Description of Dave Emory Archive

KKUP listeners can now support KKUP and get all of the recorded and written material that Dave Emory has produced over the course of a lifetime.

For a tax-deductible donation of $85.00 or more, KKUP is offering a flash drive containing all of the For The Record shows, all of the AFA Archive Shows (formerly RFA), all of the Miscellaneous Archive Shows, all of Dave's recorded lectures, the Guns of November series about the assassination of President Kennedy, and ALL of the written descriptions for all of these programs and lectures.

Listeners also receive the small library of old anti-fascist books available for download on easy-to-access PDF files, as well as the written descriptions for all of these books.

In addition, the flash drive contains videotaped lectures--one from the summer of 2008 about the background of Barack Obama and a lengthy, four part lecture series about the relationship between fascism and religion.

This premium will, literally, give you access to all of the work Dave has put together in a lifetime's worth of effort, more than three decades on the air.

To obtain this flash drive, call (408) 260-2999 or, in the Santa Cruz area (831) 255-2999, or send a check or money order for $85.00 or more payable to KKUP-FM to: KKUP-FM, 1275 Franklin Mall, PMB 9150, Santa Clara, CA 95050.