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Produced/Hosted By Emmanuel Nado
ON KKUP 91.5FM - Every Monday 3PM-6PM PST
Silicon Valley & San Francisco Bay area
Where the heart of Africa beats
Web site www.kkup.org

Welcome to Echoes of Africa
The program is an exciting weekly 3 hour radio music magazine that features and highlights African music in all its forms and styles. This long running program is a staple of KKUP programming. Hosted by Emmanuel Nado, a native of Cote d'Ivoire West Africa, Echoes of Africa is aired every Monday afternoon beginning at 3pm. Nado brings to KKUP listeners an informative and musical experience from the continent that never stands still. Africa's musical influence on the world is without question. The myriad of sounds and styles out of Africa are heard on Echoes of Africa. When you tune in each week you'll be part of a musical journey that takes you through the heart of Africa. Our mission here is to entertain as well educate the listeners.

The first hour begins with traditional music from various regions of the continent; music played on indigenous instruments, rituals and a variety of ceremonial songs and music are spotlighted.

The second hour features news from the continent with the perspectives of the African Diaspora, information from the communities, interviews of touring and/or local African artists, and cultural happenings in and around the U.S.

The last segment of the program is devoted to the current dance music scenes. When you tune in at this time you'll hear the latest South African street beat of Kwaito and you'll hear Mbanquanga, the music that energized many of the liberation movements in southern Africa. Congolese lightening guitar music called Soukous, along with its new version Ndombolo, travels to the feet of listeners as they hear the foremost exponents of the style Koffi Olomide, Wenga Musica, Extra Musica, Soukous Stars and a host of Congolese bands doing their things. You'll also hear Africa's! number one rumbero Sam Mangwana.

You can email us or write with your questions about the music you heard on the show.