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The Board of Directors

Jim Thomas has served on the Board of Directors of the Radio Club of Cupertino, the non-profit corporate entity that owns and operates KKUP, since 1993, and has been Board Chairman since 1994. During his tenure as Chair he has presided over an increase of the station's budget from $30,000 plus per year to over $50,000, the purchase of all new broadcast equipment, the very successful relocation of the studio facility from Cupertino to Santa Clara, and the establishment of a cash reserve to deal with potential engineering problems. He is currently working on establishing a repeater site to broadcast KKUPs signal into Los Gatos and Saratoga where it is currently unavailable.

"My idea of leadership is to lead by consensus" says Thomas. "I like to get input from all of the Board before we tackle a project. We've got a very dedicated, hardworking Board of Directors and management staff. What I want to do is pick good people for a job, create an atmosphere conducive to doing the job well, then get out of the way and let them do it. So far it seems to be working."

"On the other hand, we're in a highly competitive marketplace. The Bay Area is a media hotbed. Our annual budget is just a fraction of not only any commercial station but most non-commercial stations as well. We're already broadcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and our signal strength is locked in. So we're not looking to get any bigger. With the cost of living rising the way it is, we need to expand out fundraising efforts just to keep our head above water. I think we provide a valuable service to the community. Every year it costs more and more just to maintain that level of service."

"KKUP has been providing eclectic, alternative programming for 27 years. The challenge for us is to be able to continue to do it for the next 27 years."