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The FAQ's

What is KKUP?

KKUP 91.5 FM is a community-minded radio station. Our 600 watt stereo transmitter Silicon Valley Power Amps SV-600, capacity of 600 watts total power output. We're running our full licensed power of 200 watts ERP, which requires just under 500 watts total power from the transmitter. The SV-600 has VSWR foldback circuitry to protect itself from reflected power such as antenna icing creates. It also uses Field Effect Transistors (FETs) in its output stage instead of the Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) like our old transmitter used. FETs have 4-5 times the tolerance for overvoltage that BJTs do. That gives an extra 'layer' of protection against reflected power problems is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains atop Mt. Loma Prieta (approximately 4 miles south of San Jose, California). We broadcast 24 hours/day and have a potential audience of over 2 million people covering areas of San Francisco, the east bay to Salinas and south to Monterey Bay.

What do you mean by 'community-minded?'

KKUP is known as the 'people's radio.' Our purpose is to provide views, music, and cultural diversity not found in mainstream media. We feature local musicians, activists, poets and story-tellers both on tape and live in-studio! You name it! If you can't hear it anywhere else, it's probably on KKUP.

How is KKUP supported?

By its listeners. By not accepting commercials, grants, or underwriting of any kind, KKUP belongs to no one but the people. There are no demands on our programming! Our budget is approximately $100,000/year. This pays studio rent, utilities, upkeep and repair of the transmitter, studio equipment, postal costs, supplies, etc. The KKUP website is paid for and maintained by a donation from a KKUP volunteer. In fact, KKUP is staffed solely by volunteers. No monies are used to pay anyone!

What do the letters KKUP stand for?

K signifies a radio station located west of the Mississippi. KUP stands for 'Cupertino.' This is where KKUP began. Since September 2009 we have been broadcasting from San Jose, CA.

Who are the deejays at KKUP?

Many of the deejays have been at KKUP well over 10 years. Most haven't. Their backgrounds are varied, but all share a common love for the music and/or views they broadcast.

How do I get KKUP to play my music?

Send your CD/tapes to our Music Director.
1275 Franklin Mall, PMB 9150
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Attention: Music Director

He will review the music and direct it to those programmers who play that genre. It's up to the programmer to play it.

How do I submit a Public Service Announcement?

Send to: KKUP-FM
1275 Franklin Mall, PMB 9150
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Attn: PSA

We will honestly try to do as many as we can!

How do I become a KKUP volunteer?

Easy. Write (see address above)...or call 408-260-2999 or 831-480-1999. Be sure to call when you don't hear the deejay talking. (If the deejay is on the air, she/he can't answer the phone.) Your name/phone number will be taken and you'll be called. We're always looking for folks to answer phones, mail things, etc.

Can I donate things to KKUP other than money?

Sure! CDs, albums, envelopes, stamps. Since KKUP is non-profit (with a tax I.D. #) those things (including money) are tax-deductible. We once had a fellow donate some pre-printed envelopes and letterhead with the KKUP address. Much appreciated! Supplies, equipment, etc. Call!

Anything I haven't covered? Email the Webmaster. I'll be happy to answer any questions, or direct it to someone who can.

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