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March 2016

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NP ArtistTitleAlbum LabelDateGenre Programmer
50 139th St. QuartetSeaside Medley Top 20 Barbershop Quartets ('92) 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
51 139th St. QuartetNighttime in Dixieland Top 20 Barbershop Quartets ('92) 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
19P 40 Watt BananaNirvana A Day in My Mind's Mind [compilation]EMI 3/13/2016VisionarySteve Davis
29Acappella Special DeliveryThe Collection 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
30Acappella HushThe Collection 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
26Acoustix This Is the MomentStars&Stripes 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
18AC-Rock You Might thinkGuaranteed to Satisfy 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
19AC-Rock No Particular Place to GoGuaranteed to Satisfy 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
3P AdamMa'Lesh Samhini 3/21/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
2N Adama YalombaDjamakoyo African BluesPutumayo.com 3/5/2016MaliHala Fauzi
9N AeTopusDubious NumbersWhen self3/14/2016Visionary Roger Werner
6P Ahmed SaadAna L Wahdi 3/21/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
15Ahmet Kaya KarwanI love Kurdish Music Suna-Bar.com3/21/2016Kurdish Hala Fauzi
5 Al Gromer KhanTajMahogany Nights Hearts of Space3/13/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
4P Al JarreauAlonzoThis Time 3/8/2016FusionEric
16P Al StewartMidas Shadow Year Of The Cat3/8/2016 Rock/PopEric
30N AlabinaYa Mama Ya Mama l'EssentielAtoll Music3/7/2016 SpainHala Fauzi
31N AlabinaEshebol'Essentiel Atoll Music3/7/2016Spain Hala Fauzi
32N AlabinaTierra Santal'Essentiel Atoll Music3/7/2016Spain Hala Fauzi
33N AlabinaSanta Marial'Essentiel Atoll Music3/7/2016Spain Hala Fauzi
13N AlabinaAlabinaAlabina Ishtaralabina.net3/14/2016Spain Hala Fauzi
14N AlabinaBaila MariaAlabina Ishtaralabina.net3/14/2016Spain Hala Fauzi
43 Alan Jabbour & Ken Perlman Chapel Hill Serenade/Green Willis Southern Summits(self)3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
14 Alan Kelly GangPoorest Company The Last BellBlackbox3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
8 Alanis MorissetteI Remain Prince of Persia3/16/2016 RockValli Sharpe-Geisler
18 Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas Aberdeen Alternative Festival M/Cameron's Caper In the MomentCulburnie3/31/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
15Alaura Adriatic PassionSacred Dreams Silent3/6/2016Visionary Steve Davis
11P AlbaBella RomaAround The World 3/15/2016Dance/Electronic Eric
13P Alina Baraz & GalimatiasCan I Urban Flora3/15/2016 R&B/SoulEric
1P AllspiceDestinyAllspice 3/8/2016R&B/SoulEric
4P Alphonso JohnsonAs Little As You Yesterday's Dream3/1/2016 FusionEric
14Altan Far Beyond CarrickfinnThe Widening Gyre Compass3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
29Amabile and so it goesYoutube 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
36 Ambassadors of HarmonyLove Walked In 2008 Top 20 Choruses (Men's)3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
18P Amr MounirEl Kahira Love Songs Collection3/5/2016 EgyptHala Fauzi
9 Ancient FutureHummingbird Natural RhythmsPhilo3/13/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
17 Andrea BeatonFire on the Lino Branches(self)3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
29 Andrew CalhounThe Scyther Tiger TattooWaterbug3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
30 Andrew CalhounShadow Song Tiger TattooWaterbug3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
24Andy Irvine Michael Dwyer's EscapeRude Awakening Green Linnet3/17/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
9Anita Baker Body and SoulThe Best of Anita Baker 3/16/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
8 Any Stars in My CrownThe Golden Harps All of My Appointed Time (Gospel) 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
20 Aoife ClancyAre You Sleepin' Msaggie? Silvery MoonAppleseed3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
14P Aphex Twindisc 1, track 3 [dubbed "Rhubarb"] Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2Sire/Warner Bros. 3/27/2016VisionarySteve Davis
7 Archie FisherThe Winter It is Past Windward AwayRed House3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
14P Aretha FranklinI Say A Little Prayer The Very Best Of Aretha3/15/2016 R&B/SoulEric
13P Art BlakeyWee Dot A Night At Birdland3/8/2016 JazzEric
33P Art Gunn & his Arizona Playboys Boogie Woogie BluesCat 'n Around Krazy Kat3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
33P Art TatumDeep Purple 3/9/2016JazzRazz
20P Artie ShawDeep In A Dream 50 Sweet Bands3/29/2016 JazzEric
21P Arturo SandovalA Time For Love A Time For Love3/29/2016 JazzEric
24Atash MisterephEverything is Music Ars Mundi Productions3/21/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
25Atash Talangor (Flick!)Everything is Music Ars Mundi Productions3/21/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
26Atash EshqEverything is Music Ars Mundi Productions3/21/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
3 Athena TergisBe Gone From the Window A Letter HomeCompass3/31/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
31Autri Tale of WarHarmony Sweeps '02 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
15P AviciiWake Me UpTRUE 3/29/2016Dance/ElectronicEric
16P Baba StiltzWeeeebTotal 3/29/2016Dance/ElectronicEric
17P BananaramaCruel Summer The Very Best Of Bananarama3/15/2016 PopEric
2P Barbara McnairAnomymous 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
6P Barbara RandolphI Got The Feeling 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
24P Barbara RandolphWhen It Rains It Pours 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
19 Barry PhillipsOld Heddon of Fawsley CelloGourd3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
9 Battlefield Band Cannongate Twitch/Steamboat to Detrot/Twenty Pounds of Gin/Break Yer Bass Drone Rain, Hail or SAHineTemple 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
6P Ben TankardBlack Butterfly Full Tank3/1/2016 R&B/SoulEric
7P Ben Wolfe, Orrin Evans, Don Edwards, JD Allen The Good DoctorFrom Here I See 3/1/2016JazzEric
14P Benny CarterMelancholy Lullaby 3/9/2016JazzRazz
49P Benny CarterBlue Lou 3/9/2016JazzRazz
13P Benny GoodmanCharlie Christian Royal Garden Blues3/9/2016 JazzRazz
25P Benny GoodmanAir Mail Special 3/9/2016JazzRazz
6P Bessie SmithOn Revival Day 3/9/2016JazzRazz
29P Bessie SmithSt Louis Blues 3/9/2016JazzRazz
38 Beth de SombreResolution At Home in This Town(self) 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7P Beth QuistGraceSilver Magnatune3/7/2016Visionary Roger Werner
33Betty Soo Lonesome WhistleHert Sin Water Skin (self)3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2P BetweenSynAnd the Waters Opened Intuition3/6/2016Visionary Steve Davis
29Bill Eans Wondrous LoveNative & Fine Rounder3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
26P Bill EvansPeace PiecePeace Piece 3/15/2016JazzEric
33 Bill MorrisseyMonday Morning Blues Songs of Mississippi John HurtPhilo 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Bill O'ConnellPeace On Earth Heart Beat3/22/2016Jazz Eric
7P Bill O'ConnellWake UpHeart Beat 3/29/2016JazzEric
20P Bill Winston w/Kim StrattonFavor Ain't Fair Favor Ain't Fair Single3/15/2016 GospelEric
9P Billie Holiday They Can't Take That Away From Me 3/9/2016JazzRazz
31P Billie HolidayFine And Mellow 3/9/2016JazzRazz
45P Billie HolidayI Can't Get Started 3/9/2016JazzRazz
42 Binx (Brittany)CloserProcess 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
10 Black FamilyWheel the Permabulator Black FamilyDara3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
15 Black FamilyColcannon Black FamilyDara3/17/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
22 Black FamilyJames Cvonnolly Black FamilyDara3/17/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
37 Blackberry BushesI'm On Fire Little Bit of Grace(self) 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
8P BlackstreetJOYJoY 3/15/2016R&B/SoulEric
37Blue Murder I Sing You Goodnight Out on the Rolling Sea -- A Tribute to Joseph Spence 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
16P Blue SixMusic & Wine (TekSoul Dub) Beautiful Tomorrow3/15/2016 Dance/ElectronicEric
19P Blue SixMusic & Wine Beautiful Tomorrow3/15/2016 Dance/ElectronicEric
24Bob Coltman Lonesome RobinLonesome Robin Minstrel3/3/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
15P Bob DylanBlind Willie McTell 3/24/2016EclecticBobby G
16P Bob DylanSweetheart like You 3/24/2016EclecticBobby G
17Bob Dylan Jokerman3/24/2016 EclecticBobby G
8P Bobby "Blue" BlandTurn On Your Love Light Best Of Bobby "Blue" Bland3/1/2016 BluesEric
17P Bobby CaldwellMy Flame Time The Anthology3/8/2016 R&B/SoulEric
20 Bobby McFerrinDrive My Car The Best of Bobby McFerrin3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
18Bohola In North AmerikayBohola(self) 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7N BombadilsSong of Wandering Aengus Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet(self) 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
46 Boston CommonMention My Name in Sheyboygan SPEBSQSA '733/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
48 Boston U. TerspichoreEverywhere BOCA Best of vol. 23/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
1 Brandeis VoiceMaleLet Me Entertain You BOCA 20043/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
9P BrandyBest FriendBrandy 3/15/2016R&B/SoulEric
11P Brenda HollowayTrapped In A Love Affair 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
14P Brenda HollowayI'll Be Alright 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
18P Brenda HollowayWe'll Keep On Rolling 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
26P Brenda HollowayJust Look What You've Done 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
21 Brendan Begley An Droichead/Green Grow theRushes/California Girls We Won't Go Home 'Til MorningKells 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11 Brendan NolanSt. Brendan's Fair Isle Familiar BrewOuld Segosha 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7P Brian EnoLux 3 (~1st 8 min)Lux Warp3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
10P BrownstoneIf You Love Me From the Bottom Up3/15/2016 R&B/SoulEric
37 Bryan BowersHawthorne Tree For YouFlying Fish3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
3N Bryan CarriganComparing Snowflakes Fall Into Winterself3/28/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
22P Byron MetcalfRemember to Breathe (part) Shamanic Trance DanceSounds True 3/27/2016VisionarySteve Davis
34N Café MusiqueNuages Half Step BehindCafeMusique.org 3/7/2016FranceHala Fauzi
35N Café MusiqueHD4Half Step Behind CafeMusique.org3/7/2016France Hala Fauzi
36N Café MusiqueHalf Step Behind Half Step BehindCafeMusique.org 3/7/2016FranceHala Fauzi
12P CairoKeeKol Haga Betaady Nas w NasCairokee.com3/5/2016 EgyptHala Fauzi
13P CairoKeeNeaady El Sharea Sawa Nas w NasCairokee.com3/5/2016 EgyptHala Fauzi
14P CairoKeeMarboot Be Astek Nas w NasCairokee.com3/5/2016 EgyptHala Fauzi
15P CairoKeeGhammad EinakNas w Nas Cairokee.com3/5/2016Egypt Hala Fauzi
16P CairoKeeEl Baka BakaNas w Nas Cairokee.com3/5/2016Egypt Hala Fauzi
41 California Gold RushPrecious Lord Masters of Harmony3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
8Cara Dillon Here's a HealthAfter the Morning Compass3/3/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
9P Carl SmithThere She Goes The Essential Carl SmithColumbia/Legacy 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
8 Carl WeingartenPanomorphia PanomorphiaMultiphase3/6/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
10 Carl WeingartenFlow of Stars PanomorphiaMultiphase3/6/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
21P Carol RiddickThe Way You Say My Name Love Phases3/15/2016 R&B/SoulEric
13 Carolina Sunshine Trio Cornbread & Butterbeans WPAQ: The Voice of the Blueridge Mountains 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
27 Cathy Barton and Dave ParaHandful of Songs Crazy Quilt(self)3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
29 Cathy JordanAll the Way Home All the Way HomeBlix Street 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
33Cedar Hill Just Wanna Write A Bluegrass Song I've Got A Thing About Doors3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
34Cedar Hill With Love From Normandy I've Got A Thing About Doors3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
35Cedar Hill Already GoneI've Got A Thing About Doors 3/28/2016Bluegrass Dave Hook
21P CelerStargazing Lily Lacks the Flower Discourses of the WitheredInfraction 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
22 Cemil QocgiriZoreHiva Zeri myspace.com/cemilqocgiri3/5/2016 TurkeyHala Fauzi
23 Cemil QocgiriHiva ZeriHiva Zeri myspace.com/cemilqocgiri3/5/2016 TurkeyHala Fauzi
24 Cemil QocgiriEzi TimeHiva Zeri myspace.com/cemilqocgiri3/5/2016 TurkeyHala Fauzi
25 Cemil QocgiriTel MorHiva Zeri myspace.com/cemilqocgiri3/5/2016 TurkeyHala Fauzi
26 Cemil QocgiriXatir RayeHiva Zeri myspace.com/cemilqocgiri3/5/2016 TurkeyHala Fauzi
2Ceolbeg Zito the BubblemanAn Unfair Dance Greentrax3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
18P Chaka KhanAnd The Melody Still Lingers On Epiphany3/15/2016Jazz Eric
4P Charanee WadeI Think I'll Call It Morning Offering: The music Of Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson 3/15/2016JazzEric
5P Charanee Wade w/Stefon HarrisOffering Offering: The music Of Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson 3/15/2016JazzEric
6P Charanee Wade w/Stefon Harris Peace Go With You Brother Intro Offering: The music Of Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson 3/15/2016JazzEric
7P Charanee Wade w/Stefon Harris Peace Go With You Brother Offering: The music Of Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson 3/15/2016JazzEric
23P Charlie BarnetRedskin Rhumba 3/9/2016JazzRazz
19P Charlotte GainsburgTel que tu es 3/29/2016R&B/Soul Eric
1P Chaz Gruver aka EHMiddle East Of West Chaz Gruver3/29/2016 Dance/ElectronicEric
40 Chenile SistersRegretting What I Said A Retrospective3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
25 Cheryl WheelerLittle Road Defying GravityPhilo3/31/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
4Chicago Old DaysThe Very Best of Chicago 3/30/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
25 Chicago Voice ExchangeSpiderman Harmon Sweeps '973/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
19P Chick WebbDon't Be That Way 3/9/2016JazzRazz
19Childsplay Tears of Healing Rain/After the Rain Waiting For the DawnChildsplay 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
47P Chocolate DandiesI Never Knew 3/9/2016JazzRazz
34 Chris Chandler & Anne Feeney Cracker Jack Cure/The Dutchman Live From the Wholly Stolen Empire(self) 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
39 Chris Chandler & Paul Benoit Lightning Bugs & Barflies/Stand By Me Matadors(self)3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
35 Chris Chandler & Paul Benoit Matadors/Flyer GirlMatadors (self)3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
9P Chris ClarkLove's Gone Bad 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
31P Chris ClarkEverything's Good About You 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
33P Chris ClarkEverything's Right Everything's Wrong 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
11N Chris Haugen Falling Water (~1st 5 min + under annc) Falling Water, Shimmering StringsReal Music 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
14P Chris Hillman & Herb PedersenWait a Minute At Edwards Barn3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
15P Chris Hillman & Herb PedersenWheels At Edwards Barn3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
36Chuck Levy Boat's Up the RiverBanjourneys Red Dog3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
23P Cindy BradleyBlissBliss 3/15/2016Smooth JazzEric
24 Cindy KalletWings to Fly Working On Wings to FlyFolk-Legacy 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
27 Clandia MartinexMichina Vail World playground 2Putamaya 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
1 Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownTake Me Back To Tulsa BlackjackSugar Hill3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
26P Coleman HawkinsGet Happy 3/9/2016JazzRazz
9P Connect.OhmEvolution 1:1"9980" Ultimae3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
10P Connect.OhmMol"9980" Ultimae3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
15P Connect.OhmGentle Perception "9980"Ultimae3/27/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
4 Constance DembyChakoor Bird Live at AlaronGandarva3/7/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
23 Constance DembyOceans of Life Spirit TranceHearts of Space 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
27 Corina BartraEnlightened Heart Bambu SunBlue Spiral Productions 3/5/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
28 Corina BartraBlack BirdBambu Sun Blue Spiral Productions3/5/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
29 Corina BartraAfro Peruvian Folk Song Bambu SunBlue Spiral Productions 3/5/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
30 Corina BartraMagia y Ritmo Ancestral Bambu SunBlue Spiral Productions 3/5/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
31 Cosy SheridanIcarus The Horse KingWaterbug3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
21 Cosy SheridanThe Pomegranate Seed The Pomegranage SeedWind River 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
5 Court Yard HoundsThe Coast Court Yard Dogs3/30/2016 RockValli Sharpe-Geisler
45 Cracker JillsTrolley Song East & West3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
7P Craig TabornThe Broadway King Avenging Angel3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
8P Craig TabornForgetful Avenging Angel3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
9P Craig TabornThis is how You Disappear Avenging Angel3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
1P CreamN.S.U. 3/13/2016EclecticBobby G
41 Crooked StillRailrod Bill Shaken By a Low SoundSignature 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
22P Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Everybody I love You3/13/2016 EclecticBobby G
22P Cyndi LauperEarly In The Morning Memphis Blues3/15/2016 PopEric
4Daimh Cian McVarish of Morar/The Gannet/StuckTuneship Ostaig3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
37P Dale Ann BradleyI Won't Back Down Don't Turn Your Back3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
38P Dale WatsonTouch My Heart The Little Darlin' SessionsKoch 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
37 Dana & Susan RobinsonBoys of the Tracks Round My DoorThreshold3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
6P Dave PrestonThe Circle Around the Sphere In These StormsDave Preston Music 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
7P Dave PrestonFireIn These Storms Dave Preston Music3/6/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
13 Dave Webber & Anni FentimanRow On Bonnet & ShawlDragon3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
12 David Brewer 11th Street/Alsea Manor/Kitsawankar/Leave It On the Streps Living Tradition(self)3/31/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1P David Crosby & Graham NashMan in The Mirror 3/24/2016Eclectic Bobby G
2P David Crosby & Graham NashOrleans 3/24/2016Eclectic Bobby G
3P David Crosby & Graham Nash I used to be a Kibg3/24/2016 EclecticBobby G
4P David Crosby & Graham Nash Traction in The Rain3/24/2016 EclecticBobby G
5P David Crosby & Graham NashLee Shore 3/24/2016Eclectic Bobby G
23 David DiGiuseppe Other Side of the Island/Spy Rock/Baghdad Bully Movin' OnAzalea Cty3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
2 David ParsonsMeditation on a Lonely Pool Sounds of MothershipFortuna 3/13/2016VisionarySteve Davis
3 David ParsonsDevaloka Sounds of MothershipFortuna 3/13/2016VisionarySteve Davis
1De Dannan Eleanor RigbyA Jacket of Batteries Green Linnet3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
20P Debbie DeanI've Got To See You 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
17N Deborah MartinEye of the Wizard Eye of the WizardSpotted Peccary Music 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
2P Defeayo MarsalisNo More Trouble Concret Jungle: The Music Of Bob Marley 3/29/2016JazzEric
19P Delfeayo MarsalisNancy (with the laughing face) The Last Southern Gentleman3/8/2016 JazzEric
20P Delfeayo MarsalisThe Secret Love Affair The Last Southern Gentleman3/8/2016 JazzEric
21P Delfeayo MarsalisHow To Get To Sesame Street The Last Southern Gentleman3/8/2016 JazzEric
25P Delfeayo Marsalis Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street The Last Southern Gentleman3/15/2016 JazzEric
28Dervish Welcome Poor Paddy HomeHarmony Hill Kells3/17/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
7Deuce How Long (Has this been going on)25 #1 Hits 3/16/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
3N Diabel Cissokho & Ramon GooseTotoumo African BluesPutumayo.com 3/5/2016SenegalHala Fauzi
28 Diamond Joe WhiteRain Vote/Rainy Day HonestlyMalahat Mountain 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
2Dick Gaughan Geronimo's CadillacSail On Appleseed3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
12P Dire StraitsTunnel of Love 3/17/2016EclecticBobby G
24P Django ReinhardtSwing 39 3/9/2016JazzRazz
26 Dobet GnahoreAbiani Women of AfricaPutamaya3/6/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
3 Doobie BrotherTakin It To The Street Unknown3/16/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
6 Doobie BrothersTakin It To The Street Unknown3/30/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
42 Double Descker String Band House of the Rising SunChasing Rainbows Marimac3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
16P Dream JungleEntrance to the Dream LucidThird Ear3/13/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
36 Dry Branch Fire SquadLong Journey Long Journey3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
37P Duke EllingtonMood Indigo 3/9/2016JazzRazz
39P Duke EllingtonSolitude 3/9/2016JazzRazz
46P Duke EllingtonKoko 3/9/2016JazzRazz
50P Duke EllingtonCaravan 3/9/2016JazzRazz
16 Eamonn Coyne & Kris DreverMay Morning Dew StorymapCompass3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
5P Earl HinesRosetta 3/9/2016JazzRazz
28P Earl HinesBilly Eckstine Stormy Monday Blues3/9/2016 JazzRazz
17Ed Miller Lads o' the FairMany's the Fine Tale Wellfield3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6Edlos Garbagemen SamplerTupelo Honey 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
42Edlos Soul & InspirationRetropella 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
17 Eileen Ivers Green Hills of Tyrol/Pinch of Snuff/Ships Are Sailing Wild BlueGreen Linnet3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
8P El JasmiWahashetni Donyeti 3/21/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
22P Elias LammamLamset RuhSelsebil EliasLammam.net3/7/2016Arabic Hala Fauzi
23P Elias LammamRaqset DinaSelsebil EliasLammam.net3/7/2016Arabic Hala Fauzi
18P Elias LammamRaqsat FarahSelsebil EliasLammam.org3/21/2016Arabic Hala Fauzi
4P Ella FitzgeraldYou'll Have To Swing It 3/9/2016JazzRazz
12P Ella FitzgeraldCow Cow Boogie 3/9/2016JazzRazz
26Ellis Paul Jukebox On My GraveAmerican Jukebox Fables Philo3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
14P Emerald WebThe Dragon's Gate The Stargate TapesFinders Keepers / B-Music 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
5P Emerson, Lake & PalmerPirates 3/10/2016Eclectic Bobby G
15P Emerson, Lake & PalmerAbbadon's Bolero TrilogyAtlantic3/13/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
18P Eric RobersonPunch Drunk Love The Box3/8/2016 R&B/SoulEric
13P Eric RobersonPunch Drunk Love The Box3/29/2016 R&B/SoulEric
9N Eric WolloCrystal Orbits Blue RadianceProjekt3/7/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
17P Ethel WatersGeorgia On My Mind 3/9/2016JazzRazz
35P Ethel WatersBread And Gravy 3/9/2016JazzRazz
3Eurythmics Would I Lie to YouGreatest Hits 3/2/2016RockValli Sharpe-Geisler
3P Everything But The GirlDriving The Language Of Life3/22/2016 Adult ContemporaryEric
3P Everything But The GirlDriving The Language Of Life3/29/2016 JazzEric
22Face O FortunaHarmony Sweeps 25th Anniv 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
12 Fairfield FourDig a Little Deeper Standing in the Safety Zong3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
1P Fairport ConventionMatty Groves 3/17/2016Eclectic Bobby G
2P Fairport ConventionBring 'Em Down 3/17/2016Eclectic Bobby G
27P Fats WallerAlligator Crawl 3/9/2016JazzRazz
32P Fats WallerTwo Sleepy People 3/9/2016JazzRazz
12P Fever RayIf I Had a Heart If I Had a Heart [single]Rabid 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
35 Five O'Clock ShadowMine Tonight So There3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
11P Fletcher HendersonChristopher columbus 3/9/2016JazzRazz
2P Flora PurimOpen Your Eyes Open Your Eyes3/22/2016 JazzEric
8P Flora PurimCarry OnCarry On 3/22/2016JazzEric
5P Forrest FangNot Forgotten The Sleepwalker's OceanProjekt 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
7N Forrest Smithson Prayers of the Sound Light Beings Reversal of Thoughtself3/14/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
3Fortuna Danne Tu FuenzaWomen of Spirit Putamaya3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
16P FracturesTwistedTwisted Single 3/22/2016Dance/Electronic Eric
29 Francesa BlachardPasa D'sa fuet Deu VisonsSelf3/6/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
24N Francesca BlanchardWanderer Deux VisionsCuancha3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
17P Frankie MillerDay By Day Sugar Coated BabyBear Family 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
15P FredilocksNo Greater Love Smiling Africa3/22/2016 ReggaeEric
4P FreeBe My Friend 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
5P FreeDon't say You love Me 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
6P FreeMr. Big 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
5 Frore & Shane MorrisRitual Sequence Blood MoonSpotted Peccary 3/28/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
10 Fuchsia BandCu Chulainn Gra Do Raibh(self)3/17/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
7Full Set Jimmy Mo Mhile StorNotes at Liberty (self)3/17/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
43 Gaither BrosDelivered from the Land Pharoah a Cappella3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
7P GannatEl Farah Milad 3/21/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
32 Garden State Choral Chapter2 Be Loved by You It's More than Music3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
11P Gare du NordHow Was It For You Euro Lounge3/8/2016 Electronic/JazzEric
10 Gearoid O hAllmhurain Munster Bacon/Come Along With Me Trad. Music From Clare & Beyond Celtic Crossings3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2P GenesisThe Cinema Show 3/10/2016EclecticBobby G
3P GenesisAisle of Plenty 3/10/2016EclecticBobby G
7 George BensonThis Masquerade The Best of George Benson3/30/2016 RockValli Sharpe-Geisler
23P George DukeEvery Little Step I Take Master Of The Game3/8/2016 Eric
7P George DukeThe Future Brazilian Fusion3/22/2016 FusionEric
9P George DukeStraight From The Heart Brazilian Fusion3/22/2016 R&B/SoulEric
17P George DukeSomeday Brazilian Fusion3/22/2016 R&B/SoulEric
19P George DukeSunrise Brazilian Fusion3/22/2016 R&B/SoulEric
8P George DukePositive Energy Brazilian Fusion3/29/2016 JazzEric
5P George Duke w/Al Johnson & Leon Chancellor Don't Be ShyLiberated Fantasies 3/8/2016FusionEric
1P Georges LammamDreaming the Diaspora Dreaming the DiasporaGeorgesLammam.com 3/7/2016Arabic Acoustic Hala Fauzi
2P Georges LammamBorne by the Mediterranean Dreaming the DiasporaGeorgesLammam.com 3/7/2016Arabic Acoustic Hala Fauzi
3P Georges LammamMy Mother's Song Dreaming the DiasporaGeorgesLammam.com 3/7/2016Arabic Acoustic Hala Fauzi
12P Gerorge JonesMr. Fool Don't Stop The MusicAce3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
13P Gerorge JonesTime Lock Don't Stop The MusicAce3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
14P Gerorge JonesDon't Stop The Music Don't Stop The MusicAce3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
20P Giacomo GatesJeannineFly Rite 3/1/2016JazzEric
8Gigi GuramayleMusic from the Coffee Lands II Putamaya3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
11Gigi UtopiOne World, Many Cultures Putamaya3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
45 Gina ForsythJust For Tonight Promised LandWaterbug3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
24P Gino VannelliHurts To Be In Love Black Cars3/8/2016 Eric
22P Gino VannelliBrother To Brother Brother To Brother3/22/2016 PopEric
4P Gladys Knight & The Pips Just Walk In My Shoes3/31/2016 EclecticBobby G
27P Gladys Knight & The Pips The Day You Take One (You Have To Take The Other) 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
13N Glaucia NasserQuando Eu Canto TalismanJazzDepot.com3/7/2016 BrazilHala Fauzi
14N Glaucia NasserEncontroTalisman JazzDepot.com3/7/2016Brazil Hala Fauzi
15N Glaucia NasserE Quando Quero TalismanJazzDepot.com3/7/2016 BrazilHala Fauzi
4P Glenn BarberThe Window 45rpm singleD3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
5P Glenn BarberAnother You 45rpm singleD3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
3P Glenn MillerThe Modernaires Elmer's Tune3/9/2016 JazzRazz
22P Glenn MillerIn The Mood 3/9/2016JazzRazz
41P Glenn MillerSunrise Serenade 3/9/2016JazzRazz
13Goitse Ye Lovers AllTall Tales & Misadventures (self)3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
1Grada Louis CollinsNatural Angle Compass3/3/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
14 Green Fields of AmericaGreen Fields of America KilkellyGreen Linnet3/17/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
16 Green Fields of AmericaAcross the Westwrn Ocean Green Fields of AmericaCompass 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
27 Greenfields of AmericaKilkelly KilkellyGreen Linnet3/17/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
18P Greensky BluegrassA Day In the Life All Access, Vol. 13/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
19P Greensky BluegrassTime / Breathe Reprise All Access, Vol. 13/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
20P Greensky BluegrassReverend All Access, Vol. 13/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
1P GreensladeSundance 3/10/2016EclecticBobby G
9P Greg AllmanOne More Try 3/24/2016EclecticBobby G
10P Greg AllmanThese Days 3/24/2016EclecticBobby G
11P Greg AllmanAll My Friends 3/24/2016EclecticBobby G
12P Greg AllmanSail on Sailor 3/24/2016EclecticBobby G
29Greg Blake 50 Miles From NowhereSongs Of Heart & Home 3/28/2016Bluegrass Dave Hook
31Greg Brown I Don't Want to Have a Nice DayThe Live One Hackleberry3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6N Greg MaroneySpirit Within Quiet Piano Improvisations Volume 1self 3/14/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
15 Grey Larsen & Andre Marchand Qui Me Passera le Bois?The Orange Tree Sugar Hill3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
9Guide Me VocolotHeartBeat 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
1 Gustav Holst (cond: Herbert von Karajan) Neptune the MysticThe Planets Deutsche Grammophon3/6/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
1 Gustav Holst (cond: Herbert von Karajan) Neptune the MysticThe Planets Deutsche Grammophon3/27/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
1 Gustav Holst (cond: Simon Rattle) Neptune the MysticThe Planets EMI Classics3/13/2016Visionary Steve Davis
19P Hamada HelalMetghayyara Love Songs Collection3/5/2016 EgyptHala Fauzi
20P HamakiHelm Ghali Love Songs Collection3/5/2016 EgyptHala Fauzi
9Hammock An Empty FieldStranded Under Endless Sky Hammock Music3/6/2016Visionary Steve Davis
11 Hamza El DinGreetingsA Wish SoundsTrue.com3/21/2016Nubia Hala Fauzi
12 Hamza El DinSunsetA Wish SoundsTrue.com3/21/2016Nubia Hala Fauzi
13 Hamza El DinAnesiguA Wish SoundsTrue.com3/21/2016Nubia Hala Fauzi
14 Hamza El DinGriffin 2A Wish SoundsTrue.com3/21/2016Nubia Hala Fauzi
24P Hamza NamiraEnsanEnsan HamzaNamira.com3/7/2016Egypt Hala Fauzi
25P Hamza NamiraEl MidanEnsan HamzaNamira.com3/7/2016Egypt Hala Fauzi
26P Hamza NamiraHansaEnsan HamzaNamira.com3/7/2016Egypt Hala Fauzi
27P Hamza NamiraEl TaghreebaEnsan HamzaNamira.com3/7/2016Egypt Hala Fauzi
28P Hamza NamiraYa MhawwenEnsan HamzaNamira.com3/7/2016Egypt Hala Fauzi
29P Hamza NamiraEw'edooniEnsan HamzaNamira.com3/7/2016Egypt Hala Fauzi
23Hanz Araki Boys of Barr Na Sraide Six of One, Five of the OtherLittle Sea 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
25Happy Traum Willie MooreBuckets of Songs Shanachie3/3/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
35N Happy TraumChurch Street Blues Just For the Love of ItLark's Nest 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
31N Happy TraumSpanish is the Loving Tongue Just For the Love of ItLark's Nest 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
20N Harpeth RisingFortuneShifted (self)3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
48P Harry JamesJesse 3/9/2016JazzRazz
27 Hazel DickensMama's Hand Mama's Hand3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
13 Heavenly Music CorporationSeafloor Starlight Lunar PhaseSilent3/27/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
3Heidi Talbot In Silence I GoDistant Future Compass3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
8P Herbie MannPush Push 3/13/2016EclecticBobby G
4Heritage April W/Ookpik WTell Tae Me Temple3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
4N Hermeto PascoalBebe Piano Masters Vol 4Adventure-Music.com 3/7/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
18P HeybaleGuess Where I'll Be This Morning The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
19P HeybaleMr. Record Man The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
20P HeybaleCalifornia Wine The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
21P HeybaleLivin' In A Cheap Hotel The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
22P HeybaleHouse Of Secrets The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
23P HeybaleHebalin' The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
24P HeybaleHang Your Head In Shame The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
25P HeybaleThat's How I Got To Memphis The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
26P HeybaleHonky Tonk Mood The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
27P HeybaleStep Aside The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
28P HeybaleEverything...About Drinkin' The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
29P HeybaleLet's Go To Mexico The Last Country AlbumShuffle 5 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
40Home Free Everything Will Be OKCrazy Life 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
18House Band Hernon's/The PhoenixStonetown Green Linnet3/3/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
30House Jacks AttitudeNaked Noise 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
32 Houston JonesAurora Borealis Calico Heart(self)3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
35 Houston-JonesAngel From Montgomery Houston JonesSummerhill3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
3N Howard Givens & Craig Padilla Opening to New PerspectivesLife Flows Water Spotted Peccary Music3/6/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
6P Hristo Vitchev QuartetStay Hristo Vitchev - In Search Of Wonders 3/8/2016JazzEric
7 Huey Lewis & The NewsNaturally Fore!3/2/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
19P Humble PieHallelujah I love Her So 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
20P Humble PieI don't need No Doctor 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
4Humbuckers Let DownNever Said Thanks 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
7 Ian F. BenzieI'se the B'y I'se the B'yKRL3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
10Jabberwocks Ribbon in the SkySermons & Soda Water 3/8/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
19P JajaEclipse (excerpt)Endless Cyan Music (Germany)3/6/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
11P James ArmstrongWhat I Would Do For Your Love Dark Night3/29/2016 BluesEric
3 James Asher & Sandeep RavalOn The Outbreath Drum TravelStarfield3/21/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
36P James HandFavorite Fool Mighty Lonesome ManHillgrass Bluebilly 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
28 James KeelaghanRed-Wing Blackbird HomeAppleseed3/31/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
25James King Sweeter Than The FlowersMama's Hand 3/28/2016BluegrassDave Hook
10 James TaylorAnother Day Greatest Hits3/16/2016 RockValli Sharpe-Geisler
1 Janet JacksonRunawayNumber Ones 3/16/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
19 Janet RussellPigeon and the Sparra Love Songs and Fighting TalkHarbourtown 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
21P Jarekus SingletonI Refuse To Lose I Refuse To Lose3/22/2016 BluesEric
1N Jazz AmbassadorsThe Army Goes Rolling Along Live In ConcertU.S. Army 3/15/2016JazzRazz
2N Jazz AmbassadorsThe Star Spangled Banner Live In ConcertU.S. Army 3/15/2016JazzRazz
3N Jazz AmbassadorsMeridian Chaser Live In ConcertU.S. Army 3/15/2016JazzRazz
4N Jazz AmbassadorsYesterdays Live In ConcertU.S. Army 3/15/2016JazzRazz
5N Jazz AmbassadorsSometimes I'm Happy Live In ConcertU.S. Army 3/15/2016JazzRazz
6N Jazz AmbassadorsEmbraceable You Live In ConcertU.S. Army 3/15/2016JazzRazz
7N Jazz AmbassadorsThe Birth Of The Blues Live In ConcertU.S. Army 3/15/2016JazzRazz
8N Jazz AmbassadorsLover Come Back To Me Live In ConcertU.S. Army 3/15/2016JazzRazz
9N Jazz AmbassadorsBody and Soul Live In ConcertU.S. Army 3/15/2016JazzRazz
10N Jazz AmbassadorsIf Ever I Would Leave You ProspectsU.S. Army3/15/2016 JazzRazz
11N Jazz AmbassadorsMichelle ProspectsU.S. Army3/15/2016 JazzRazz
12N Jazz AmbassadorsRound Fat Night ProspectsU.S. Army3/15/2016 JazzRazz
9P Jeff Beck • Jan Hammer Group Darkness (Earth in search of a Sun) 3/13/2016EclecticBobby G
10P Jeff Beck • Jan Hammer GroupYou know what I mean 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
11P Jeff Beck • Jan Hammer GroupFreeway Jam 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
28N Jefferson RossArvinDogwood Cats Deep Fried3/3/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6N Jeffrey KoepperBeliefKonnektions Air Space Records3/21/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
30N Jeffwerson RossDogwood Cats Dogwood CatsDeep Fried3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
10P Jerry Lee LewisDrinking Wine Spo-Dee O'Dee 3/3/2016Eclectic Bobby G
11P Jerry Lee LewisMemphis 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
12P Jerry Lee LewisMovin' on down The Line 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
13P Jerry Lee LewisRock & Roll Medley: 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
14P Jerry Lee Lewisi. Good Golly Miss Molly 3/3/2016Eclectic Bobby G
15P Jerry Lee Lewisii. Long Tall Sally 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
16P Jerry Lee Lewisiii. Jenny, Jenny 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
17P Jerry Lee Lewisiv. Tutti Frutti 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
18P Jerry Lee Lewisv. Whole Lot of Shakin' goin' On 3/3/2016Eclectic Bobby G
8N Jesse CookBogota By Bus The Rumba FoundationE1Entertainment.com 3/14/2016Latin FusionHala Fauzi
9N Jesse CookSanta Marta The Rumba FoundationE1Entertainment.com 3/14/2016Latin FusionHala Fauzi
10N Jesse CookTuesday's Child The Rumba FoundationE1Entertainment.com 3/14/2016Latin FusionHala Fauzi
11N Jesse CookLa Rumba D'el Jefe The Rumba FoundationE1Entertainment.com 3/14/2016Latin FusionHala Fauzi
12N Jesse CookGaita The Rumba FoundationE1Entertainment.com 3/14/2016Latin FusionHala Fauzi
37P Jesse DaytonNext Time I'm In Town Raisin' CainJustice3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
28 Jesse McReynolds & Charles Whitstein What Would You GiveA Tribute To Brother Duets 3/28/2016Bluegrass Dave Hook
18Jez Lowe Big Meeting DayLive at the Davy Lamp Tantobie3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
9Jim Malcolm Kelvin's Purling StreamThe Corncrake Beltane3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
11P Jim ReevesLet Me Remember (ThingsI Can't Forget) Mexican Joe - 24 Great Early Recordings Country Stars3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
10N Jim StubblefieldHighland Dreams EncantadoJimStubblefield.com 3/5/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
11N Jim StubblefieldOdyssey of Fire EncantadoJimStubblefield.com 3/5/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
8N Jim StubblefieldEl Pistolero InspiracionJimStubblefield.com 3/7/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
9N Jim StubblefieldInspiracion InspiracionJimStubblefield.com 3/7/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
10N Jim StubblefieldSolace InspiracionJimStubblefield.com 3/7/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
11N Jim StubblefieldEl Payaso InspiracionJimStubblefield.com 3/7/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
12N Jim StubblefieldTerra Bella InspiracionJimStubblefield.com 3/7/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
2P Jimi Hendrix • Band of GypsysStone Free 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
30 Jimmy CrowleyThe Bandon Car UncorkedFree State3/17/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1 Joan ArmatradingAll shapes and sizes What's InsideRCA3/6/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
13P Joanna BroukLifting Off I Am the Center... [compilation] Light In The Attic3/6/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
6N Joanne LazzaroMedicine Wheel Under the Starsself3/7/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
2P Jocelyn Montgomery & David LynchKyrie Lux Vivens: The Music of Hildegard von Bingen Mammoth3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
3P Jocelyn Montgomery & David LynchHodie Lux Vivens: The Music of Hildegard von Bingen Mammoth3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
4P Jocelyn Montgomery & David LynchAlleluia Lux Vivens: The Music of Hildegard von Bingen Mammoth3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
5P Jocelyn Montgomery & David LynchViridissima Lux Vivens: The Music of Hildegard von Bingen Mammoth3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
3P Joe CockerHitchcock Railway 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
7Joe Derrane Silver Spire/Hitchner's PhoenixGive Us Another Green Linnet3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
16P Joe VenutiStringin' The Blues 3/9/2016JazzRazz
39Joel Mabus The Uncloudy DayBanjo Monologues Fossil3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2 John Hopkins OctopodesBring Me To Life BOCA 20043/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
36John Prine Donald & LydiaSouvenirs Oh Boy3/3/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6 Johnny B. Connolly Down the Hill/Boys of Ballisodare/Maids of Mount Cisco BrodgetownCompass3/31/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
39P Johnny PaycheckWhere (In The World) 45rpm singleHilltop3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
1N Jon DiazCircling from Above Circling from AboveJonDiaz.com 3/21/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
2N Jon DiazSahara Dreaming Circling from AboveJonDiaz.com 3/21/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
30 Jonas FriddleTired Chicken Blues Use Your Voice(self)3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
28 Jonathan Byrd & DromedaryThe Young Slaver The Sea and the SkyWaterbug 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
18P JONESIndulgeIndulge 3/29/2016R&B/SoulEric
3N Josefine & Trine Opsahl The Last Grasp of WinterUnbroken Dreams Heart to Heart Records3/7/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
5N Jovino Santos NetoGosto Piano Masters Vol 5Adventure-Music.com 3/7/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
7N Jovino Santos NetoSempre Piano Masters Vol 7Adventure-Music.com 3/7/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
27Jubilation Keep Your Eye on the Girlie You Love 82 Sweet Adelines3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
19 Judith SephumaLe Tshephile Mang Women of AfricaPutamaya3/6/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
13Judy Fjell Stomeng Fast RegalLiving on dreams Honey Pie Music3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
14P Julian VaughnAt Your Service Razor Sharp Brit3/8/2016 Smooth JazzEric
21June Tabor The Easter TreeAshes & Diamonds Green Linnet3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2N Junior Sisk & Ramblers ChoiceWalk Slow Trouble Follows Me3/28/2016 Country & FolkDave Hook
5 Justin Timberlake What Goes Around Comes Back Around FutureSex/LoveSounds3/2/2016 RockValli Sharpe-Geisler
5N Kalaban CouraMaliAfrican Blues Putumayo.com3/5/2016Mali Hala Fauzi
10P Karim MohsenNedari Leh 3/21/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
36N Kate CampbellSome Song Kate on America, v.1Large River 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
6Kate Purcell Second WindA Dream Unfolds 3/16/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
12Kate Rusby Bold RileyTenCompass 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
25Kate Rusby Underneath the StarsUnderneath the Stars Compass3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2Kate Rusby The Wild GooseSleeplessCompass 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
6Kate Rusby Awkward AnnieAwkward Annie Pure Records3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
15Kate Rusby Village Green Preservation SocietyAwkward Annie Pure Records3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
2 Kathleen Conneely Old Torn Petticoat/Thady Casey's Fancy/Ballina Lasses Coming of Spring(self)3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
12N Kathryn KayeRevival There Was a TimeOverland Mountain Music 3/13/2016VisionarySteve Davis
3P Katy MoffattHank and Audrey Midnight Radio3/28/2016 Singer/SongwriterDave Hook
10P Keith JarrettBregenz, May 28, 1981 Part I Concerts3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
11P Keith JarrettOctober 28, 1988 Paris Concert3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
19P Keith JarrettRadiance (Excerpt) Radiance3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
20P Keith JarrettThe Good America The Carnegie Hall Concert3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
21P Keith JarrettPaint My Heart Red The Carnegie Hall Concert3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
22P Keith JarrettMy Song The Carnegie Hall Concert3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
23P Keith JarrettTime on My Hands The Carnegie Hall Concert3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
24P Keith JarrettOver The Rainbow La Scala3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
5P Ken KaufmanNew Living Expo NewLivingExpo.com3/14/2016Talk Hala Fauzi
3Kevin Burke Walsh's HP/Old Torn PetticoatIn Concert Green Linnet3/17/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
9P Khaled SelimSeed Sidi 3/21/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
4Kila Bully's AcreLuna Park World Village3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
30P Kim Weston Take Me In Your Arms (rock Me A Little While) 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
14P KINGThe Right OneWe Are KING 3/1/2016R&B/Soul Eric
15P KINGRed EyeWe Are KING 3/1/2016R&B/SoulEric
16P KINGOh PleaseWe Are KING 3/1/2016R&B/Soul Eric
17P KINGThe StoryWe Are KING 3/1/2016R&B/Soul Eric
18P KINGThe GreatestWe Are KING 3/1/2016R&B/Soul Eric
19P KINGThe StoryWe Are KING 3/1/2016R&B/Soul Eric
3P KINGThe StoryWe Are KING 3/8/2016R&B/Soul Eric
9P KINGRed EyeWe Are KING 3/8/2016R&B/SoulEric
10P KINGThe Right OneWe Are KING 3/22/2016R&B/Soul Eric
14P KINGRed EyeWe Are KING 3/22/2016R&B/SoulEric
9P KINGRed EyeWe Are KING 3/29/2016R&B/SoulEric
33 Kings of Mongrel FolkLost John Bitter Truth(self)3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
17P King's XThe Burning Down Gretchen Goes To Nebraska3/29/2016 RockEric
8Kitka Niskolc Felol Hidegen Fuj a SzelNectar 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
17Kitka Subalis se sabaliThe Vine Piaphonica3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
1P Kneebody & DaedelusThey Are We Kneedelus3/1/2016 ElectronicEric
2P Kneebody & DaedelusDrum Battle Kneedelus3/1/2016 ElectronicEric
3P Kneebody & DaedelusLoops Kneedelus3/1/2016 ElectronicEric
12P Kristin RaderSmileSmile 3/8/2016PopEric
12P Kristin RaderSmileSmile 3/15/2016PopEric
12P Kristin RaderSmileSmile Single 3/29/2016PopEric
6Kyle Alden The Cloak, the Boat & the Shoes Songs From Yeats' Bee-Loud Glade(self) 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
20 La Bottine SourianteReel a Roland Appellation D'Origine ControleeBorealis 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
21Lau The Unquiet GraveLightweights & Gentlemen Compass3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel3/7/2016Visionary Roger Werner
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel3/14/2016Visionary Roger Werner
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel3/21/2016Visionary Roger Werner
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel3/28/2016Visionary Roger Werner
20P Lavaida CarterJo Jo The Cannibal Kid 3/9/2016JazzRazz
16 Le Bruit Court Dans La VilleMarie Roret Les Vents Qiu Ventent(self) 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
21N Le Bruit Court Dns La Ville Foxhunter's J/L'Arachouidine Les Vents Qui Ventent(self) 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Led ZeppelinWe've gonna Groove 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
2P Led ZeppelinI can't quit You Baby 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
15P Led ZeppelinThank You 3/13/2016EclecticBobby G
38P Lee WileySugar 3/9/2016JazzRazz
4N Lenka LichtenbergRaise a Cup of Joy EmbraceLenkaLichtenberg.com 3/14/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
6N Lenka LichtenbergPeace is the Only Way EmbraceLenkaLichtenberg.com 3/14/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
7N Lenka LichtenbergVayn Fun Lebn EmbraceLenkaLichtenberg.com 3/14/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
8 Leon RosselsonPostcards From Cuba Harry's Gone FishingGadfly 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
5 Leonard Barry Limerick Lasses/Johnny McGhooans/The Laurel Tree New Road(self)3/31/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
36P Lester YoungBlue Lester 3/9/2016JazzRazz
2N Lew Tabackin TrioYesterdays Soundscapes?3/8/2016 JazzRazz
3N Lew Tabackin TrioDay Dream Soundscapes?3/8/2016 JazzRazz
4N Lew Tabackin TrioSunset and the Mockingbird Soundscapes?3/8/2016 JazzRazz
8Liam O'Flynn Sliabh na mBanThe Piper's Call Tara3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
24Liban Fehel AsiremBorderlandsShenachie 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
22 Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy Go Away From My WindowAdieu False Heart Vanguard3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
18P Linda TilleryPomba Girl Still we sing, still we riseSelf 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
20P Linda TilleryKumbaya Still we sing, still we riseSelf 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
35 Linda Tillery/Cultural Heritage Choir What's the Matter?Good Time, a Good Time 3/8/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
6P Lindsey BuckhinghamGo Insane Go Insane3/22/2016Rock Eric
15P Lionel HamptonFlying Home 3/9/2016JazzRazz
21P Lionel HamptonIt Don't Mean A Thing 3/9/2016JazzRazz
52P Lionel Hampton Shufflin' At The Hollywood3/9/2016 JazzRazz
18P Lisa ShawLet It Ride Let It Ride Single3/22/2016 Dance/ElectronicEric
23 Lissa Schneckenburger Before They Close the Minstrel Show Lissa SchneckenburgerFootprint 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1 Loggins & MessinaVahevala The Essential Kenny Loggins3/2/2016 RockValli Sharpe-Geisler
2 Loggins & MessinaWatching the River Run Full Sail3/2/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
11P LoksaGreen Adaptor 2 Green AdaptorHypnotic3/27/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
12P LoksaGreen Adaptor 3 Green AdaptorHypnotic3/27/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
5 Loreena McKennittThe Stolen Child Troubadours on the RhineVerve 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
18 Loreena McKennittPenelope's Song An Ancient MuseQuinlan Road 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
14P Lucy RoseShiverLike I Used To 3/29/2016EclecticEric
16Lunasa Mrs. O'Sullivan's J/Maid in the Kitchen Kinnitty SessionsCompass 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
21Lura Bida MariaduWomen of the world (acuoustic) Putamaya3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
30N Lynne Hnson & the Good IntentionsCecil Hotel Seven Deadly Spins(self) 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Mable JohnI'm Yours, You're Mine 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
42P Maddox Brothers & RoseNew Step It Up And Go That'll Flat...Git It! Vol. 26Bear Family 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
22P Magnetic WindInfinity Astral VortexesEndless Ascent 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
4P Majestic w/Lutan FireImagine Smiling Africa3/29/2016 ReggaeEric
9P Majestic w/Lutan FyahImagine Smiling Africa3/1/2016 ReggaeEric
17P MakyoDrupakShringara Dakini3/13/2016Visionary Steve Davis
1N Mali LatinoNi Koh Bedy African BluesPutumayo.com 3/5/2016MaliHala Fauzi
4N Manish VyasBhakti (~1st 15 min) Atma BhaktiNew Earth3/13/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
44 Margaret MacArthurThem Stars Them StarsWhetstone3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
19 Mariah ParkerWaterwheelSangria Ancient-Future.com3/21/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
2 Marjorie de MuynckBreath In The Key Of EarthSounds True 3/7/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
16 Marjorie De MuynckAncient Aquifer In the Key of EarthSounds True 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
4P Mark & Helen BanningA Sea of Glass Journey to the LightCreative Sound Productions 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
7P Martha & The Vandellas (it's Easy To Fall In Love) With A Guy Like You 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
21P Martha & The VandellasSomething About You 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
4 Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill Paul Ha'penny/Garden of Butterflies/Broken Pledge/Mother & Child R/Toss the Feathers The Lonesome TouchGreen Linnet 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
34 Martin SimpsonThe Week Before Easter Cool & UnusualRed House 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
20P Marvin GayeWhat's Going On What's Going On3/22/2016 R&B/SoulEric
2 Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Ain't Nothing Like the Real ThingMotown 1's 3/30/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
18 Mary McElgunnThe Castle of Dromore World Sings Goodnight II3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
34P Mary WellsHoney Boy 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
14Matapat R de la Peche au Capelan/R. St. SauveurPetit Fou Borealis3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
1 Matt CriscuoloA Flower Is A Lovesome Thing Headin' OutJazzeria3/8/2016 JazzRazz
9Max Q When My Sugar Walks Down the StreetDiscovery 3/8/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
22 Michael BlackComing of the Roads Michael BlackCompass3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
16P Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper Too Late For GoodbyesOn Down the Line 3/28/2016BluegrassDave Hook
17P Michael Cleveland and FlamekeeperThe Garden Wall On Down the Line3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
41 Michael SmithPrincess & the Frog Such Things Are Finely DoneTales From the Tavern 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11 Mick MoloneyThe Babies On Our Block McNally's Row of FlatsCompass 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
25 Mick MoloneyThe Regular Army O McNally's Row of FlatsCompass 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
12 Mike & Mary Rafferty Augamore/Rafferty's MustacheThe Dangerous Reel Kells3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
10Mike Katz Major Manson's Farewell to Clachanstrushal/The Goat Pen/Tubular Peat A Month of SudaysTemple3/31/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
13 Mike OldfieldOmmadawn - Part One (~1st 7 min) OmmadawnVirgin3/13/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
40P Mildred BaileyRed NorvoHold On 3/9/2016JazzRazz
6N MingoZenoThe Blue Star Sonarweb Communications3/28/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
7P Miss Leslie & her Juke-Jointers Little Ole Wine Drinker MeHonky Tonk Happy Hour Zero Label3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
38 Mixed CompanyThe Edge of Glory The Rush3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
39 Mixed CompanyStarlightThe Rush 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
4P Mohamed MohiEhsas Beshe' 3/21/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
6 Molly's Revenge King of the Pipers/Long Drive/Little Donald in the Pigpen The Western Shore(self)3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
19 Molly's Revenge Roving Batchelor/Reel of Bogie/Fed Finn's Raise the Rafters(self)3/17/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
23Mona SeknaWomen of the world (acuoustic) Putamaya3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
11P Monty AlexanderWhat's Going On (Wa'a Gwan) Harlem Kingston Express V2 The River Rolls On 3/1/2016JazzEric
43P Moon Mullican & the Showboys The Lonesome Hearted BluesShowboy Special Westside3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
44P Moon Mullican & the ShowboysShowboy Special Showboy SpecialWestside3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
45P Moon Mullican & the Showboys Let Me Rock You BabyShowboy Special Westside3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
46P Moon Mullican & the ShowboysShoot The Moon Showboy SpecialWestside3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
47P Moon Mullican & the Showboys, v. Cotton Thompson New Milk Cow BluesShowboy Special Westside3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
23M-Pact Got a Friend?Harmony Sweepstakes 1996 Finals 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
24M-Pact Change in My LifeHarmony Sweepstakes 1996 Finals 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
13 Muireann Nic AmhlaoibhEmigrant's Farewell DaybreakCompass3/17/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1 Na CaberfeidhDuet Drumming Rare AirFlying Fish3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
3 Na CaberfeidhMonaghan'sRare Air Flying Fish3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
15P Najat Al SaghiraAna Ba'shak El Bahr 3/14/2016Arabic Classical Hala Fauzi
16P Najat Al SaghiraAl Yady 3/14/2016Arabic Classical Hala Fauzi
17P Najat Al SaghiraTool Omry 3/14/2016Arabic Classical Hala Fauzi
18P Najat Al SaghiraShakl Tany 3/14/2016Arabic Classical Hala Fauzi
10P Nat King ColeIt's Only A Paper Moon 3/9/2016JazzRazz
30P Nat King Cole TrioSweet Lorraine 3/9/2016JazzRazz
20 Natasha AtlasMon Amie La Rose GedidaMantra Recordings3/21/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
21 Natasha AtlasAqabaGedida Mantra Recordings3/21/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
22 Natasha AtlasMistaneekGedida Mantra Recordings3/21/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
23 Natasha AtlasBahlamGedida Mantra Recordings3/21/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
26 Neal HellmanA Week in January Autumn in the ValleyGourd 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
21P Neil Young & Crazy HorseCowgirl in The Sand 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
6Nejad Astral LoversMy Heart and Soul NejadMusic.com3/5/2016Iran Hala Fauzi
7Nejad Valley of LoveMy Heart and Soul NejadMusic.com3/5/2016Iran Hala Fauzi
22N NessaThe Ash Plnt Ancient Song Discovery Project, v.1(self) 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3New Life By the Rivers of BabylonNew Life 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
8 Niall & Cillian Vallely High J/Robbie Hannan's J/The Sunnyside J Callan BridgeCrow Valley 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
6 Niamh ParsonsFear a Bhata Blackbirds & ThrushesGreen Linnet 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
26 Niamh ParsonsThe Men That God Made Mad The Old SimplicityGreen Linnet 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
12P Nick ColionneWhen You Love Somebody Influences3/1/2016 Smooth JazzEric
13P Nick ColionneSlammin'Influences 3/1/2016Smooth JazzEric
24Night Sun I'll Hold OnOne Moment of Grace Borealis3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
13Nightingale Ballygow/The Bus Stop/MacDonald's Sometimes When the Moon is HighMidnight 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
16 Nils Petter MolvaerLeaps and Bounds I love Kurdish MusicSuna-Bar.com 3/21/2016KurdishHala Fauzi
4Nina Simone I Put a Spell On YouThe Best of Nina Simone 3/2/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
17 Noel LenghanMackerel Sky A Long Time SinceWaterbug 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
4Nomos Guns of thwe Magnificant Seven/Biys of Malin/Gravel Walk I Won't Be Afraid Any MoreGreen Linnet 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
20Nomos Set You FreeSet You Free Green Linnet3/17/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6 Notecracker SweetsThinking of You Sincerely Yours3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
11 Nuala Kennedy La-Bas Dans La Prairie/La Valsonette The New ShoesCompass3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
2 NY Gay Men's ChorusI Hear Bells Love Lives On3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
21Nylons That BoySeamless 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
22Nylons Up On the RoofSeamless 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
32 O. Johnson/J. Miller/G. DermodySpringtime Blues Deceiving BliesOrb3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
19Occitan Celine RicardWorld Sings Goodnight II 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
15 Oisin McAuley Con Cassidy/We'll Have Our Own Fun/Killavil Fancy/Coleman's Cross Far From the Hills of DonegalCompass 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
15 Old Blind DogsCopper Kettle Wherever Yet May BeCompass 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
10 Old Blind DogsCairn O' Mount Four on the FloorCompass 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
5Open House Hoof and MouthHoof and Mouth Green Linnet3/3/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
40 Orrin Star & Sultans of StringFar Away Sultans LiveGood Ear3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
5P Otis ReddingSatisfaction The Very Best Of Otis Redding3/29/2016 R&B/SoulEric
6P Otis ReddingPain In My Heart The Very Best Of Otis Redding3/29/2016 R&B/SoulEric
14 PacificairesAlabama Medley 71 SPEBSQSA Quartet Championships 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
4N Paradiso & RasamayiSpirit Embodied Celestial Resonance5th Element Music 3/21/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
2N Paradiso & RasamayiThe Journey Celestial Resonance5th Element Music 3/28/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
27 Pat Egan & Alex CatonPink Fiddle Tunes and Ballads(self) 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
19 Pat KilbrideDominique's Favorite Rock and More RosesTemple 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
8P Patrice HollowayThe Touch Of Venus 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
7P Patrice RushenMessage In The Music Pizzazz3/8/2016 R&B/SoulEric
8P Patrice RushenWhen I Found You Forget Me Nots3/8/2016 R&B/SoulEric
48P Patsy ClineWalkin' After Midnight Commemorative CollectionMCA 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
12P Paul BleySevenOpen, to Love 3/27/2016Eclectic Bobby G
13P Paul BleyOpen, to Love Open, to Love3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
10N Paul EllisLights Of A Departing Train Moth In FlamesSpotted Peccary 3/14/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
29Paul Smith Sonata in C for Piano & Mandolin (L. van B.) Mysterious MarricadesFlying Fish 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
6 Paul Winter Consort Ode to a Fillmore Dressing RoomIcarus Epic3/13/2016Visionary Steve Davis
31 Peggy SeegerHeading for Home Heading for HomeAppleseed 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
4Pele Juju Big GirlSelf3/6/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
16P Pele JujuMove, move mvove Rhytham RiteSelf3/6/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
30Pele Juju Happy to be aliveLiveSelf 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
33Penn Masala Bharat Humko Jaan Se pyara HaiBOCA 2K 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
1Persuasions SugareeMight as Well 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
38Persuasions Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up Right Around the Corner3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
6Pete Morton Twitching Net CurtainsHunting the Heart Harbourtown3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
7P Peter FrmptonAll I want to be (is by Your Side) 3/3/2016Eclectic Bobby G
8P Peter FrmptonWind of Change 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
9P Peter FrmptonJumpin' Jack Flash 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
4N Peter Kater & Tina GuoWithin Silence Inner PassionHearts of Space 3/14/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
10N Peter Kater & Tina GuoWithin Silence Inner PassionHearts of Space 3/13/2016VisionarySteve Davis
11N Peter Kater & Tina GuoHeart to Heart Inner PassionHearts of Space 3/13/2016VisionarySteve Davis
6 Peter Michael HamelPart 1Organum Kuckuck3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
8P Peter Michael HamelEinklang Let It Play: Selected Pieces 1979-1983Kuckuck 3/27/2016VisionarySteve Davis
21Peter Rowan Old, Old HouseWith The Red Hot Pickers 3/28/2016BluegrassDave Hook
22Peter Rowan Hobo SongWith The Red Hot Pickers 3/28/2016BluegrassDave Hook
23P Peter Rowan And The Nashville Bluegrass Band I'm Gonna Love YouNew Moon Rising 3/28/2016BluegrassDave Hook
18 Peyote Sound SystemAqua Dub Dissolving Clouds [compilation]Interchill 3/13/2016VisionarySteve Davis
2 Pharrell WilliamsHappyHappy 3/16/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
10Phranc Tzena, TzenaMilkmanSelf 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
4P Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother 3/10/2016EclecticBobby G
4Plus 4 B Naughty Number NinePlus 4 B 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
5Plus 4 B RookPlus 4 B3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
5P Queen LatifahLush Life The Dana Owens Story3/1/2016 JazzEric
20 Quink Vocal EnsembleCon el Vito Folk Songs of the World3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
4N Rachel Burge & Blue Dawning I've Seen Enough of What's Behind Me Rachel Burge & Blue Dawning 3/28/2016Country & Folk Dave Hook
29N Ragpicker String BandTrimmed & Burning Ragpicker Strng BandYellow Dog 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
5P Railroad EarthHead The Black Bear Sessions3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
34 Ramapo Valley Sweet AdelinesDisco Medley A Winners' World3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
34P Ramblin' Tommy ScottWhen A Man Gets The Blues Cat 'n AroundKrazy Kat3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
39Razzcals Chordbusters MarchRRRRaZZZZcals 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
38 Reilly & MaloneyDancing In the Dark A CollectionPelican3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
15P Rene & AngelaMy First Love Greatest Love Songs3/15/2016 R&B/SoulEric
16P Richard BeirachSunday SongHubris 3/27/2016Eclectic Bobby G
17P Richard BeirachLeavingHubris 3/27/2016Eclectic Bobby G
18P Richard BeirachHubrisHubris 3/27/2016Eclectic Bobby G
6N Richard RodgersMy Funny Valentine Piano Masters Vol 6Adventure-Music.com 3/7/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
25N Rita HoskingWetiko Frankie and the No-Go Road(self) 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
32N Rita HoskingI See Storms Frankie & the No-Go Road(self) 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
6Robbie Fulks Jean ArthurThe Very Best Of Robbie Fulks 3/28/2016Country & Folk Dave Hook
7Robbie Fulks Leaving On A Jet Plane (hidden track) The Very Best Of Robbie Fulks3/28/2016 Country & FolkDave Hook
6P Robbie FulksCocktails 13 Hillbilly GiantsBoondoggle 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
9 Robbie O'ConnellLast of the Gleemen The Love of the LandGreen Linnet 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
14P Robert Aeolus MyersJourney's Edge RaysGlobal Pacific3/13/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
22P Robert Glasper w/KINGMove Love Black Radio3/8/2016 Eric
10P Robert Glasper w/Layla HathawayCherish Black Radio3/29/2016 R&B/SoulEric
12P Robert Glasper w/Norah JonesLet It Ride Black Radio 23/22/2016 R&B/SoulEric
5N Robin SpielbergThe Time Traveler Another Time, Another PlacePlay Mountain Music 3/14/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
23 Robin WilliamsonToderoday A Job of Journey WorkPig's Whisker 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
31 Roosevelt DimeNatchl Culmination Full Head of Steam(self)3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Rosemary Clooney It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing 3/9/2016JazzRazz
43P Roy EldridgeWabash Stomp 3/9/2016JazzRazz
5Rude Girls Yuppie-Ti-Yi-YoRude Awakening Flying Fish3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2P Rufus & Chaka KhanFool's Paradies Rufus & Chaka Khan3/8/2016 R&B/SoulEric
8P Run C & WReach Out, I'll Be There Into The Twangy-First Century / Row Vs. Wade 3/28/2016BluegrassDave Hook
18Runa Land of Sunshine/Paddy Lynn's Delight//Gan Ainm/Donald Blue Current Affairs(self)3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
17 Rurutu ChoirFaatata Polynesian Odyssey3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
2P SabahAl Hoobara 3/14/2016Arabic Classical Hala Fauzi
3P SabahYeslam Lena Lebnan 3/14/2016Arabic Classical Hala Fauzi
8P Sam McClellan Life Dance (Fire, Earth & Metal parts) Life Patterns: Music of the Five Elements Vol.II Spirit Music3/13/2016Visionary Steve Davis
8N Sanjay ChitaleHari American PilgrimageUniversalMusicClassics.com 3/5/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
9N Sanjay ChitaleThodi Thodi American PilgrimageUniversalMusicClassics.com 3/5/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
1Saw Doctors Clare IslandLive at the Melody Tent Shamtown3/17/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
15 Schrodinger's CatWhen Doves Cry Schrodinger's Cat3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
1 Scottish National Jazz OrchestraRhapsody In Blue Rhapsody in Blue LiveSpartacus records 3/22/2016JazzRazz
2 Scottish National Jazz Orchestra The Single Petal Of A RoseIn The Spirit Of Duke Spartacus records3/22/2016Jazz Razz
15P SealNewborn FriendSeal 3/8/2016Dance/ElectronicEric
16Sean Doyle Carmin FairThe Light and the Half Light Compass3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
17Semi NanaI love Kurdish Music Suna-Bar.com3/21/2016Kurdish Hala Fauzi
9Seumas Gagne Oran do Bahaile ArdBaile Ard (self)3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
5Shania Twain Man! I Feel Like a WomanGreatest hits 3/16/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
3Shania Twain Man! I Feel Like a WomanGreatest Hits 3/30/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
11 Sharon Shannon Silver Spire/Green Fields of Glentown/Mountain Road Sharon ShannonCompass3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
2 Sharon ShannonGalway Girl Diamond Mountain SessionsCompass 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Sheela BringiMoonrise Divination Incantations3/15/2016 InternationalEric
2P Sheela BringiInvocation Incantations3/15/2016 InternationalEric
3P Sheela Bringi w/Aditya PrakashSri Krishna Incantations3/15/2016 InternationalEric
17P ShirinSah 2015 Love Songs Collection3/5/2016 EgyptHala Fauzi
5P Shirin Abdel NoorBela Hodood 3/21/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
24P Shirley HornHere's To Life Here's To Life3/15/2016 JazzEric
4P Shirley HornA Time For Love Here's To Life3/22/2016 JazzEric
5P Shirley HornBut Beautiul The Best Of Shirley Horn3/22/2016 JazzEric
11P Shirley Horn Remix Mark De Cli... Return To ParadiseVerve Remixed 3/22/2016Dance/ElectronicEric
10P ShiversNo Less w/Louis Mattrs SG Lewis3/8/2016 Rock/PopEric
18P Sidney BechetMaple Leaf Rag 3/9/2016JazzRazz
42P Sidney BechetChant In The Night 3/9/2016JazzRazz
23 Silicon Valley Gay Men's ChorusEres Tu svgmc.org3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
21P Simon & GarfunkelAmerica 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
11 Simon Thoumire Three Mrs. Meddle's March, Strathspey & Surreal March, Strathspey & SurrealGreen Linnet 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11P Sinéad O'ConnorNothing compares to You 3/17/2016Eclectic Bobby G
1SIN-IAD Toss The FeathersSin-lad - Metam 3/30/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler
36N Skillet LicoriceCumberland Blues Skillet Licorice(self)3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1Skylark Pretty SusanAll Of It Green Linnet3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
31Solstice Sed DiabolusFull Circle 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
32Solstice I Carry Your Heart With MeFull Circle 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
28 Special Request/4 For the Show You're Just in LoveFor Once in Our Lives 3/8/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
1P Stefano BollaniAntoniaPiano Solo 3/27/2016Eclectic Bobby G
2P Stefano BollaniOn a Theme by Sergey Prokofiev Piano Solo3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
3P Stefano BollaniPromenade Piano Solo3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
5P StellamaraImmramaStar of the Sea Magnatune3/7/2016Visionary Roger Werner
2P Stephan MicusFor Abai and Togshan Listen to the RainECM3/21/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
7P Stephan MicusEverywhere, Nowhere Nomad SongsECM3/13/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
20P Stephanie SanteHot Coco Coffee CultureSante Music 3/6/2016VisionarySteve Davis
7P Steve HackettStar of Sirius 3/10/2016EclecticBobby G
14P Steve KuhnSilverEcstacy 3/27/2016EclecticBobby G
15P Steve KuhnUllaEcstacy 3/27/2016EclecticBobby G
27 Steve QueletDance of the Robots Dance of the Robots(self) 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
8N Steve RoachAlive In The Vortex - Part One Alive In The VortexTimeroom Editions 3/7/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
8N Steve RoachEscher's Dream Is Dreaming Skeleton KeysProjekt3/14/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
7N Steve RoachIt's All Connected Skeleton KeysProjekt3/21/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
4N Steve RoachThe Way Forward Etheric ImprintsProjekt3/28/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
5 Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana Middle World PassageCavern of Sirens Projekt3/21/2016Visionary Roger Werner
22 Steve TilstonRoving On a Winter's Night SolorubatoFellside3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
16P StratosphereMelancholyRise Projekt3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
17P StratosphereDreamRise Projekt3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
51P Stuff SmithTwilight In Turkey 3/9/2016JazzRazz
15 Susan McKeownShamrock Green Sweet LibertyWorldVillage 3/31/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
20 Susan WernerSnowmobilesHayseed Thirty Tigers3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
23 Susan WernerTurn, Turn, Turn ClassicsSleeve Dog3/31/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
2 Sweet Honey in the rock Look, look the sun came upI go shoes Music for little people3/6/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
9 Sweet Honey in the rockTana Tana Tamil I go shoesMusic for little people 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
12 Sweet Honey in the rock Women should be a priorityIn this land Earthbeat3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
25 Sweet Honey in the rockBabtada In this landEarthbeat3/6/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
40P T. Texas TylerShake 'Rm Up Rock That'll Flat...Git It! Vol. 26Bear Family 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
4N Taj Mahal & Culture Club of Zanzibar African BluesPutumayo.com 3/5/2016TanzaniaHala Fauzi
13Take 6 Everybody Ought To KnowSo Cool 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
14Take 6 Love and HarmonySo Cool 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
5P Tammi TerrellThere Are Things 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
17P Tammi Terrell That's How It Is (Since You've Been Gone) 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
5Tarila AvelaoWomen of SpiritPutamaya 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
22Tarila RetanyWomen of AfricaPutamaya 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
34P Teddy WilsonThese Foolish Things 3/9/2016JazzRazz
22P Ten Years AfterI'm going Home 3/3/2016EclecticBobby G
39 Terence MartinSleeper on a Westbound Train SleeperGood Dog3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
28 Teresa BrightTihonma Te Ragi Music from the chocolate LandsPutamaya 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
25 The AccidentalsWheel of Time Harmony Sweepstakes 1996 Finals3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
6P The Beach BoysMarcella 3/24/2016EclecticBobby G
7P The Beach BoysLeaving This Town 3/24/2016Eclectic Bobby G
8P The Beach BoysSail on Sailor 3/24/2016EclecticBobby G
17P The BeatlesLovely Rita 3/13/2016EclecticBobby G
18P The BeatlesGood Morning Good Morning 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
19P The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band (Reprise) 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
20P The BeatlesA Day in The Life 3/13/2016EclecticBobby G
20P The BeatlesTomorrow Never Knows RevolverCapitol3/13/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
44 The BrontonesTea Leaves Somethin' Bron's3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
16The Buzz Cheek to CheekHave You Heard 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
17The Buzz Goodbye MedleyHave You Heard 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
30 The Cornell Hurd Band I Don't Care What It Is That You Did When You Lived In Ft. Worth At LargeBehemoth3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
31 The Cornell Hurd BandDrivin 'Nails In My Coffin At LargeBehemoth3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
38 The Earl BrothersCruel Lovers Game The Earl Brothers3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
39 The Earl BrothersGoing Back Home The Earl Brothers3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
47The Edlos Fugue for TinhornsAcapella Broadway 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
5The Embers My Wonderful OneEmberglow 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
11 The Gas House GangBrother, Can You Spare a Dime Face the Music3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
12 The Gas House GangMuskrat Ramble Face the Music3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
7 The Georgia Peach & The Harmonaires Where The Sun Will Never Go Down All of My Appointed Time (Gospel) 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
13P The Grateful DeadThe Other One 3/24/2016EclecticBobby G
14P The Grateful DeadDeath have no Mercy 3/24/2016Eclectic Bobby G
16P The KinksCelluloid Heroes 3/13/2016EclecticBobby G
3P The Lewis SistersBreakaway 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
32P The LollipopsIn The Summer 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
26 The Lonesome River BandI'll Take The Blame Legacy: A Tribute to the First Generation of Bluegrass - Bill Monroe / Flatt & Scruggs / The Stanley Brothers 3/28/2016Bluegrass Dave Hook
43 The Maine SteinersThat Lonesome Road Gart!3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
12P The MarvelettesI Keep On Holding On 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
19P The MarvelettesFinders Keepers Losers Weepers 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
28P The Marvelettes Let Love Live (a Little Bit Longer) 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
15 The Mississippi Misses Breezin' Along with the Breeze55 Sweet Adelines 3/8/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
33 The Mit LogarrhythmsEine Kleine NOT Musik Redwood3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
34 The Mit LogarrhythmsWe Can Work It Out Redwood3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
6P The Moody BluesThe Story in Your Eyes 3/10/2016Eclectic Bobby G
55 The NewtonesEvaporated Ben Folds Presents3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
52 The Perfect GentlemenTurn Your Radio On Style3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
6 The Pointers SistersDare Me The Very Best of the Pointer Sisters 3/2/2016RockValli Sharpe-Geisler
12P The Rolling Stones Have You seen Your Mother, Baby, standing in The Shadow? 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
13P The Rolling StonesThe Last Time 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
14P The Rolling StonesGoing Home 3/13/2016EclecticBobby G
2P The Singing CherokeeS. O. S. 45rpm singleWalco3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
3P The Singing CherokeeTalk To Me Ole Telephone 45rpm singleWalco3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
9N The Spinney BrothersShe Doesn't Mourn Anymore Tried & True3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
10N The Spinney Brothers The Whole World Must Be Knowin'Tried & True 3/28/2016Bluegrass Dave Hook
16 The Stanford MendicantsBe My Yoko Ono 3/8/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
13P The Stanley BrothersRank Strangers Back Roads to Cold Mountain3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
10P The SupremesStop In The Name Of Love 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
13P The SupremesKeep Me Hanging On 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
25P The SupremesI Hear A Symphony 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
29P The SupremesReflections 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
35P The SupremesStoned Love 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
49 The TetrachordsThat's My Mammy Typically Tetrachord3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
15P The VandellasMiss Lonely Heart 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
23P The VandellasJimmy Mack 3/31/2016EclecticBobby G
16P The VelvelettesLonely Lonely Girl Am I 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
22P The VelvelettesNeedle In A Hay Stack 3/31/2016Eclectic Bobby G
27 The Vocal Majority How Could You Believe/Sin To Tell a Lie Best of the Early Years3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
28 The Vocal MajorityHow Deep is the Ocean Best of the Early Years3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
53 The Vocal MajorityWith a Song in Your Heart Best of the Early Years3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
54 The Vocal Majority It's a Sin to Tell a Lie/How Could You Believe Me Best of the Early Years3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
12P The Wailin' JennysBegin Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House 3/28/2016Country & Folk Dave Hook
7P The WaterboysDon't bang The Drum 3/17/2016Eclectic Bobby G
8P The WaterboysWe will not be Lovers 3/17/2016Eclectic Bobby G
3P The YardbirdsToo much Monkey Business 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
4P The YardbirdsGot Love if You want It 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
5P The YardbirdsSmokestack Lightning 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
6P The YardbirdsGood Morning Little Schoolgirl 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
7P The YardbirdsShe's so Respectable 3/13/2016Eclectic Bobby G
32P The York BrothersChicken Blues The York Brothers' BestCollector 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
35P The York BrothersGamblers Blues The York Brothers' BestCollector 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
34N ThompsoniaTell You Now Blues Thompsonia(self)3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
32N ThompsoniaVery Bad Mood Thompsonia(self)3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
15P Tibby EdwardsThere Ain't No Better Time Play It Cool Man, Play It CoolBear Family 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
16P Tibby EdwardsIt'll Be Long, Long Time Play It Cool Man, Play It CoolBear Family 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
8N Time BeingAn Infinite Home A Place To BelongSpotted Peccary 3/21/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
44P Tiny GrimesRed Cross 3/9/2016JazzRazz
2P Tommy DorseyBoogie Woogie 3/9/2016JazzRazz
7P Tommy DorseyJack LeonardMarie 3/9/2016JazzRazz
17 Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy Tory Island/Peggy on the Settle Wind Among the ReedsKells 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
41P Tommy Scott (v. Tex Harper)Jumpin' From 6 To 6 That'll Flat...Git It! Vol. 26Bear Family 3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
26 Tony DeSantisWindigo Across the Border(self)3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
33 Tony DeSantisTimberman Across the Border(self)3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
7Toshi Reagon A SongWomen of SpiritPutamaya 3/6/2016Women'sLaura Testa
30P Town Mountain Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo The Dead Session - Single3/28/2016 Country-Folk-BluegrassDave Hook
31P Town MountainUp the Ladder Leave The Bottle3/28/2016 Country-Folk-BluegrassDave Hook
32P Town MountainHeavy Stone Leave The Bottle3/28/2016 Country-Folk-BluegrassDave Hook
40P Trey Hensley & Rob Ickes There Ain't No Good Chain Gang Before the Sun Goes Down3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
12Trian Captain ThompsonTrian Green Linnet3/17/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
3N Tron SyversenOcean of Relaxation Piano MeditationsTron Music 3/14/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
13P Tyrone DavisCan I Squeeze You Simply3/22/2016 R&B/SoulEric
10P U2CaliforniaSongs Of Innocence 3/1/2016Rock/PopEric
9P U2Sunday Bloody Sunday 3/17/2016EclecticBobby G
10P U2Bad3/17/2016 EclecticBobby G
3 UCLA Awaken A CappellaGravity BOCA 20043/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
24 Uncle Dave Macon Death Of John Henry (Steel Driving Man) Old-Time Mountain Ballads3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
11P Uncle EarlWish I Had My Time Again Waterloo, Tennessee3/28/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
35Uncle Earl I May NeverWaterloo, Tennessee Rounder3/10/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
3P Van MorrisonSatisfied 3/17/2016EclecticBobby G
4P Van MorrisonBallerina 3/17/2016EclecticBobby G
5P Van MorrisonSummertime in England 3/17/2016Eclectic Bobby G
6P Van MorrisonMoondance 3/17/2016EclecticBobby G
13 Various (Ed Reavy)Letterkenny Blacksmith Music of Ed ReavyRounder 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
14 Various (Ed Reavy)Lone Bush Music of Ed ReavyRounder 3/24/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
34 Various (Evie Ladin)Precious Days Banjo BabesWepecket Island 3/10/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3 Various (Liz Carroll & Jake Charon) Yellow Tinker/Yellow Pantsuit Burren Backroom, v.1WGBH3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
5 Various (Teetototalers) Green Fields of Woodford/Nightingale/Castle Burren Backroom Series, v.1WGBH 3/17/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
9 Various (Tony Barrand) I'm Shy Mary Ellen, I'm Shy Evening at the English Music HallFront Hall 3/3/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11Vartina Potran KoreanIki 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
36Vartina Syyllinen SyliIki 3/8/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
4P Vassilis TsabropoulosThe Insider The Promise3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
5P Vassilis TsabropoulosSmoke and Mirrors The Promise3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
6P Vassilis TsabropoulosTale of a Man The Promise3/27/2016 EclecticBobby G
5N Victor and PennyPenny's Pounce ElectricityOvertone3/8/2016 JazzRazz
6N Victor and PennyMoon Over Bourbon Street ElectricityOvertone3/8/2016 JazzRazz
7N Victor and PennyRichshaw Chase ElectricityOvertone3/8/2016 JazzRazz
8N Victor and PennySay Goodbye ElectricityOvertone3/8/2016 JazzRazz
9N Victor and PennyMore In Store ElectricityOvertone3/8/2016 JazzRazz
10N Victor and PennyOvertones ElectricityOvertone3/8/2016 JazzRazz
11N Victor and PennyYou're A Revelation ElectricityOvertone3/8/2016 JazzRazz
19N Victor GhannamAngel Azul Palace of DreamsMihrab Records 3/14/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
20N Victor GhannamWandering Nomads Palace of DreamsMihrab Records 3/14/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
21N Victor GhannamVelvet Moonlight Palace of DreamsMihrab Records 3/14/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
18VidnaObmana The Solitary CircleThe River of Appearance Projekt3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
19VidnaObmana Weaving ClusterThe River of Appearance Projekt3/27/2016Visionary Steve Davis
21 Village SingersBrethren, We Have Met to Worship All Aboard3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
20P Vir UnisAn Opening Occurs Live: The Gathering Concert Series 23 Space For Music3/27/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
21P Vir UnisApproaching the Portal Live: The Gathering Concert Series 23 Space For Music3/27/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
7 Vocal MajorityRise & Shine With a Song in Our Heart3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
26 Vocal MajorityAsleep in the Deep Champs Back to Back3/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
37 Voices in Harmony With a Little Help from My FriendsNow&Then 3/1/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
41Vox Pop WonderMandate3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
8P Wade RayExcuse MeIdaho Red The Hound3/6/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
16P Wael JassarBa'dak Bet Hebbo 3/7/2016BrazilHala Fauzi
17P Wael JassarShams 3/7/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
18P Wael JassarNefsi A'tereflak 3/7/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
19P Wael JassarAna Banseheb 3/7/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
20P Wael JassarAla Ma Ansa 3/7/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
21P Wael JassarEzoobeyya 3/7/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
38 Wailin' JennysHeaven When We're Home 40 DaysJericho Beach3/10/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
26N Wainwright SistersDo You Love an Apple? Songs in the Dark[PIAS]3/3/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1P WardaAal Eh, Beyes'alooni WardaOnLine.com3/14/2016 Arabic ClassicalHala Fauzi
2P Wayne JohnsonFantasy Piano Music of Alan HovhanessCrystal Records 3/14/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
10P Webb PierceCrying Over You 1951-1958Bear Family3/6/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
8 Wendy WeatherbyBonny at Morn Two LovesKRL3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1P West/Flores/Ball/Caplinger/Berline/Witcher/Martinez Comfortably NumbPickin' On Pink Floyd 3/28/2016BluegrassDave Hook
24 What Now (Branson HS)Mysterious Ways Best of HS Acapella '983/8/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
12 Winifred HoranMelancholy French W Lost Girl Found(self)3/24/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
10 Wo Can You Lean OnVocolot HeartBeat3/1/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
8P Woody HermanWho Dat Up Dere 3/9/2016JazzRazz
21P Yasmin NiyaziAaned we Kaber Love Songs Collection3/5/2016 EgyptHala Fauzi
8P YesThe Gates of Delirium 3/10/2016EclecticBobby G
14Zap Mama Bandy BandyAnchestry in progress BMG Music3/6/2016Women's Laura Testa
27Zoe Mulford Gonna Wear Red TodayRoadside Saints Azalea City3/31/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
40Zoe Speaks Paper, Scissors, StoneDrop in the Bucket (self)3/24/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
4ZZ Top Sharp Dressed ManZZ Top: Greastest Hits 3/16/2016Rock Valli Sharpe-Geisler