Deserie", then the Turbans, the Clovers, the Cadets, and on and on. He couldn't stand it !! His antennae were swaying to the beat, his abdomen was pulsating irregularly, but most of all he noticed his thorax was gyrating madly to the heavy beat!!!

It was at that moment The Fly realized he was destined to listen to, and if fate allowed (which she did), to play this type of music for the whole world to enjoy.

And so it came to pass. Now The Fly plays the greatest music in the world just for

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