KKUP New Music :: September 2012 - January 2013

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ArtistAlbum LabelGenreDate StatusDate Filed
4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra Abdul the Rabbi(self)World 9/9/2012
Abrams BrothersNorthern Redemption United For OpportunityCountry 9/27/2012not filed12/20/2012
Adam MillerWhen the River Ran Backward FolksingingFolk12/30/2012
Albare iTDLong WayEnja Jazz10/16/2012
Amy WhiteHome Sweet Home FairewoodFolk11/11/2012
AnastasiaPacific(self) Folk10/21/2012
Ang Mo FauxImprovisations Pulse of LightEclectic11/4/2012
Animal Eyes(single)(self) Eclectic9/16/2012
Ann RabsonNot AloneVizztone Blues10/16/2012
Anna GutmanisGlimmer in the Dark BanannaWomens1/29/2012 checked in
Annabelle Chvostek EnsembleRise BorealisFolk9/16/2012
Anne HillsThe Things I Notice Now AppleseedFolk11/11/2012
Anthony Branker & AscentTogether OriginJazz11/18/2012
B.D. MooneySunshine When It Rains Walk the EarthCountry10/21/2012
BarbarellatonesThe Sound of Love Sex With LurchEclectic11/4/2012
Barney BentallFlesh & Bone True NorthBlues11/25/2012
Barry KeenanContrary to Popular Belief East of SidewaysEclectic 11/18/2012
Ben BedfordWhat We Lost WaterbugFolk9/27/2012
Ben KyleBen Kyle(self) Folk11/11/2012
Bevel EmbossCelluloid Rough TradeEclectic10/28/2012
Bevel Emboss(Vinyl Single) Rough TradeEclectic10/28/2012
BirdyMagic Days(self) Folk9/27/2012
Blue James Band Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight Chappy PayneReggae9/27/2012
Blues BroadsBlues Broads Delta GrooveBlues9/3/2012
Bob WolfmanTransition(self) Jazz10/4/2012
Bodice RippersVol. III(self) Blues11/11/2012
Booth BrothersMasterpiece of Mercy DaywindEclectic9/3/2012
Britta Lee Shain Between the River and the Road(self) Folk10/28/2012
Brother AgapeThe Castaway's Prayer (self)Eclectic11/4/2012
Brother SladeGood Rooster's Reunion Sully BoyBlues9/30/2012
Bryan CarriganWindows(self) Visionary11/4/2012filed 11/12/2012
Bryan CarriganFocus(self) Visionary11/4/2012filed 11/12/2012
Bryan CarriganPassing Lights (self)Visionary11/4/2012 filed11/12/2012
Buddy GuyLive at LegendsRCA Blues12/16/2012
Buford PopeMatching Numbers UnchainedFolk11/11/2012
BushmasterRevolution Rhapsody (self)Blues9/16/2012
Carey CreedSmall Braveries Azalea CityFolk10/16/2012
Carrie NewcomerKindred Spirit RounderFolk11//04/12
Carrie WicksBarely ThereOA2 Jazz10/16/2012
Catfish KeithA True Friend Is Hard to Find Fish TailFolk12/2/2012
Chad McCullough & Bram Weitjers Q. Urban NightingaleOriginJazz 10/16/2012
Chris DanielsBetter Days (self)Blues9/27/2012
Chris O'ConnellBe Right Back SongCountry12/2/2012
Christian McNeill & Sea Monsters Everything's Up For GrabsQ-Dee Eclectic12/16/2012
Christine BrownThe Wishing Well Key ImageVisionary10/28/2012 filed11/5/2012
Christopher BoscoleFloating On A Melody (self)Visionary10/16/2012 filed10/29/2012
Ciro HurtadoLos Angeles Blues IntiVisionary9/3/2012 not filed9/17/2012
Claire LynchNew DayRounder B/G9/20/2012filed 9/20/2012
Colin LindenStill Live Yellow DogBlues11/18/2012
Colin LindenStill Live Yellow DogFolk10/28/2012
Colleen RaneyLark(self) Folk9/3/2012filed 10/21/2012
Colleen Raney & Colm MacCarthaighCuan (self)Folk9/3/2012 filed10/21/2012
Connie Townsend & the Ginsangers Feast of St. MartinWild Ginsang Country11/4/2012
Copus FamilyBelieve Galactic PlaygroundVisionary 10/28/2012not filed11/5/2012
Cory PiattDaydreamsPatuxent Country10/4/2012
Craig ChaquicoFire Red Moon Blind PigBlues10/16/2012
Craig PadillaWhen the Earth is Far Away LotuspikeVisionary10/16/2012 filed10/29/2012
Dan KennedyIntuitionPollux Eclectic9/27/2012
Dan PoundReturn to Other Worlds Pound SoundsVisionary9/9/2012 filed9/17/2012
Dana & Susan RobinsonAmerican Hornpipe ThresholdFolk10/16/2012
Danny Kalb & FriendsMoving In Blue SojournBlues10/21/2012
Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass Road Into TownPatuxentCountry 10/28/2012
Darshan AmbientFalling Light LotuspikeVisionary10/16/2012 filed10/29/2012
Daughters of Bluegrass Walmking Through Bethlehem (single)Blue Circle Country10/28/2012
Dave FieldsDetonation Field of RosesBlues9/3/2012
Dave LuxtonMusic From the Firmament WayfarerVisionary9/9/2012 filed9/17/2012
David NevueAwakenings Midnight RainVisionary12/9/2012 filed12/17/2012
Davis CoenHard Luck Café SoundviewBlues9/16/2012
Dean BatstoneLonely in America BattunesFolk11/25/2012
Derek BermelCanzonas Americanas CantaloupeClassical12/16/2012
DionThe Fabulous DionAce Oldies11/29/2012
Dortoth NorwoodWe've Come A Long Way MalacoEclectic10/28/2012
Eagle McCallSong of the Seas (self)Folk12/30/2012
Ed RobinsonWritten In Stone PowderfingerReggae10/4/2012
Eighth BlackbirdMeanwhile CedilleClassical10/16/2012
Elika MahonyGlimmerings (self)Visionary11/11/2012 filed11/19/2012
Elison Jackson I Do Believe She Flew Out the Drain Pipe TelegraphEclectic11/4/2012
Elizabeth ShepherdRewind LinusJazz9/27/2012
Elvis PresleyAs Recorded at Madison Sq. Gdn RCA/LegacyOldies11/18/2012
Elvis PresleyViva Elvis The Album RCA/LegacyOldies11/29/2012
Elvis PresleyI Am An Elvis Fan RCA/LegacyOldies11/29/2012
Elvis PresleyPrince From Another Planet SonyOldies11/29/2012
Emmanuel JalSee Me Mama GatwitchWorld9/30/2012
Emmanuel JalWe Want Peace (Reloaded) GatwitchWorld9/30/2012
Erich SylvesterHot Steel & Cool Ukelele (self)Hawaiian10/16/2012
Ernest DawkinsAfro Straight DelmarkBlues12/2/2012
Errol Bonnick(promo)(self) Reggae12/2/2012
Everyday AlohaDon't Give Up Go AlohaHawaiian9/27/2012
Evolution EdenThe Perfect Crime (self)Eclectic12/23/2012
Faith Marion RobinsonA Celtic Awakening DPTVFolk11//04/12
Fanno CreekEP(self) Eclectic9/27/2012
Fat BabiesChicago HotDelmark Blues12/2/2012
Fatoumata DiawaraFatou World CircuitWorld9/3/2012
Frank Kimbrough TrioLive At Kitano PalmettoJazz11/4/2012
Frank MacchiaFried Zombie Stew CacophonyJazz10/16/2012
Fred Hersch TrioAlive at the Vanguard PalmettoJazz9/3/2012
Frederick CharltonBach On Fire (self)Classical9/27/2012
FugotUntamed Spirits(self) Blues9/16/2012
Gathering TimeRed Apples and Gold (self)Folk9/3/2012
Gaudete BrassChicago Moves CedilleClassical12/9/2012
Glass EkevatorUniversum Gloria Lucky CatEclectic10/28/2012
Gov't MuleThe Georgia Biitleg Box (sampler) Evil TeenCountry10/21/2012
Grupo Los SantosClave Heart OA2Jazz9/16/2012
GulitEPGulit Eclectic9/3/2012
Hal Calper TrioAiregin Revisited OriginJazz11/18/2012
Hand to Man BandHand to Man Band (self)Eclectic9/16/2012
Hat Check GirlRoad to Red Point WaterbugFolk10/16/2012
Heidi Anne BreyerAnother Place and Time WinterhallVisionary11/11/2012 duplicate
Heidi BreyerBeyond the Turning WinterhallVisionary9/3/2012 filed9/17/2012
Helen Jane LongIntervention BLEVisionary9/3/2012 filed9/17/2012
HollyfeldsTitle Stealers (self)Country11/4/2012 filed1/3/2013
Hood SmokeLaid Up in Ordinary Origin
HuntersWhite Lies(self)
Ike & ValTell Me Why (self)Blues11/25/2012
Ike & ValMiami Blues One OceanBlues11/25/2012
Ike & ValLive at Tobacco Road One OceanBlues11/25/2012
Iris DeMentSing the Delta FlariellaB/G11/4/2012 filed1/3/2013
IsadarThe Purple HeartMainya Visionary9/3/2012not filed 9/17/2012
IsadarDream of the Dead MainyaVisionary9/30/2012 Eclectic10/8/2012
Itzhak Perlman & Yitzchak Helfgot Eternal EchoesSonyWorld 9/3/2012
Jaiman CrunkEncountersOrigin Jazz10/16/2012
James "Buddy" RogersMy Guitar's Only Friend Blue WaveBlues9/27/2012
Jamie LavalMurmurs and Drones (self)Folk10/28/2012
Janthan Warren & the Billygoats A Little Something Stronger Than Wine(self) Folk9/27/2012
Jean SynodinosGirls, Good & Otherwise FortunateWomens1/8/2012
Jeff JohnsonSuitcaseOrigin Jazz11/18/2012
Jennifer KohBach & Beyond, Pt. 1 CedilleClassical11/4/2012
Jennifer ZulliEarth Lullaby (self)Visionary9/16/2012 filed9/24/2012
Jenny Bienemann Heading Slowly Towards the Beginning(self) Folk9/27/2012
Jess GrantInnocent Invader (self)Folk10/16/2012
Jesse CookBlue Guitar Sessions e-oneJazz10/16/2012
Jill HaleyBryce Canyon Soundscapes CoranglaisVisionary10/4/2012 filed10/15/2012
Jill HaleyGlacier Landscapes (self)Visionary12/9/2012 duplicate12/17/2012
Jim HudakEmbracing Winter SavvyVisionary11/4/2012 filed11/12/2012
Joe KubekLet That Right Hand Go BirdBlues10/28/2012
Joel RafaelAmerica Come Home InsideFolk9/27/2012
Johannes LinsteadTales of a Gypsy EarthscapeLatin9/30/2012
John TaylorLittle Wave(self) Jazz11/25/2012
John VinkSmelter (single) (self)Folk10/16/2012
John Wort HannamBrambles and Thorns BorealisFolk9/16/2012
Joice WaltonTexas Heat PinnacleBlues12/2/2012
Jon HamarHymnOrigin
Joseph MortellaUnsettled Rain (self)Folk9/27/2012
Joshua JamesFrom the Top of Willamette Mtn Intelligent NoiseFolk12/23/2012
JupiterLove Campaign(self) Eclectic9/16/2012
Ka'LeoHave Fun (single) (self)Eclectic11/25/2012
Karen PeckGod Lives There (single) DaywindEclectic10/4/2012
Kathleen ConneelyThe Coming of Spring (self)Folk11/18/2012
Kevin DealThere Goes the Neighborhood BlindfellowFolk11/11/2012
Kevin KellerThe Day I Met Myself (self)Visionary9/27/2012 filed10/8/2012
King KohnWhat the Folk(self) Folk9/3/2012
Larry HosfordMomentarily Yours 4th StreetCountry11/18/2012
Larry RiveraFull Moon Over Kauai Coco PalmsHawaiian9/27/2012
Larry RiveraKamalani(self) Hawaiian9/27/2012
Lauren ZoellerRight Track t2musicBlues11/25/2012
Le Vent du NordTromper Le Temps BorealisFolk10/16/2012
Lee SmithSittin' On a Secret VectordiscJazz9/27/2012
Legacy FiveI'm Still Amazed (single) DaywindEclectic10/16/2012
Leticia RodriguezLa Americana Chicken 'n' BeansLatin12/2/2012
LinqCaught In the Act Acoustic (self)Women's9/24/2011 checking in
Locust Honey String BandHe Ain't No Good (self)Country12/30/2012
Logical DriftColors of Asia NYCVisionary10/16/2012 filed10/29/2012
Lou PalloThank You Les ShowplaceEclectic9/3/2012
Luke PowersMemphis Mermaid Phoebe ClaireCountry11/11/2012
Luna BlancaEl Dorado(self) Folk10/16/2012
Luther Barnes & Sunset Jubilaires (single)MalacoEclectic 10/28/2012
Marc EnfroyDreams of the Forest Dream ScoreVisionary9/3/2012 not filed9/17/2012
Mark LucasUncle Bones Skillet DogCountry11/4/2012 filed1/3/2013
Martin HarleyMojo Fix60/20 Blues10/4/2012
MastersonsThe Other Shoe (single) New WestCountry10/28/2012
Matt Baxter & Jake SampsonHaunted (self)Blues10/28/2012
Meshell NdegeocelloWeather NaïveWomen's10/8/2011 checked in
Mia FanaliLet me introduce myself selfWomen's11/6/2011 reviewing
Michael BramSuitcase in the Hall VizztoneCountry10/16/2012 not filed1/3/2013
Michael GaitherSpotted Mule and other Tales SelfCountry9/20/2012 filed9/20/2012
Michael Harrison BlueWhy I Sing the Blues (self)Blues10/28/2012
Michael Reno HarrellThen There's Me Hey Y'AllCountry11/11/2012
Michael WebsterMomentusOA2 Jazz11/18/2012
Michelle McLaughlinBreathing in the Moment (self)Visionary10/16/2012 filed10/29/2012
Mike Bogle TrioHipness Oasis MBP/Groove
Mike HoweHeading WestReal Visionary12/23/2012
Mike PavelkaLife is a Journey IMAEclectic9/3/2012
Mike WheelerSelf-Made Man DelmarkJazz12/2/2012
MingoKailasaSonarweb Visionary9/27/2012filed 10/8/2012
Mirabai CeibaBetween the Shores of Our Souls Spirit VoyageVisionary10/16/2012 not filed10/29/2012
Mississippi HeatDelta Bound DelmarkBlues9/27/2012
Mom's Imaginary Aquabus Mom's Imaginary AquabusBarfing Glitter Eclectic9/9/2012
Myshkin's Ruby WarblersThat Diamond Lust Double SaltEclectic12/16/2012
Natalie D-NapoleonLeaving Me Dry Hoiusehold KinkEclectic9/27/2012
Native SoulOne Mind American ShowplaceJazz9/3/2012
Negroni's TrioOn the WayAA Jazz9/27/2012
Nehemiah St. DangerSlow Painful Birth of... (self)Eclectic9/16/2012
Neil DiamondThe Bang Years 1966-68 SonyOldies11/29/2012
Nell Robinson & Jim Nunnally The Gardener (single)(self) Country10/4/2012not filed 1/3/2013
Nelson WrightStill Burning (self)Folk10/28/2012
Nicholas GunnThirty-One Nights Spring HillVisionary9/16/2012 not filed9/24/2012
Nick FarrA View From Within RiverboyVisionary9/16/2012 not filed9/24/2012
Nickie HansenSlugo the Banana Slug (self)Kids10/28/2012
Nina FerraroLet it goself Women's11/6/2011reviewing
Noel Paul StookeyOne and Many NeworldFolk12/23/2012
NorthcoreDesatero Spotted PeccaryVisionary9/3/2012 not filed9/17/2012
Norton Buffalo & George Kahumoku Jr From ParadiseMoon ValleyHawaiian 10/4/2012
Not A BusGoogle Is My Brain Orchard StreetEclectic11/4/2012
O'Brien Party of 7Reincarnation Howdy SkiesCountry9/3/2012 filed12/20/2012
Old Man LuedeckeTender Is the Night True NorthFolk10/28/2012
outh Florida Jazz OrchestraTrumpet Summit SEJOJazz10/21/2012
Papo VazquezOasisPicaro Latin10/16/2012
Patrick TovattLost & Found (self)Eclectic9/27/2012
Paul AvgerinosLovers Round SkyVisionary10/4/2012 filed10/15/2012
Paul EllisI Am HereLotuspike Visionary9/3/2012filed 9/17/2012
Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington Bicoastal Collective, Ch.3OA2 Jazz11/18/2012
Paul Winter SextetCount Me In 1962-1963 Living MusicJazz11/25/2012
Paul WoolnerSuitably Ragged WoolieFolk10/16/2012
Paz Del CastilloEleven Drops NeuroniumLatin9/30/2012
Pete SeegerPete Remembers Woody AppleseedFolk9/27/2012
Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt A More Perfect UnionAppleseed Folk9/27/2012
Peter KaterLight Body MysteriumVisionary11/25/2012 filed12/3/2012
Peter Kater & Snatam Kaur Heart of the UniverseSpirit Voyage Visionary12/16/2012filed 12/24/2012
Peter OstroushkoMando Chronicles - Disc 1 Red HouseCountry11/18/2012
Pharez WhittedFor the People OriginJazz10/16/2012
Phil VerWorld Gone Mad Three CitiesEclectic10/28/2012
PileasarStereo Space(self) Eclectic11/4/2012
Project TrioWhen Will Then Be Now (self)Classical12/9/2012
Rebecca Coupe FranksTwo Oceans (self)Jazz12/30/2012
Red Tail RingMiddlewest Chant (self)Folk11/11/2012
Red Tail RingMountain Shoout (self)Folk11/11/2012
Resonant DriftFull Circle Flow SpaceVisionary12/30/2012
Ricardo SilveiraStoryteller AdventureWorld9/27/2012
Rick HolmstromCruel Sunrise MCBlues9/3/2012
Ricky SkaggsMusic to My Ears Skaggs FamilyCountry filed12/20/2012
Rob Mazurek Pulsar QuartetStellar Pulsations DelmarkJazz9/27/2012
Robert BobbyToday! I Like MikeFolk10/16/2012
Robert BobbyToday! I Like MikeFolk12/23/2012
Robert RichNestSoundscape Visionary9/30/2012filed 10/8/2012
Roger Davidson TrioWe Remember Helen SoundbrushJazz10/28/2012
Rolando SanchezVamonos de Fiesta RSCLatin9/27/2012
Roll & GoLook Out!` (self)Folk9/27/2012
Roy SchneiderWalls That Talk ScissorpawsFolk9/3/2012
Russell Moorer & IIIrd Tyme Out BluegrassedCracker BarrelCountry 12/30/2012
ruth Gersonthis can't be my life selfWomen's10/?/11 reviewing
S. Whitworth & B. SmithBring It On Home (self)Folk11//04/12
Scott BrannonYour Old Standby PatuxentCountry12/30/2012
Severin BrowneLucky Man (self)Folk10/28/2012
Severin BrowneThis Twisted Road (self)Folk10/28/2012
Sharp/Routh/Bays & Sharp Dreams of the San JoaquinBlix Street Country9/27/2012filed 12/20/2012
Shaun MurphyAsk For the Moon (self)Blues12/23/2012
SheppardSheppard(self) Eclectic10/28/2012
Slightly StoopidTop of the World StoopidEclectic9/3/2012
Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King Close to the BoneDelta Groove Blues9/3/2012
SolsticeFull Circle(self) Eclectic11/25/2012
SolsticeRise(self) Eclectic11/25/2012
Sons of the Never WrongKing Fisher King WaterbugFolk10/16/2012
Sophie MadeleineThe Rhythm You Started Xtra MileFolk9/3/2012
Stan MartinDistilled Influences Twangtone RecordsCountry 9/20/2012filed9/20/2012
Stan RogersNorthwest Passage Borealis
Stan RogersFrom Fresh Water Borealis
SteffRoads That Cross the Great Divide JSFFolk9/27/2012
StonemansThe Stoneman Tradition PatuxentCountry12/30/2012
SummerSummer Love Hawaii Ent. Grp.Hawaiian 9/27/2012
Susan Oalma NidelElegante FlutewineClassical9/3/2012
Susan ToneyLove Is the Cure Strange ChildFolk9/16/2012
Suzie BrownHeartstrings FreshieFolk9/27/2012
TailorThe Dark HorseJust Eclectic11/4/2012
Taj MahalHidden Treasures 1969-73 Sony/LegacyCountry9/27/2012 To Blues1/3/2013
Tamarindsounds aloneself womens11/6/2011reviewing
Tchiya AmetCelestial Folk Music Milky WayVisionary10/16/2012 not filed10/29/2012
The Bad PlusMade Possible eOneEclectic9/27/2012
The honeybee trioSweet as honey selfWomen's9/1/2011 not filed
The Lee BoysTestifyEvil Teen Country10/16/2012
The Outside TrackFlash Company (self)Folk12/16/2012
TheoreticsPlenty of Anything (self)Visionary12/30/2012
Tim GlemserPainted Echoes (self)Visionary9/9/2012 filed9/17/2012
Timothy ClarkePianoforte (self)Visionary12/30/2012
Todd ButgeBuilding Character Bunj JamFolk10/16/2012
Tom Rigney & FlambeauYou're the One ParhelionBlues9/30/2012
Tony MosesBig People Business (self)Reggae9/27/2012
Tracy Newman & the Reinforcements A Place in the Sun(self)Folk 12/23/2012
Tracy Newman & the Reinforcements I Just See You(self)Folk 12/23/2012
Trapper Schoepp & the Shades Run, Engine, RunGood Land Eclectic12/9/2012
TriciaIn the Spirit of Love (self)
Trine OpsahlSomewhere In A Hidden Memory Heart to HeartVisionary11/4/2012 filed11/12/2012
Trine OpsahlSomewhere In a Hidden Memory Headt to HeartWorld12/30/2012
Trio CettecentoAn English Fancy CedilleClassical11/4/2012
Various Live From Lowdown Hudson Blues FestivalSojourn Blues10/21/2012
VariousThe Blues Broads Delta GrooveBlues11/11/2012
VariousThe Piano GuysSony Classical10/4/2012
VariousDistrict of Noise, v. 5 (self)Eclectic9/3/2012
Various(New Singles)Daywind Eclectic9/3/2012
VariousDaywind Sept. 2012 DaywindEclectic10/28/2012
VariousDaywind Oct. 2012 DaywindEclectic10/28/2012
VariousVertical Sky Oct. 2012 Vertical SkyEclectic11/4/2012
VariousDaywind Nov. 2012 DaywindEclectic11/25/2012
VariousAcoustic Rainbow 41 PoetManFolk10/16/2012
VariousRunaway Bunny/Babar/Goodnight Moon GPKids12/9/2012
VariousBest of the Piano Reviews New AgeVisionary 10/16/2012filed10/29/2012
Victor Ghannam & Jacco Muller Palace of DreamsMihrabWorld 9/3/2012
Walter WhiteBreaking Good Brass JarJazz
Washasha XRas Mangrove(self) Reggae12/23/2012
Weber IagoPiano Masters AdventureWorld9/27/2012
West End MotelOnly Time Can Tell Warner Bros.Eclectic11/18/2012
Willie BuckCell Phone Man DelmarkJazz12/2/2012
WombatsJump Into the Fog Bright AntennaEclectic10/16/2012
WoosterIf All the Dew Were Diamonds (self)Eclectic10/21/2012