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Guidelines for
$91.50 Pledges

Please note the following

o $91.50 pledges are for 90 minutes of airtime as a guest DJ playing recorded music only. No live bands or self-promotions.

o $91.50 pledges cannot be used to promote any band, conduct interviews with artists (promotion) or anything connected with the promotion of any person, band, club or concert.

o $91.50 pledges may not be used for all-talk programs, or causes (political or personal).

o KKUP shall have total discretion over appropriateness of material being broadcast.

o Your 91.50 pledge is valid for one (1) year only, date-to-date, from the Date on which you pledged. We also would like you to return the 91.50 Info Form no later than (3) three months from the Date of your pledge.

o If this is a gift, please distinguish between Pledger and Recipient.

o Someone from KKUP Cupertino will contact you after your submission of the 91.50 Info Form. If you feel too much time has elapsed, please contact the Program Director or G.M.

o No more than 2 (two) 91.50 slots in any calendar year.