KKUP New Music :: April 2013 - June 2013

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ArtistAlbum LabelGenreDate StatusDate Filed
A.J. DowningGood Day CharkansasCountry5/5/2013 File6/20/2013
AeTopusAngels & Machines 12 TonVisionary5/5/2013 Not Filed5/13/2013
Al ContiThe Blue Rose ShadowsideVisionary5/5/2013 Filed5/13/2013
Alan Jones & Francois Theberge Another ViewOriginJazz 6/16/2013
AlbareThe Road AheadEnja Jazz6/9/2013
Alexander VolodinReflections of Time ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Alexander VolodinUnfinished Journey ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Alexei BorisovPolished Surface of a Table ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Alice DiMiceleIf I Were An Otter Alice OtterKids6/2/2013
Allison Milller's Boom Tic Boom No Morphine No LiliesRoyal Potato Family Jazz4/21/2013
Amy LaurenOn Water(self) Visionary5/5/2013Filed 5/13/2013
Amy SpeaceHow to Sleep in a Stormy Boat WindboneFolk4/21/2013
Amy SpeaceHow to Sleep in a Stormy Boat WindboneFolk5/5/2013
Anatoly PeresleginPassion Models ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Anatoly PeresleginXenophobia ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Angela DavisThe Art of Melody NicholasJazz5/5/2013
AnimaLight of AlunaTairona Visionary6/2/2013Filed 6/10/2013
Annie & the BeekeepersMy Bonneville (self)Country6/9/2013
Another TangentFly(self) Eclectic5/19/2013
Antanas JesenkaAn Artist and a Plane ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Antanas JesenkaPoint Circle ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Apryllle GilbertExactly Like Me (self)Folk4/14/2013
Arthur Big Boy CrudupSunny Road DelmarkBlues4/7/2013
AshikGypsy SoulNew Earth Visionary5/5/2013Not Filed 5/13/2013
Ashleigh FlynnA Million Stars Home PermFolk5/5/2013
Bad News From Houston In the Valley of the CloudbuilderPost Consumer Eclectic4/21/2013
Benjamin Taubkin & Adriano Adewale The Vortex SessionsAdventureJazz 4/21/2013
Blue Meadow39th & 8thWBA Eclectic4/7/2013
Blue MuleThis Way or That? Flat FiveBG5/5/2013 File6/20/2013
BluecatsEarthquake MamaAWB Blues4/21/2013
Blu-Eyed SonShadow on the Son (self) Eclectic5/19/2013
Brad MooreThat Old Texas Groove BehemothCountry5/5/2013 Not Filed6/20/2013
Brian KeaneCopper (soundtrack) (self)Folk5/19/2013
BrindlShineMoxy Folk5/19/2013
Buford PopeMatching Numbers UnchainedCountry5/5/2013 File5/23/2013
Cahterine Marie CharltonRiver Flow (self)Visionary4/7/2013 Filed4/15/2013
Caitlin RoseThe Stand-InATO Country5/12/2013Not Filed 6/6/2013
CameraThe Panic and the Permanence (self)Eclectic4/14/2013
Carl WeingartenPanomorphia MultiphaseVisionary4/7/2013 Dup4/15/2013
Carolyn TrayllorGood to Me MalacoEclectic5/26/2013
Cassie TaylorOut of My Mind Yellow DogBlues5/12/2013
Catherine Marie CharltonRiver Dawn (self)Visionary6/9/2013 Filed6/17/2013
Catherine Marie CharltonThe Undershore (self)Visionary6/9/2013 Filed6/17/2013
Celtic Fiddle FestivalLive in Brittany LoftusFolk4/7/2013
Chris AmemiyaIn the Rain Shadow OA2Jazz5/19/2013
Chris DanielsBetter Days (self)Country5/5/2013 Not Filed5/16/2013
Chris SabatinoChris Sabatino (self)Eclectic6/16/2013
Christian McNeill & Sea Monsters Everything's Up For GrabsQ-Dee Eclectic4/7/2013
Claudia RussellAll Our Luck is Changing Radio RhythmFolk5/19/2013
Clipper AndersonBallad of the Sad Young Men OriginJazz4/14/2013
Copper PoniesRing Them Bells Hudson HardingFolk6/9/2013
Corey ChristiansenLone Prairie OriginJazz5/19/2013
Dailey & VincentBrothers of the Highway RounderBG4/21/2013 Filed5/16/2013
Dan PoundSpherical(self) Visionary4/7/2013Filed 4/15/2013
Darryl HarperThe Edenfred Files HiPnoticJazz6/2/2013
Daryl HallLaughing Down Crying VerveCountry5/5/2013 Not Filed5/23/2013
David CheskyNew York Rags CheskyJazz4/14/2013
David FordPour a Little Poison (single) Razor & TieFolk5/12/2013 Not Filed
David FordCharge Razor & TieFolk5/12/2013 Not Filed
David HomanWater Rocks(self) Visionary5/19/2013Not Filed 5/27/2013
Dayna KurtzSecret Canon, v.2 MCBlues6/2/2013
Death SongsSung Inside a House Post ConsumerEclectic4/21/2013
Deborah HollandVancouver Rage OnFolk6/2/2013
DeeperNETOneO3E Visionary6/16/2013
Della MaeThis World Oft Can Be RounderFolk5/19/2013
Diego Barber & Hugo Cipres 411OriginJazz 5/19/2013
Dmitry MazurovCreature on a Lavatory Pan ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Doug EbertTrials & Tribulations (self)Jazz6/2/2013
Dutch NewmanLowdown Man (self)Jazz5/5/2013
Dylan SneedTexodus(self) Country5/5/2013Not Filed 6/20/2013
Eddie Daniels & Roger Kellaway Live in Santa FeIPOJazz 6/2/2013
Edward Artemiev As Far As My Feet Will Carry MeElectroshock Eclectic5/5/2013
Edward ArtemievShadows of a Theater ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Edward ArtemievInvitation to Reminiscences ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Edward ArtemievMood - Pictures ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Edward ArtemievTerritory of Love ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Edward Artemiev The Nutcracker & the Rat KingElectroshock Eclectic5/5/2013
Eloise LawsFavoritesSRI Jazz4/14/2013
Eric TaylorStudio 10 Blue RubyFolk4/14/2013
Ewert and the Two DragonsGood Man Down SireEclectic4/14/2013
Faith Marion RobinsonCeltic Dreams DPTVFolk4/7/2013
Flying SalviasCurious Bling PolywanaFolk4/7/2013
Fortner AndersonAnnunciation (self)Eclectic4/14/2013
Frank WessMagic 101IPO Jazz6/2/2013
Fred TomplinsSaint Louis Music (self)Jazz5/26/2013
Fred TomplinsFlute Settings (self)Jazz5/26/2013
Galaxy WhalesGalaxy Whales (self)Blues5/19/2013
Gary DiBenedettoTwin Towers ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Geof BradfieldMelba!Origin Jazz4/14/2013
Haley CaseyTonight I'm Yours Purple QuailEclectic4/21/2013
Hamilton de Holanda & Andre Mehmari Gismonti PascoalAdventureJazz 4/21/2013
HannaleeMorchella(self) Folk6/2/2013
Hond KingsUnleashed9 Below Blues4/21/2013
Howard Salmon & Deborah Martin-Lemmon Old Habits Are Hard to BreakDreaming Edge Country5/5/2013Not Filed 6/20/2013
Ian BellChameleon Skin(self) Folk5/12/2013
Isaac CantorRoad to Noyo (self)BG5/5/2013 File6/20/2013
J.C. CombsSafe Passage ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Jacqui NaylorDead Divas Society (self)Jazz4/21/2013
JahaTell the World (single) (self)Eclectic6/9/2013
James CottonCotton Mouth Man AlligatorBlues5/5/2013
Jani SieberTimeless(self) Visionary5/19/2013Filed 5/27/2013
JD Hobson BandWhere the Sun Don't Shine (self)Country5/5/2013 File6/20/2013
Jeff BerlinLow Standards Random ArtJazz4/14/2013
Jen ChapinReckoning Purple ChairFolk6/9/2013
Jim Gaudet & RR BoysReasons That I Run Real LifeCountry5/5/2013 File5/23/2013
Jim WilsonIncarnation New EarthVisionary5/5/2013 Not Filed5/13/2013
Jimmy Vivino & the Black Italians13 Live Blind PigBlues5/12/2013
Jo WymerLiving With Scars :Lake HouseFolk5/5/2013
John MedeskiA Different Time SonyVisionary4/21/2013 Filed4/29/2013
John OatesMississippi Mile UlineCountry5/5/2013 Not Filed5/23/2013
John Primer & Bob Corritore Knockin' Around These BluesDelta Groove Blues4/7/2013
John Santos SextetFilosofia Caribena, v.2 MacheteLatin5/19/2013
Johnny CrawfordThe Complete Hits of J C EricOldies4/4/2013
Jon Dee GrahamGarage Sale Panda ProjectCountry5/5/2013 Not Filed6/20/2013
Jorge Federico Osorio Carlos Chavez Piano ConcertoCedille Classical5/5/2013
Kahil El'Zabar QuartetWhat It Is! DelmarkJazz4/7/2013
Karin PolwartTracesBorealis Folk5/5/2013
Kiwi TimeA Part of Me (self) Eclectic5/12/2013
LatayLove & Revenge Backyard BeatsEclectic4/21/2013
Laura SmithEverything Is Moving BorealisFolk4/7/2013
Lee KochWhole Heart(self) Folk6/16/2013
Lia ScallonThe Luminous Pearl Sounds of SiriusVisionary 5/5/2013Filed5/13/2013
Liquid AirThe Sea(self) Visionary6/2/2013Eclectic 6/10/2013
Lisa BialesSinging in My Soul Big SongBlues4/21/2013
Lisa BialesSinging In My Soul Big SongFolk4/7/2013
Little FaithShelter(self) Country5/5/2013 6/20/2013
Louis RosenTime WasDi-Tone Folk4/21/2013
Lynn Baker QuartetLectroCoustic OA2Jazz5/19/2013
Marc Bernstein & Good People Hymn For LifeOriginJazz 4/14/2013
Marlene VerPlanckBallads...mostly AudiophileJazz4/21/2013
Marta Wiley & The Elev8ors Marta Wiley & the Elev8ors(self) Eclectic5/5/2013
Marty FuncellCycle of Love (self)Folk5/12/2013
Marty HaysWish We Had Our Time Again Right Side UpCountry6/2/2013
MasakoMasako(self) Visionary5/5/2013Filed 5/13/2013
Matt StoneNorthern Lights (self)Folk5/5/2013
Met CityMet City(self) Eclectic5/5/2013
Michael Barry & FriendsNight Wheel Laughing BuddhaVisionary5/5/2013 Filed5/13/2013
Michael LondraDanny BoyWBA Folk4/7/2013
Michele McLaughlinWaking the Muse (self)Visionary6/9/2013 Filed6/17/2013
Mighty Mojo ProphetsFlyin' Home From Memphis Delta GrooveBlues4/7/2013
MikrokolektywAbsent Minded DelmarkJazz4/7/2013
Milica ParamnosicGive to Grow ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
MJ'sPut It LooseShadowdown Jazz5/5/2013
Mother Merey & the Black Dirt Down to the River(self)Country 5/5/2013File6/20/2013
Mt. HammerDionysus(self) Eclectic6/2/2013
Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally House & GardenSelfCountry 5/19/2013Back To Folk6/6/2013
New American FarmersBrand New Day Big BarncatCountry5/5/2013 Not Filed5/23/2013
Nicole Mitchell's Ice CrystalAquarius DelmarkJazz4/7/2013
Omni UnoDuetsRayStone Jazz4/21/2013
Omni UnoDuetsRayStone Visionary5/19/2013To Classical 5/27/2013
On and ONGive In(self) Visionary5/5/2013Not Filed 5/13/2013
Op Der SchmelzLiveNemu Jazz4/21/2013
Orgia PravnednikovOrgia Pravnednikov ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Ox CohenSky NineBanguskahn Eclectic4/21/2013
Ox CohenTri Axis Triple Works BanguskahnEclectic4/21/2013
Pacifica QuartetShostakovich String Quartets CedilleClassical4/7/2013
Paradiso & Suren Shrestha Himalayan Chakra Healing5th Element Visionary5/5/2013Filed 5/13/2013
ParijatPrayer to Love New EarthVisionary5/5/2013 Filed5/13/2013
Paul FilipowiczSaints and Sinners Big JakeBlues4/21/2013
Penny NeyThe Hardest Truth (self)Country5/5/2013 Not Filed6/20/2013
Peter CalandraAshokan Memories PecamusicVisionary6/2/2013 Filed6/10/2013
Piano GuysPiano Guys 2 PortraitEclectic5/19/2013
PJ RasmussenAdventures in Flight Third FreedomJazz6/16/2013
PocoAll Fired UpSkyline Country5/19/2013Not Filed 6/20/2013
Popa ChubbyUniversal Breakdown Blues ProvogueBlues5/5/2013
Quentin AngusPerception CarclewJazz6/16/2013
Rachel Barton PineViolin Lullabies CedilleClassical4/14/2013
Real StingraysA Sense of Wonder TentamuirFolk5/5/2013
Rebecca FrazierWhen We Fall CompassBG5/5/2013 File6/20/2013
Rebekah PulleyTra La La (self)Folk4/7/2013
red Tail RingHeart's Swift Foot (self)Folk5/19/2013
Robben FordEverything I Do Gonna Be Funky ProvogueBlues5/5/2013
Robert Cray BandSide Dish ProvogueBlues5/19/2013
Roderik De ManElectrified Music ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Roman StolyarMissa Apocrypha ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Sam AmidonBright Sunny South NonesuchFolk5/5/2013
Sara SymsFade to Blue(self) Country5/5/2013Not Filed 6/20/2013
Scott AugustHidden Journey CedarVisionary4/7/2013 Filed4/15/2013
Sensitive ChaosAmerisynthicana Sub SequentVisionary5/12/2013 Filed5/20/2013
SexmobCinema, Circus & Spaghetti Royal Potato FamilyJazz4/21/2013
Shane Morris & MystifiedEmergence Spotted PeccaryVisionary 6/16/2013
Shifty SailorsHail to the Whale (self)Folk5/26/2013
Shifty SailorsHo For the Life (self)Folk5/26/2013
Shifty SailorsHaul On(self) Folk5/26/2013
Shifty SailorsHeave Ho, My Lads (self)Folk5/26/2013
Simine Dinnerstein & Tift Merritt Still Not Home EP(self)Country 5/19/2013
Simon Wicham-SmithMultiple Tongues ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Soul of John BlackA Sunshine State of Mind Yellow DogBlues6/16/2013
SoundicianInsects(self) Visionary6/16/2013
Star EdwardsSonic Travels EnochWorld5/19/2013
Stephen DeRubyAwakening New PathVisionary6/2/2013 Filed6/10/2013
Steve LindemanThe Day After Yesterday Jazz HangJazz6/9/2013
Steve Martin & Edie Brickell Love Has Come For YouRounderBG 4/21/2013Filed6/6/2013
Steve RoachFuture Flows ProjektVisionary4/21/2013 Filed4/29/2013
StragglyrsNational Insecurity (self)Country Filed
Susan WernerHayseed Sleeve DogFolk5/12/2013
SwitchbackKanokaWayGood Country5/19/2013Not Filed 6/6/2013
Takashi SuzukiVoyage - Hiroshima Eternal JasracVisionary6/9/2013 Filed6/17/2013
Tedeschi Trucks BandPart of Me (single)Blues6/9/2013
Terra GuitarraDragonfly EarthsignVisionary5/5/2013 Not Filed5/13/2013
The Gloria DarlingsCome Home to Me (self)Folk6/2/2013
The NeybuzzMG's Funk Workshop ZatoonEclectic4/21/2013
Tim NeumarkOpus Four(self) Visionary6/16/2013
Todd BurgeBuilding Character (self)Country5/5/2013 Not Filed5/23/2013
Tom CaufieldNature and the Constant Illusion Bohemian EmbassyVisionary 6/16/2013
Two Man Gentlemen BandTwo at a Time (self)Country5/5/2013 File6/6/2013
Underhill-RoseSomething Real (self)Country6/2/2013
Valery Siver & Kirill Trepakov Music From the Russian PagesElectroshock Eclectic5/5/2013
VariousRemembering Little Walter Blind PigBlues5/12/2013
VariousTrue BluesTelarc Blues5/19/2013
VariousDelights and Dances CedilleClassical6/9/2013
VariousVertical Sky April 2013 Vertical SkyEclectic4/7/2013
VariousKinky Boots (Soundtrack) SonyEclectic5/26/2013
VariousDaywindJune 2013 Daywind6/2/2013
VariousVertical Sky June 2013 Vertical SkyEclectic6/9/2013
VarousElectroacoustic Music, v.9 ElectroshockEclectic5/5/2013
Walter Trout & His BandLuther's Blues ProvogueBlues5/19/2013
Woody PinesRabbit's Motel (self)Country5/5/2013 Not Filed6/6/2013
WoosterThe Heights of Things (self)Folk5/12/2013
YneyAntarctinaElectroshock Eclectic5/5/2013
YneyMicro MacroElectroshock Eclectic5/5/2013