KKUP New Music :: April 2017 - August 2017

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ArtistAlbum LabelGenreDate StatusDate Filed
A. R. Dewar/A. LeBaron/A. Centrazzo EncantamientospfMentumVisionary 6/4/2017Not Filed6/12/2017
A.J. CroceJust Like Medicine CompassBlues7/23/2017
Abdullah IbrahimAncient Africa SackvilleJazz4/2/2017
Adam WernerDeep(self) Visionary4/2/2017Filed 4/10/2017
Airmen of Note2017 Radio Broadcasts USAFJazz5/1/2017
Alan StoreygardJazz Meets the Class9ics (self)Jazz6/4/2017
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas Ports of CallCulburnie Folk 4/9/2017Filed4/26/2017
AldonaSonnetJARO World 7/9/2017
Aldona SonnetA Calm SunJARO Folk7/2/2017
Allen Hinds Fly South(self) Eclectic7/9/2017
Allen Hinds, Peter Hastings & Chris Wabach Just Get In(self)Eclectic 7/9/2017
Amilia K SpicerWow and Flutter Free Range Folk4/2/2017 Not Filed
Andy & JudyThis Old Town (self)Folk7/9/2017 Filed7/17/2017
Andy Adfamson QuintetFirst Light AndrosJazz7/16/2017
Andy Fielman(Untitled)(self) Classical4/16/2017
Andy T BandDouble Strike American ShowplaceBlues6/4/2017
Antonella ChionnaRylesonable DodiciluneJazz6/4/2017
Antonio AdolfoHybridoAAM Jazz4/2/2017
Ariel PocockLiving In Twilight Justin TimeJazz6/11/2017
Arley HughesParts of Me (self)Folk6/25/2017 Filed7/8/2017
Arturo Ortiz & 7 Con Calle Cuentos De La CalleEGJazz 5/1/2017
AshaneeenDancing on the Edge of Infinity RealVisionary4/30/2017 Filed5/8/2017
Aura5Earth Ocean Sky(self) Visionary6/18/2017Not Filed 6/26/2017
Avery LevineLonesome City (self) Folk4/2/2017 Not Filed
Avi & Omer AvitalAvital Meets Avital Deutsche GarammophonJazz 6/11/2017
Back WestThe Lonmg Wa;l (self)Folk7/23/2017
Band of FieBand of Fire New ArtistsJazz6/4/2017
Ben PosadasFive(self) Folk4/16/2017Not Filed
Ben PosadasExperience Opening Your Mind... (self) Folk4/16/2017 Not Filed
Ben PosadasLeast Awful Things (self) Folk4/16/2017 Not Filed
BerJamming With Angels WeaseltrapVisionary7/30/2017
Beth NobleThe Story of Her Life (self)Country7/2/2017
Between IntervalLegacy Spotted PecccaryVisionary 4/16/2017Filed4/24/2017
Bev GrantIt's PersonalLine Folk7/9/2017Filed 7/17/2017
Billy FlynnLonesome Hoghway DelmarkBlues4/2/2017
Billy Jones Band Funky Blues & Southern Soul, v.1(self) Blues7/16/2017
BJ LiedermanBJ(self) Eclectic5/20/2017
Bob Keelaghan and Muerte Pan Alley Intersection(self)Eclectic 5/20/2017
Bob MerrillTell Me Your Troubles, v.1 AccurateJazz5/14/2017
Bradford LoomisBravery and the Bell Lineage ArtistryFolk5/7/2017 Not Filed
Britton ParkBritton Park (self)Folk6/18/2017 Not Filed
CalanSolomonWooden Ship Folk4/9/2017Filed 5/24/2017
CandlewyckCandlewyckVotive B/G4/9/2017Filed 7/13/2017
CandlewyckUnplugged Sampler VotiveB/G4/9/2017 Filed6/13/2017
CandlewyckPlay (single) VotiveB/G4/9/2017 Not Filed6/8/2017
Carlos VegaBird's UpOrigin Jazz6/18/2017
Carrie ElkinThe Penny Collector (self)Folk5/20/2017 Filed6/21/2017
Cash Box KingsRoyal Mint AlligatorBlues6/18/2017
Catherine Marie Charlton I Dream About This WorldPhil's Visionary6/11/2017Not Filed 6/19/2017
Charles BoydB-Sides, or O Fuck Corpses (self)Eclectic6/11/2017
Charles BoydMr. Chickenman (self)Folk7/23/2017
Charles BoydEscalator to Heaven (self)Folk7/23/2017
Charles DenlerOne Drop Became an Ocean Grumpy MonkeyVisionary6/11/2017 Filed6/19/2017
Charles EllsworthCesarea Burro BorrachoCountry5/20/2017
Chicago/London Underground A Night Walk9ing Through MirrorsCuneiform Jazz4/9/2017
Chuck BerryChuckDualtone Eclectic7/16/2017
Chuck FosterRebel Dub Catch Me TimeReggae7/2/2017
ColcannonWild Orchid(self) Folk4/2/2017Filed 4/26/2017
Culture Wheel Music for Oud and Other Instruments(self) World5/14/2017
Dale Ann BradleyDale Ann Bradley PinecastleCountry7/23/2017
Dan CunninghamAppalachian Song (self)Folk6/4/2017 Filed7/8/2017
Darlene KoldenhovenColor Me Home (self)Visionary5/7/2017 Filed5/15/2017
David FranklinSongs of Potential Embrace (self)Visionary4/2/2017 Filed4/10/2017
David Matthews OrchestraGrnd Connection CrescendoJazz7/30/2017
David WellsSongs of Hope (self)Visionary7/9/2017 Not Filed7/24/2017
Dean GitterAmerican Songbag 2.0 QuestaFolk6/4/2017 Filed6/30/2017
Dirty CelloI May Not Be Perfect... Uptempomedia Folk4/9/2017 Filed5/11/2017
Donovan Tracey Pokomania: Chant of EnlightenmentCelestial Reggae4/9/2017
E. GrizzlyFelipe Pupo(self) Reggae5/20/2017
Ed Palermo Big BandGreat Un-American Songbok CuneiformJazz4/9/2017
Eddy Raven w. Carolina RoadAll Grassed Up PinecastleB/G6/11/2017 Filed7/13/2017
Edwin Huizinga & William Coulter Fire & GraceDaring GirlFolk 7/30/2017
Elise LebecOrigin Bay Area FilmVisionary7/9/2017 Not Filed7/24/2017
Eric WhitacreWater Night DeccaClassical4/9/2017
Eric WhitacreLight & Gold DeccaClassical4/9/2017
Errol Rackipov GroupDistant Dreams OA2Jazz6/18/2017
Ethan ShermanBuilding Blocks pfMentumJazz7/23/2017
Flying Horse Big BandBig Man on Campus UCFJazz6/4/2017
Forrest Smithson Journey of the Outshining Source(self) Visionary6/4/2017Filed 6/12/2017
Fred EaglesmithStandard Sweetwater MusicCountry6/22/2017 Filed6/22/2017
Friction FarmSo Many Stars (self)Folk7/9/2017 Filed7/17/2017
Gail FratarBluebird RollingrobinFolk6/25/2017 Filed7/8/2017
George ThorogoodParty of One RounderBlues7/30/2017
Gina LeneeRed Diamonds(self) Visionary4/16/2017Filed 4/24/2017
Gov't. MuleRevolution Come...Revolution Go FantasyBlues5/28/2017
Greater SirensThe First Big Number (self)Eclectic4/9/2017
Hal Galper & the Yougbloods Live at the Cota Jazz FestivalOrigin Jazz7/16/2017
Harley White No One Matches Up to You BassinletJazz6/4/2017
Harley White & FriendsPlay Harley White (self)Jazz6/4/2017
Harpeth RisingAgainst All Tides (self)Folk5/20/2017 Filed5/27/2017
HollyweedGo C Cal(self) Reggae4/9/2017
Host: Craig Bailey Cre/ation: Early Yrs. Of Pink Floyd? Eclectic7/30/2017
Innocent When You DreamDirt in the Ground (self)Jazz5/14/2017
Isabel Leonard & Sharon Isbin Alma EspanolaBridgeClassical 7/30/2017
Isley Bros. & SantanaPower of Peace LegacyEclectic7/30/2017
Jack GatesBring the Flavors (self)Visionary5/7/2017 Not Filed5/15/2017
Jackie Myers & Paradise Winds Beneath Stained GlassEarfulJazz 4/16/2017
Jackie Myers & Paradise WindsThird! (self)Jazz4/16/2017
Jaco PastoriusTruth, Liberty & Soul ResonanceJazz5/1/2017
JasshauzeJasshauzeEbjazz Jazz4/9/2017
Jayme StoneJayme Stone's Folklife BorealisFolk5/20/2017 Filed5/27/2017
Jeff TweedyTogether at Last dBpmCountry7/30/2017
Jeffrey HalfordDerams(self) Folk6/18/2017
Jesse Colin Young The Very Best of Jesse Colin Young Sheridan SquareFolk6/4/2017 To Eclectic
Jim OttawayDeep Space Blue (self)Visionary7/30/2017
Jim OttawayDeep Space Blue, Radio Edits (self)Visionary7/30/2017
Jim StubblefieldGuitare Mystique Natural ElementsVisionary 7/9/2017Not Filed7/24/2017
Joanne RandRoses in the Snow & Drought Homefire Folk4/2/2017 Filed5/1/2017
Joe BonamasssaLive at Carnegie Hall J&R AdventuresBlues6/25/2017
Joe Mongelli & Cape Jazz Crew Wash Aqshore(self)Jazz 7/30/2017
John GintyNo Filter(self) Blues6/25/2017
John Ginty & Aster PhoenyxRockers American ShowplaceBlues6/25/2017
John Lee HookerWhiskey & Wimmen VeeJayBlues6/4/2017
John Primer & Bob Corritore Ain't Nothing You Can DoDelta Groove Blues4/9/2017
John TrudellAKA Grafitti Man InsideFolk5/20/2017
Johnny DefrancescoLive at the Regal Ton A' ChopsBlues6/4/2017
Jordi BalzanLike the First Time (self)Folk6/25/2017 Filed7/8/2017
Jovino Santos Neto & Andre MehmariGuris AdventureWorld7/2/2017
KaraPassion(self) Jazz7/9/2017
KeraniStardust(self) Visionary6/4/2017Filed 6/12/2017
Kim RobinsRaining in Baltimore PinecastleCountry6/11/2017 Not Filed7/27/2017
Krishna KaurLonging Spirit VoyageVisionary6/11/2017 Not Filed6/19/2017
L.A. RivercatzL.A. Rivercatz (self)Country6/25/2017
Laura ZuckerSay Yes Left Foot ForwarsdFolk7/9/2017 Filed7/17/2017
LazarusRock 'n' Roll Heart (self)Folk6/25/2017 Filed7/8/2017
Lesley KernochanA Calm Sun Maple SyrupFolk5/7/2017 Filed6/12/2017
Liam O'ConnorThe Loom Irish Arts CouncilFolk7/2/2017 Filed7/8/2017
Linsey AlexanderTwo Cats DelmarkBlues6/11/2017
Logical DriftSands of Time NYCMVisionary6/11/2017 Filed6/19/2017
Lynn TredauShiftingSands (self)Visionary6/4/2017 Filed6/12/2017
Maeve Gilchrist & Viktor KraussVignette Adventure Folk4/2/2017
Marius PredaMission Cimbalom (self)Jazz6/4/2017
Mark Kuykendall, Bobby Hicks & Asheville Bluegrass Forever and a DayRebelB/G 6/25/2017Filed7/13/2017
Mark WinklerThe Company I Keep (self)Jazz6/4/2017
Marty StuartWay Out West SuperlatoneCountry7/16/2017
Mary KayeTake Me Back to Texas Don't Fence Me InCountry 6/25/2017
Mashkoor Ali KhanTrabscendence Nimbus AllianceWorld4/9/2017
Matthew ByrneHorizon Lines (self)Folk7/23/2017 Filed7/26/2016
Max Roach & Clifford Brown Best of, In Concert!GNPJazz 7/30/2017
Meklit When the People Move the Music Moves Too Six DegreesWorld7/16/2017
Merlin SniderOne Light Many Windows Barking Dog Folk4/2/2017 Filed4/26/2017
Merrill CollinsEthereal Escapes (self)Visionary6/18/2017 Filed6/26/2017
Michael GaitherHey Karrma Miracle Mile Folk4/16/2017 Filed6/12/2017
Michael LogozarWonder(self) Visionary4/9/2017Filed 4/17/2017
Michele D'Amour and The Love Dealers Lost Nights at the Leopard LoungeWarrior Poet Blues7/9/2017
Michelle QureshiSeventh Wave Heart DanceVisionary7/9/2017 Filed7/24/2017
Microscopic Septet Ben Up So Long It Looks Like Down to MeCuneiform Jazz4/9/2017
Miles MosleyUprisingVerve Jazz5/14/2017
Molsky's Mountain Drifters Molsky's Mountain DriftersTree Frong Folk6/4/2017Filed 6/4/2017
Monster Mike Welch & Mike Ledbetter Right Place, Right TimeDelta Groove Blues4/9/2017
My Morning JacketThe Tennesse Fire (self)Folk7/30/2017
Mystic JourneyKingdom of Mountains WeishiuVisionary7/9/2017 Filed7/24/2017
Nathan SpeirPat of a Kindly Plan (self)Visionary4/2/2017 Filed4/10/2017
Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Baby Let's Take the Long Way HomeWhippoorwill Country4/2/2017
Neon Moon06:53 Neon MoonCountry7/16/2017
New Sax Vision Ensemble Music Journey Through TimeZAK Jazz6/11/2017
Nina MirandaFreedom of Movement Six DegreesWorld7/16/2017
NoctambuleA Sweetish Tune (self)Folk7/23/2017
Okay TemizKarsilamaJARO World6/25/2017
Oly Mountain BoysWhite Horse (self)Country7/23/2017
One AlternativeTwilight (self)Visionary5/7/2017 Not Filed5/15/2017
Oriental WindLife RoadJARO World6/25/2017
P JKTSP JKTS(self) Eclectic7/16/2017
Pascal BokarAfro Blue Grazz Savanna JazzJazz6/11/2017
Paul TogiokaHere There and Everywhere Rhythm & RootsHawaiian 7/9/2017
Paul TogiokaAikane Kuikawa Rhythm & RootsHawaiian 7/9/2017
Paul TogiokaKi ho'ali Inn Rhythm & RootsHawaiian 7/9/2017
Peter CalandraThe Road Home (self)Visionary7/9/2017 Filed7/24/2017
Phonosonics Dark-Haired Lady/Between Two Headphones(self) Reggae4/23/2017
Priestly Fraternity of St. PeterRequiem SonyClassical5/7/2017
Rene TouzetBest of Renet Touzet CrescendoJazz7/30/2017
Richard DillonThe Land of Nod (self)Visionary4/2/2017 Not Filed4/10/2017
Rick SparksNightall London (self)Visionary6/4/2017 Not Filed6/12/2017
Ricky KejShanti Samsara (self)Visionary4/2/2017 World4/10/2017
Robert Rich & Markus Reuter Lift a Feather to the FloodSoundscape Visionary 4/23/2017Filed 5/1/2017
Rodney WhyteShades of Whyte AudiophileJazz3/5/2017
Rodney WhyteShades of Whyte AudiophileJazz6/11/2017
Ron Francis BlakeAssimilation Hi Speed HornsJazz7/16/2017
Ron IsraelHomeless In America (self)Folk7/9/2017 Filed7/17/2017
Root ShockRoot Shock(self) Reggae7/9/2017
Runan Halonen & Tron Syversen Voices From Heaven, v.2TK Visionary7/30/2017
Sandy RossAll My Heroes Sang the Blues (self)Folk7/30/2017
SarabandMusic of the Emperors JAROWorld 7/9/2017
Sarah CopusMoorland Winds Galactic PlaygroundFolk6/4/2017 Filed7/8/2017
Sarah PartridgeBright Lights & Promises OriginJazz4/9/2017
ScenesDestinationsOrigin Jazz6/18/2017
Sellers/Secombe/Milligan Best of the Goon Shows, #1Hallmark Eclectic5/28/2017
Sellers/Secombe/Milligan Best of the Goon Shows, #2Hallmark Eclectic5/28/2017
Selwyn BirchwoodPick Your Poison AlligatorBlues5/7/2017
Shannon McNallyBlack Irish CompassBlues5/14/2017
Sm BakerLand of Doubt(self) Folk7/30/2017
Sonny LandrethRecorded Live in Lafayett ProvogueBlues6/18/2017
Stan KentonJourney Into Capricorn Creative WorldJazz7/30/2017
Steel WheelsWild As We Came Here (self) Folk4/9/2017 Filed5/24/2017
Steve Coleman's Natal EclipseMorphogenesis PIJazz6/25/2017
Steve WonwoodAbout Time WincraftEclectic7/16/2017
Suenos BandLet's Celebrate (self)Latin6/11/2017
Suenos BandCelebramos(self) Latin6/11/2017
Sverre Knut JohansenSecret Space Program Spotted PecccaryVisionary 4/16/2017Filed4/24/2017
TaarkaFding Mystery(self) Folk4/2/2017Filed 4/26/2017
Taj Mahal & Keb MoTaj Mo ConcordBlues4/30/2017
The Dim Lights Where the Mountains Meeet the Sea(self) Country5/20/2017
The DisparrowsWasting Time (self)Blues5/20/2017
The Farm HandsColors PinecastleB/G6/11/2017 Not Filed7/27/2017
The JeremiahsFemme Fatale of Maine (self)Folk7/23/2017
The Jones GangNo Turning Back selfCountry7/6/2017 Filed7/6/2017
The MalvinasGod Bless the Grass SoonaFolk5/20/2017 Filed6/12/2017
The Rick Ray BandKilling Time (self)Eclectic6/18/2017
The ShinBlack Sea FireJARO World6/25/2017
Tim Harwill & the LegendsDance Floor SterlingCountry7/30/2017
Timothy CraneThe Fall of a Sparrow (self)Visionary5/7/2017 Not Filed5/15/2017
Timothy WenzelWhat We Hold Dear (self)Visionary5/7/2017 Filed5/15/2017
Tom GrantSipping Beauty nu-WrinkleVisionary4/9/2017 Filed4/17/2017
Tom KohlDances With the Sun (self)Jazz7/16/2017
Tom RussellPlay One More True NorthFolk7/30/2017
Trabce FormationIn Concert New ArtistsJazz6/4/2017
Urban MonroesAppaloosa Daydream Mountain SkyCountry7/16/2017
VandoliersThe Native State FairCountry7/16/2017
VariousDaywind April 2017 DaywondEclectic4/9/2017
VariousRadio Sampler 2015srt Eclectic4/16/2017
VariousDaywind May 2017 DaywindEclectic5/7/2017
VariousDaywind June 2017 DaywindEclectic6/4/2017
VariousDaywind June 2017 DaywindEclectic7/9/2017
VariousJesus Rocked the Jukebox ConcordEclectic7/23/2017
VariousTake 1 - KCSSKCSS Eclectic7/30/2017
VariousTreasure of the Broken Land Storm WeatheredFolk5/20/2017 Filed6/21/2017
VariousAccoustic Rainbow #47 PoetManFolk6/4/2017 Saved
VariousDavid Holt's State of Music 2 Deni McIntyre FoundationFolk 6/18/2017Filed7/8/2017
VariousThe Passion of Charlie Parker ImpulseJazz7/9/2017
VariousCiba! Cuba!Putumayo Latin6/11/2017
VariousSounds From the Circle IX tsiVisionary6/11/2017 Filed6/19/2017
VariousTurkish ObsessionJARO World6/25/2017
Vieux Farka ToureAmba Six DegreesWorld7/16/2017
Vir Dzurinko & Ryan MessinaUndertow New ArtistsJazz6/4/2017
Warsaw Village BandWarsaw Village Band JAROFolk7/2/2017
Warsaw Village BandWarsaw Village Bnd JAROWorld 7/9/2017
Zem AuduSpiritsOrigin Jazz6/18/2017