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2014 Blues Marathon Schedule

Friday June 20th
Time Host Description

Gil de Leon

1:00 pm Live Music Live Music
1:00 pm

Gil de Leon

Scooby Groove
2:00 pm

Gil de Leon

Jimmy Dewrance
3:00 pm 'Blue Suede' Dave Stafford Alabama Mike & the Hound Kings
4:00 pm 'Blue Suede' Dave Stafford Coyote Slim
5:00 pm

'Blue Suede' Dave Stafford

6:00 pm

Mike the Fly

9:00 pm


Saturday June 21st
Time Host Description
12:00 am Eric Hayslett Old Blues, New Blues, Soulful Blues, Rhythm & Blues
3:00 am Kingman
6:00 am

Tomas Montoya

8:00 am

CJ the DJ

10:00 am Blue Radish Artists from Excello Records

Radio Re

Women of the Blues from 1930 to 1960

3:00 pm

The Conductor & JC Smith

6:00 pm

Jim Dandy and friends

Jim will be joined by fellow Hillsdale HS friends, Gary “Hoodoo” Hoffman and Jerry “Axeman” Tassan. We plan a theme around “Drowning on Dry Land” (and how not to). We each envision a situation where we are marooned on a desert island with only an mp3 player available of our favorite blues songs to keep us company. It should be lots of fun to see what each of us come with using this theme, so please join us!

8:00 pm Rhythm Doctor and friends
10:00 pm

Paul Johnson and friends

Sunday June 22nd
Time Host Description
12:00 am Crickett
4:00 am Bobby G Featuring Michael Bloomfield
8:00 am

Paul Jacobs

11:00 am

Jim & Gratia

The flip side of the blues coin. Pew burning gospel music from the Golden Age of Gospel

2:00 pm

Jammin' Jim Farris

3:00 pm Live Music Live Music
3:00 pm Val King & AC Miles
4:00 pm Dave Workman & Malik 'Little Wolf' Shabazz
5:00 pm Ron Thompson
6:00 pm The Jump Kings
7:00 pm 3 Harp Boogie with Gary Smith, Aki Kumar, Gil de Leon
8:00 pm David More
9:00 pm Albatross - tribute to Peter Green w/ Dave Gonzales
10:00 pm

Sam Varella Band

11:00 pm

JC Smith

Midnight (resume regular programming)

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