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May 2016

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NP ArtistTitleAlbum LabelDateGenre Programmer
20 3 Mustaphas 3Radio Szegerely Play Musty for meOmnium.com 5/9/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
21 3 Mustaphas 3Ah Ya Assmar El Lawn Play Musty for meOmnium.com 5/9/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
22 3 Mustaphas 3Ljubav Kraj Izvora Play Musty for meOmnium.com 5/9/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
7 A Produce / M GriffinYou Send Me the Message AltaraHypnos5/9/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
6Acapella Well on My WayThe Collection 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
34Acappella When You're ThereBeyond Doubt 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
15 Acappella GoldI Know A Little Bit 5/17/2016Human Voice Phil Debar
16 Acappella GoldRenaissance Woman 5/17/2016Human Voice Phil Debar
24 Acappella YRAG RadioGone Away 5/17/2016Human VoicePhil Debar
29 Adam CarrollHome Again Live at Flipnotics(self) 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
21P Adele GirardZero Hour 5/11/2016JazzRazz
36 Aengus FinnanOne Hand on the Radio North WindBorealis5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
26AHQ Looking UpLookin' Up 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
1 Ajda Pekkan & Muazzez Abaci Ben Seni Unutmak Icin Sevmedim 5/24/2016TurkishAhmet Toprak
4P AkoniHawaiian Rumba Hawaii's Contempory Favorites5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
30Al Fabrizio Vieni Sul MarSerenata D'Amore HeartStringsMusic.com5/9/2016 ItalianHala Fauzi
16P Al StewartOn The Border Year Of The Cat5/3/2016 RockEric
4 Alasdair Fraser & Natalie HaasFarley Bridge AbundanceCulburnie5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
7Alash Oitulaash Xeveri5/24/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
9P Albert Wynn's Gutbucket FiveThat Creole Band 5/11/2016Jazz Razz
2Alex Dobkin If it wasn't for the womenLove and Politics Ladyslipper5/29/2016Women's Laura Testa
30 Alice DiMichelIf I were an otter If I Were An OtterAlice otter music 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
6 AllanKelly Gang Shetland Sky/Gavotte/Mollard's Gavotte The Last BellBlackbox5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
10P Alphonso JohnsonShow Us The Way Yesterday's Dreams5/3/2016 JazzEric
23 Alvino Rey/ King SistersOl' Rocking Chair 5/25/2016Jazz Razz
8P Amr MostafaAwel Ma Ool Alama fi HayatakMazzika.com 5/30/2016EgyptHala Fauzi
9P Amr MostafaAlama fi Hayatak Alama fi HayatakMazzika.com 5/30/2016EgyptHala Fauzi
10P Amr MostafaYa Rate Alama fi HayatakMazzika.com 5/30/2016EgyptHala Fauzi
13 Andrea Beton Smirnoff Gigolo/Young Alumnus/Dearborn Slip Branches(self)5/12/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
18P Andy CherryOur God's Alive Nothing Left To Fear5/3/2016 InspirationalEric
3Andy Kirk Avalon5/25/2016 JazzRazz
1P Anita O'DayIt Don't Mean A Thing 5/11/2016JazzRazz
6N Ann LicaterDreaming in Time Beyond the WavesCul de Sac Mystic 5/2/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
5N Ann LicaterSong of the Willows Beyond the WavesCul de Sac Mystic 5/30/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
40 Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen Where Did You Get That Hat?Never Grow Up Flying Fish5/5/2-16Folk Peter Schwarz
24N AnonMon-Gu Tuul The Secret Museum of MankindYazoo 5/2/2016MongoliaHala Fauzi
23 Antje DuvekotLong Way Near Demise of the High Wire DancerBlack Wolf 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
12Arbors Time Was5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
14Arcanta Awake as if from SlumberThe Eternal Return Projekt5/29/2016Visionary Steve Davis
12 Archie FisherLinsey Will Ye Gang, LoveGreen Linnet 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3P Archie SheppPrelude To A Kiss 5/25/2016JazzRazz
3Aris Appaev Kara kara5/17/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
1P Armageddon Basking in The White of The Midnight Sun 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
2P Armageddona. Warning coming On 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
3P Armageddon b. Basking in The White of The Midnight Sun 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
4P Armageddonc. Brother Ego 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
5P Armageddon d. Basking in The White of The Midnight Sun (Reprise) 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
6P ArmageddonSilver Tightrope 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
12 Army Air Force Overseas Orch.In The Mood 5/25/2016Jazz Razz
20 Army Air Force Overseas Orch.Moonlight Serenade 5/25/2016Jazz Razz
27 Army Air Force Overseas Orch. Homesick, That's All5/25/2016 JazzRazz
13 Art Kassel/ Kassels in the Air Bell Bottom Trousers5/25/2016 JazzRazz
23Art Pepper Smack Up5/21/2016 JazzRazz
21Art Thieme Robin Hood's DeathOlder I Get, Better I Was Waterbug5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6Artie Shaw Star Dust5/25/2016 JazzRazz
17Artisan FearOur Back Yard 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
18Artisan Hard GroundOur Back Yard 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
5P Asala NasriSibni Assala.ws5/2/2016 Syria/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
6P Asala NasriMesh Faker Assala.ws5/2/2016 Syria/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
7P Asala NasriAwel Eed Milad Assala.ws5/2/2016 Syria/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
8P Asala NasriWala Dari Assala.ws5/2/2016 Syria/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
9P Asala NasriBa'a Tabee'ei Assala.ws5/2/2016 Syria/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
10P Asala NasriAktar Assala.ws5/2/2016 Syria/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
8P Asleep at the WheelTake me Back to Tulsa 5/14/2016Western Swing Sully Roddy
31P Asleep at the WheelTwin Guitar Special 5/14/2016Western Swing Sully Roddy
3Asli Hunel Seni terkedecegim5/31/2016 Turkish PopAhmet Toprak
6Ata Demirer Ask Nedir, Nasildir Bilen Var mi? 5/31/2016Turkish PopAhmet Toprak
3 Athena TergisBe Gone From the Window A Letter HomeCompass5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
37P Aubrey HaynieDoin' My Time 5/14/2016BluegrassSully Roddy
6Ayfer Vardar Evlerinin Onu Mersin5/17/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
7Azat Ay Bulbulum5/31/2016 TatarAhmet Toprak
2Azat Maturym5/10/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
36 Backbeat QuartetRedheaded Mama Beautiful Dreamer5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
37 Backbeat QuartetPlease Don't Talk About Me Beautiful Dreamer5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
29P Barbara CarrollMorrocco 5/11/2016JazzRazz
1Barely Works Petronella/Banbury Breakdown/Mississippi Sawyer Don't Mind WalkingGreen Linnet 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
19P Beady BelleThe Ambigous Song Cewbeagappic5/3/2016 JazzEric
20P Beady BelleBellaCewbeagappic 5/3/2016JazzEric
29P Beau Jocque and the Zydeco High Rollers Give Him Cornbread5/14/2016 Cajun & ZydecoSully Roddy
28P BeausolielBon Temp Rouler 5/14/2016Cajun & Zydeco Sully Roddy
5 Bedia AkarturkBacacilar 5/10/2016TurkishAhmet Toprak
20 Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys Baby Let Me Follow You Down Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys 5/23/2016BluegrassDave Hook
4P Ben Tankard w/Mark Kibble & Take 6 Black ButterflyFull Tank 5/3/2016R&B/SoulEric
12P Ben WebsterSomeone to Watch Over Me See You At The FairImpulse 5/21/2016JazzRazz
22 Benny GoodmanSomebody Stole My Gal 5/25/2016JazzRazz
19P Benny Goodman /Charlie ChristianStardust Benny Goodman Sextet feat. Charlie Christian Columbia Jazz Masterpieces5/25/2016 JazzRazz
20 Benny Goodman /Charlie ChristianFlying Home Benny Goodman Sextet feat. Charlie Christian Columbia Jazz Masterpieces5/25/2016 JazzRazz
44P Beryl BookerDon't Blame Me 5/11/2016JazzRazz
45P Beryl BookerLow Ceiling 5/11/2016JazzRazz
17 Biff JohnsonFeldspar and Mica Mirage at the CrossroadsBroad Vista Music 5/8/2016VisionarySteve Davis
22 Bill StainesChilly Winds Going to the WestRed House 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7P Billy EckstineMy Foolish Heart Jazz Masters 22Verve5/21/2016 JazzRazz
16P Billy EckstineEverything I Have Is Yours Jazz Masters 22Verve5/25/2016 JazzRazz
11N Billy GibbonsGot Love if you want it PerfectamundoConcord Music Group 5/30/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
12N Billy GibbonsTreat Her Right PerfectamundoConcord Music Group 5/30/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
13N Billy GibbonsYou're What's Happenin' Baby PerfectamundoConcord Music Group 5/30/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
46Bing I'll Be Seeing You5/25/2016 JazzRazz
40Bing Crosby Swinging On A Star5/25/2016 JazzRazz
44Bing Crosby Deep In The Heart Of Texas 5/25/2016JazzRazz
38 Bing Crosby/ The Andrews Sisters Accentuate The Positive 5/25/2016JazzRazz
51 Bing Crosby/ The Andrews Sisters Don't Fence Me In5/25/2016 JazzRazz
32N Blackberry Bushes String BandSam's Song Three Red Feathers(self) 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
25P BlackstreetJOY (Uptown)JOY 5/3/2016R&B/Soul Eric
32 Blind Boys of AlabamaPeople Get Ready 5/14/2016Gospel Sully Roddy
3P Blind FaithCan't find My Way Home 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
7 Blind Man's BluffWhy Didn't You Call Me? Jaunce5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
15P Blue MerleIf I Could Burning In The Sun5/3/2016 RockEric
39P Blue Ridge PlayboysSwing Baby Swing Nite Spot BluesKrazy Kat 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
11Bob Crosby A Zoot Suit5/25/2016 JazzRazz
12P Bob Dylan Girl From The North Country (With Johnny Cash) Nashville Skyline5/23/2016 Folk-RockDave Hook
9Bob Holroyd Adrift in KeralaA Different Space Six Degrees5/29/2016Visionary Steve Davis
52P Bob Wills & His Texas PlayboysBarnard Blues Basin Street BluesKaleidoscope 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
53P Bob Wills & His Texas PlayboysI Never Knew Basin Street BluesKaleidoscope 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
9 Bobby McFerrinTurtle Shoes Best of Bobby McFerrin5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
10 Bobby McFerrinGood Lovin' Best of Bobby McFerrin5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
13Bobs Lady Cop - Take Me In5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
22Bohola Bluehill/Lonesome Robin/Carracastle LassiesFour Shanachie5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
1 Boiled in LeadGo, Move , Shift! Old LeadOmnium5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
11P Bonnie RaittLove Has No Pride 5/14/2016FolkSully Roddy
45P Bonnie RaittUnintended Consequence of Love 5/14/2016Pop Sully Roddy
7P Boobby CaldwellWhat You Won't Do For Love Timeline The Anthology5/24/2016 R&B/SoulEric
5P Boosty CollinsBootzilla Back In The Day-The Best Of Boosty 5/24/2016FunkEric
2 Boston College BostoniansBreathe BOCA 20055/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
41 Boston CommoinMention My Name in Sheboygan SPEBSQSA '735/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
20 Boston CommonOld Songs Medley 5/17/2016Human VoicePhil Debar
6Brannan Lane BoundlessTo Earth and Back Space For Music5/23/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
2Brass Monkey Maid of AustraliaFlame of Fire Topic5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
9 Brenda Stubbert Francis Xavier Kennedy Macdonald/Archie Menzie's/Clydesdale Lasses In Jig Time!Celestial5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
18 Brendan Begley & Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh P & O PolkaA Moment of Madness IrishMusic.Net5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2P Brian Andres & The Afro Cuban Jazz Cartel Off The CuffSan Francisco 5/3/2016JazzEric
22P Brian EnoThe Ship (1st 5:50) The ShipWarp5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
8P Brian EnoFickle Sun (~1st 9 min) The ShipWarp5/15/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
13 Bringaene GriffinPlanxty Hewlett Three Colours GingerLoftus 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
30 Bruce MolskyThree Forks of Cheat Soon Be TimeCompass5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
25 Bruce MolskyWreck of the Dandenong If It Ain't Here When I Get BackTree Frog 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7 Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow Ambessence: Piano & Drones (parts 5 & 6) Ambessence: Piano & Dronesad21 Music 5/15/2016VisionarySteve Davis
25 Buffalo BillsSmall Hotel 5/17/2016Human VoicePhil Debar
14Burguitos Por Los Besos Que Me DasEspana Putumayo.com5/9/2016Spain Hala Fauzi
26 CA Golden OvertonesLean on Me Bear All5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
23P Cab Calloway OrchestraBoo-wah Boo-wah Welcome To Swing Town5/24/2016 JazzEric
15Café Noir Strictly DynoCafé Noir Carpe Diem Records5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
16Café Noir La ManoucheCafé Noir Carpe Diem Records5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
17Café Noir Bachianas Brasilieras #5Café Noir Carpe Diem Records5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
18Café Noir GitanosCafé Noir Carpe Diem Records5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
19Café Noir For MatyiCafé Noir Carpe Diem Records5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
16P Carl PerkinsAll Mama's Children 5/14/2016Rockabilly Sully Roddy
25 Carla SciakyAunt SueAwakening Green Linnet5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
23N Carla UlbrichBreak away Totally Average Womanself 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
29 Carla UlbrichMy love is Live From Outer SpaceRomantic Devil 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
30 Carmen CavalleroI'll Follow My Secret Heart 5/25/2016Jazz Razz
3P Carmen McRaeI Can't Get Started 5/11/2016JazzRazz
9P Carolyn Sills ComboBad for You 5/14/2016Western Swing Sully Roddy
5P Cassandra WilsonRessurection Blues (Tutu) Traveling Miles5/31/2016 JazzEric
17 Catherine Fraser & Duncan Smith The Kirrie GlenRhymes & Resons Cromarty5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
28 Catie CurtisHello, Stranger Hello, StrangerCompass5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
42P Cats Vs ChicksCat Meets Chick 5/11/2016JazzRazz
43P Cats Vs ChicksThe Man I love 5/11/2016JazzRazz
19P Cats Vs. ChicksAnything You Can Do 5/11/2016JazzRazz
6 Cavit TebrizliSevdam 5/10/2016TurkishAhmet Toprak
5 Cavit TebrizliBu Gala Dasli Gala 5/17/2016Turkish Ahmet Toprak
3Cem Karaca Nem Kaldi5/24/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
48 Cephas and WigginsStack and the Devil 5/14/2016Country Blues Sully Roddy
4Chanticleer When I Fall in LoveIn Concert 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
13Chanticleer CredoJosquin; Missa Mater Patris 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
33Chanticleer Old Time Religion5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
7P Charenee Wade w/Stefon Harris The Vulture (Your Soul & Mine) Offering: The Music of Gil Scott Herron & Brian Jackson 5/3/2016JazzEric
8P Charenee Wade w/Stefon Harris Peace Go With You Brother Intro Offering: The Music of Gil Scott Herron & Brian Jackson 5/3/2016JazzEric
9P Charenee Wade w/Stefon Harris Peace Go With You Brother Offering: The Music of Gil Scott Herron & Brian Jackson 5/3/2016JazzEric
2P Charles MingusI'll Remember April Charles Mingus Quintet + Max RoachFantasy 5/21/2016JazzRazz
10 Charles Mingus Theme for Lester Young [Goodbye Porkpie Hat] Mingus,Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, MingusImpulse 5/25/2016JazzRazz
18P Charles Mingus + Max RoachI'll Remember April Charles Mingus Quartet plus Max RoachFantasy 5/25/2016JazzRazz
7 Charlie SpivakSerenade In Blue 5/25/2016JazzRazz
33 Cheryl WheelerPotatoSylvia Hotel Philo5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
25 Cheryl WheelerCat accountant Pointing at the sunDias records 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
14P Chico Hamilton/ Charles Lloyd Forest Flower Sunrise/ Forest Flower Sunset Man From Two worldsImpulse 5/21/2016JazzRazz
2 Chingis SadykhovKimler Geldi Kimler Getti 5/31/2016Azeri Ahmet Toprak
4 Chingiz SadykhovGirdim Yarin Bahcasina 5/10/2016Turkish Ahmet Toprak
2 Chingiz SadykhovGoygol 5/24/2016TurkishAhmet Toprak
28N Chinmaya DunsterNatrani Land of the BuddhasNew Earth Records 5/2/2016IndiaHala Fauzi
29N Chinmaya DunsterFull Moon Land of the BuddhasNew Earth Records 5/2/2016IndiaHala Fauzi
11 Choying Drolma & Steve TibbettsPadmakara SelwaSix Degrees5/15/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
12 Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts Palden RangjungSelwaSix Degrees 5/15/2016VisionarySteve Davis
16P Chris SquireSilently Falling 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
34 Christine LavinSanta Monica Pier Good ThingHe Can't Read My MindPhilo 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
24N Christine LavinCary Grant Live at McabesSelf5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
10P Christopher CrossWalking In Avalon The Very Best Of Christopher Cross 5/24/2016RockEric
11N Chronotope ProjectChurning the Ether PassagesSpotted Peccary Music 5/29/2016VisionarySteve Davis
12N Chronotope ProjectThe Water of Life PassagesSpotted Peccary Music 5/29/2016VisionarySteve Davis
19 Chuck Foster/ Jimmy CastleI've Been Drafted 5/25/2016Jazz Razz
16Chulrua Jimmy McGettrick's/Morning DewSinging Kettle Shanachie5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
15 Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford Urchill a Chreagain/Gorman's/Ta an Saolar Fad i nGra Liom On Common GroundBallyO5/12/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1 Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownTake Me Back To Tulsa BlackjackSugar Hill5/15/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
14P Clifton ChenierGoing la Maison Arhoolie5/14/2016 Cajun & ZydecoSully Roddy
22P Clint BlackBurn One Down 5/14/2016CountrySully Roddy
10P Coleman HawkinsSpeak Low The Hawk Relaxes5/21/2016 JazzRazz
12 Colleen RaneyDark Eyed Sailor Lark(self)5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
26 Cosy SheridanBe outside The horse kingwaterbug5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
2Count Basie Jumpin'At The Woodside 5/25/2016JazzRazz
17Count Basie One O'Clock Jump5/25/2016 JazzRazz
15 Cracker JillsMy Coloring Book East & West5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
20P CreamI feel Free 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
25P Creedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising 5/14/2016Rock Sully Roddy
1P Crosby, Stills & NashSuite: Judy Blue Eyes 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
2P Crosby, Stills & NashThe Lee Shore 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
3P Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungWoodstock 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
10N CsillagkodCosmic Ocean All The TimeSpotted Peccary 5/2/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
23P Current PersonaeEnslave The Minds December Jane5/3/2016 JazzEric
17P Current PersonaeThe Anthem-You Better Get Ready December Jane5/24/2016 R&B/SoulEric
18P Current PersonaeEnslave The Minds December Jane5/24/2016 R&B/SoulEric
9P Current PersonaeDecember Jane Pt1 December Jane EP5/31/2016 R&B/SoulEric
10P Current PersonaeDecember Jane Pt2 December Jane EP5/31/2016 R&B/SoulEric
14D Loop Peace (part)Mystery's River Third Ear5/15/2016Visionary Steve Davis
42P Dale WatsonLove At First Sight DreamlandKoch5/15/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
9N Dan PoundShadow Light Shadows Of The HeartPound Sounds 5/2/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
10N Dan PoundNight Shade Shadows Of The HeartPound Sounds 5/9/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
7N Dan PoundAlways There Shadows Of The HeartPound Sounds 5/30/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
9N Dan PoundShadow Light Shadows of the HeartPound Sounds 5/15/2016VisionarySteve Davis
3 Dartmouth AiresSomewhere North BOCA 20055/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
18 Dave BrubeckIt's A Raggy Waltz Time Further OutSony5/21/2016 JazzRazz
35 Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerTexas Underground Seven is the Number(self) 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Dave GrusinCondor The Orchestral Album5/3/2016 JazzEric
18 Dave Webber & Anni FentimanThe Carter Bonnet & ShawlDragon 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
15 Davey Spillane & Kevin Glackin Pigeon on the Gate/Within a Mile of Dublin Forgotten Days(self)5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
16 David Brewer & Rebecca Lomnicky Gimme ma Goat/Dobby's J/Drop Bear of Seaforth The Fire(self)5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
14 David Bromberg QuartetWallflower ABB Live In New York City 19825/23/2016 Country & FolkDave Hook
27 David FranceySatellite So Say We AllRed House5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
5P David LanzWhat Child is This SolsticeNarada Music5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
31 David MallettArtist In Me Midnight on the WaterNorth Road 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
21David West Blowin' In the WindFire on the Banjo 5/23/2016BluegrassDave Hook
28 Debby McClatchyCalifornia Humbugs Til the Good Times ComeTrail's End 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
5P Dee BrownI'm Here For You (I'll Never Leave) Brown Sugar, Honey-Coated Love5/3/2016 Smooth JazzEric
17P Deep PurpleHush 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
18P Deep PurpleRiver Deep Mountain High 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
17P Deke DickersonWhat's that Cookin'? 5/14/2016Rock Sully Roddy
21P Delfeayo MarsalisNo More Trouble Concrete Jungle5/3/2016 JazzEric
21P Delfeayo MarsalisNo More Trouble Concrete Jungle-The Music Of Bob Marley 5/31/2016JazzEric
13DePedro Como El VientoEspanaPutumayo.com 5/9/2016SpainHala Fauzi
4N Deva Premal...OM Mantra (The Cosmic Yes) Cosmic Connections LiveWhite Swan Records 5/9/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
11P Dexter GordonYou've Changed the squirrelBlue Note5/21/2016 JazzRazz
1Dick Gaughan Turn, Turn, TurnRedwood Cathedral Appleseed5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
53Dick Haymes You'll Never Know5/25/2016 JazzRazz
11 Dick Hensold Dad's Fantastic J/Winifred Foley's/Bruce Bowers'/DFJ Big Music For Northumbrian Smallpipes Ten Thousand Lakes5/5/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
14N Dick HensoldRheung Knome Jop Hai Big Music for Northumbrian Smallpipes Ten Thousand Lakes5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
24P Dierks Bentley & The Punch Brothers Feat. Chris Thile Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)Up On The Ridge 5/23/2016Bluegrass Influenced Dave Hook
6P Dinah WashingtonAin't Misbehavin' 5/11/2016JazzRazz
33 Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally Your Tone Of The BluesFrom Fathers To Sons 5/23/2016Bluegrass Dave Hook
20P Dizzy GillespieMy Reverie 5/11/2016JazzRazz
24Doc Watson Going Down the Road Feeling Bad 5/14/2016Country blues Sully Roddy
4 Dolunay ObrukIstanbul 5/17/2016TurkishAhmet Toprak
8Donal Lunny Spanish LadyJourneyRounder 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
20Donald Byrd Cristo Redentor5/21/2016 JazzRazz
27P Donald FagenMaxineThe Nightfly 5/24/2016PopEric
5P Donny Hathaway Voices Inside (Everything is Everything) 5/12/2016EclecticBobby G
23P DonovanAtlantis 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
34P Dorothy DoneganSt. Louis Blues 5/11/2016JazzRazz
3Dory Previn Mary C Brown and the Hollywood Sign Mary C Brown and the Hollywood Sign United Artists5/29/2016Women's Laura Testa
3Double Date Feelin Groovy5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
8Double Date Wayfairing Stranger5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
3Dr. Faustus Cambric ShirtThe First Cut Fellside5/5/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
18Druha Trava One More Cup of CoffeeCzechmate 5/23/2016BluegrassDave Hook
8 Druha Trava & Peter RowanDublin Blues New Freedom Bell5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
15 Druha Trava & Peter RowanCold Irons Bound New Freedom Bell5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
26P Duck HouseTetherTether Single 5/3/2016ElectronicEric
40Duhks Dover DelawareThe Duhks Sugar Hill5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
1P Duke EllingtonIt Don't Mean a Thing 5/25/2016JazzRazz
33 Duke EllingtonJeep Is Jumpin' 5/25/2016JazzRazz
5P Dwight YoakamAin't that Lonely Yet 5/14/2016Country Sully Roddy
6 Eamonn Coyne & Kris Drever Ceapaval/Leding RoleStory Map Compass5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
12P Earl HinesBlack and Tan Fantasy Once Upon A TimeImpulse5/25/2016 JazzRazz
24Early Mays The Blackest CrowEarly Mays Bird on the Wing5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
40 EasternairesBaby Won't You Please Come Home SPEBSQSA '715/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
32Edlos Come Together5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
34Edlos Stairway to Heaven5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
6Eileen Ivers Geese in the Bog/Wandering Minstrel/Pride of Moyvane/Low Road to Glin/High Road to Glin Eileen IversGreen Linnet 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
21 Ella FitzgeraldIt's Only A Paper Moon 5/21/2016JazzRazz
4P Ella FitzgeraldOur Love Is Here To Stay 5/11/2016JazzRazz
9 Ella Mae MorseCowCow Boogie 5/17/2016Human VoicePhil Debar
14 Elliot LawrenceApril in Paris 5/25/2016JazzRazz
5 Elmira Ragimova 5/24/2016TurkishAhmet Toprak
46P Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel 5/14/2016RockSully Roddy
7P Emerson, Lake & PalmerPirates 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
27 Emma's RevolutionTaxed enogh already RPMSelf5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
18P Emmylou HarrisFeeling Single, Seeing Double 5/14/2016Country Sully Roddy
21Enoch Kent Pawnshop WindowTake a Trip With Me Borealis5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
22Eric Bogle Dalai Lama's CandleAt This Stage Rouseabout5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
25P Eric Burdon & The AnimalsSky Pilot 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
22Eric Dolphy The Baron5/21/2016 JazzRazz
3P Eric TingstadFisherman's Dream EmeraldNarada Music5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
9N Erik WolloTimemorphBlue Radiance Projekt5/30/2016Visionary Roger Werner
8P Erik Wollo & Byron MetcalfDays of Magic Earth LuminousProjekt5/9/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
7P Erik Wollo & Byron MetcalfLight and Ground Earth LuminousProjekt5/23/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
15P Erik Wollo & Byron MetcalfLight and Ground Earth LuminousProjekt5/15/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
7P Erik Wollo & Byron MetcalfDays of Magic Earth LuminousProjekt5/29/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
8P Erik Wollo & Byron MetcalfLight and Ground Earth LuminousProjekt5/29/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
38 Ernie HawkinsBlue Skies Whinin' BoyCorona5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
24 Errol GarnerThey Can't Take that Away From Me Concert By The SeaColumbia 5/21/2016JazzRazz
25 Errol GarnerAutumn Leaves Concert By The SeaColumbia 5/21/2016JazzRazz
14 Errol GarnerSpring Is Here. The Complete Concert By The SeaColumbia 5/25/2016JazzRazz
24Euphonia Old Man at the Mill/Polly Put the Kettle On The Old Jawbone(self)5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
21Euphonics When Y2K ComeWhen Y2K Come 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
35 Eve GoldbergMama's Opry Crossing the WaterBorealis 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
6P FijiIsalei AdiPolynesian Mixx 5/29/2016WorldCoco Fox
1N FivePlayQue Sera Sera Live at the Deer HeadDeer Head Records 5/21/2016JazzRazz
11N Flying Horse Big BandInto The Mystic Into The MysticFlying Home 5/25/2016JazzRazz
7N Forrest SmithsonAperture of Awareness Reversal of Thoughtself5/2/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
9N Fracesa BarchardEmpty House Deux VisionsVis-à-vis5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
6P Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis, Jr. Me & My Shadow Live & Swingin': The Ultimate... 5/3/2016JazzEric
9Fred Hersch Bemsha SwingTheloniousNonesuch 5/25/2016JazzRazz
21Fred Hersch Round Midnight5/25/2016 JazzRazz
8P Freddie HubbardChocolate Shake The Body And The SoulImpulse 5/25/2016JazzRazz
20P FredilocksNo Greater Love Smiling Africa5/17/2016 ReggaeEric
12N Free the HoneyTake me home Fine BloomSelf5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
18N Free the HoneyDark and Muddy Fine BloomSelf5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
5Full Set Furze Bush/Yannick's Gavotte/Daly's Mill Notes at Liberty(self)5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
19Full Set Boys of BedlamNotes at Liberty (self)5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2Full Set Both Sides the TweedNotes After Dark (self)5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
4Gagauz Garip Havasi5/31/2016 GagauzAhmet Toprak
5Gagauz Casornik5/31/2016 GagauzAhmet Toprak
10P Gail ZeilerFred45rpm Equa5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
11P Gail ZeilerYou Disco'd Me To Death 45rpmEqua5/15/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
24P GannatEl Farah Milad 5/9/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
23P George DukeCapricorn Faces In Reflection5/17/2016 JazzEric
1P George DukeOmi (Fresh Water) Brazilian Fusion5/31/2016 JazzEric
12P George DukeSunrise Brazilian Fusion5/31/2016 R&B/SoulEric
29P George Jones & Melba Montgomery We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds Vintage CollectionsCapitol 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
30P George Jones & Melba Montgomery I Dreamed My Baby Came HomeVintage Collections Capitol5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
31P George Jones & Melba Montgomery Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last Together Vintage CollectionsCapitol 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
32P George Jones & Melba Montgomery Let's Invite Them OverVintage Collections Capitol5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
33P George Jones & Melba MontgomeryOnce More Vintage CollectionsCapitol 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
34P George Jones & Melba Montgomery I Can't Get Over YouVintage Collections Capitol5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
35P George Jones & Melba Montgomery What's In Our HeartVintage Collections Capitol5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
36P George Jones & Melba MontgomeryDon't Go Vintage CollectionsCapitol 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
12Gertrudis RemediosEspanaPutumayo.com 5/9/2016SpainHala Fauzi
19Gil Evans Where Flamingos FlyOut of the Cool MCA5/21/2016Jazz Razz
4P Gil EvansWhere Flamingoes Fly Out Of The CoolImpulse5/25/2016 JazzRazz
4 Glen Gray/ Casa LomaLittle Brown Jug 5/25/2016JazzRazz
28 Glen Gray/ Casa LomaNo Name Jive 5/25/2016JazzRazz
22P GoapelePlayPlay Single 5/17/2016R&B/SoulEric
13Goitse My Belfast LoveTransformed(self) 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
26Goodfellows Heildelberg5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
27Goodfellows Brown October Ale5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
28Goodfellows River Shannon Flows5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
12P Gordon LightfootIf You Could Read My Mind Sounds Of The Seventies: 19715/24/2016 PopEric
9Grada Steerer John BeggCloudy Day Navigation Compass5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
43P Gram ParsonsDrug Store Truck Driving Man 5/14/2016Rock Sully Roddy
42 Grandma's BoysI'm Forever Blowing Bubbles When the Toy Soldiers Marched on Parade 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
37 Grant DermodyLeeward Side Crossing That River(self) 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
10N Green Isac OrchestraMadar Green Isac OrchestraSpotted Peccary 5/30/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
21 Greenfields of AmericaGlendy Burke Greenfields of AmericaCompass 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
23P Greensky BluegrassWhen I Paint My Masterpiece All Access, Vol. 15/23/2016 Progressive BluegrassDave Hook
24P Gregory Porter w/DisclosureHolding On Caracal (deluxe)5/3/2016 ElectronicEric
19Group 7 Mr. Blofeld5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
1 Gustav Holst (Peter Sykes, organist) Neptune the MysticThe Planets Raven5/29/2016Visionary Steve Davis
1 Gustav Holst (cond: Charles Dutoit) Neptune the MysticThe Planets London5/15/2016Visionary Steve Davis
1 Gustav Holst (cond: Simon Rattle) Neptune the MysticThe Planets EMI Classics5/8/2016Visionary Steve Davis
10P Guy DouglasSuicide Prevention Benefit Sound Meditationsoundmeditationsf.com 5/9/2016TalkHala Fauzi
17 Hailie Lorenfor Sentimental Reasons Simply LoveJustin Time5/21/2016 JazzRazz
10Hakan Kumru Istanbul Ciftetellisi5/10/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
11Hakan Kumru Izmir Ciftetellisi5/10/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
32N Hamilton County RamblersHard Times Hamilton County Ramblers5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
3P Hamza NamiraEl Midan Best of Hamza NamiraDMD Production 5/30/2016EgyptHala Fauzi
4P Hamza NamiraHansa Best of Hamza NamiraDMD Production 5/30/2016EgyptHala Fauzi
5P Hamza NamiraEl Taghreeba Best of Hamza NamiraDMD Production 5/30/2016EgyptHala Fauzi
6P Hamza NamiraYam Hawwen Best of Hamza NamiraDMD Production 5/30/2016EgyptHala Fauzi
7P Hamza NamiraAw'edooni Best of Hamza NamiraDMD Production 5/30/2016EgyptHala Fauzi
46P Hank GarlandSugarfoot Boogie Hank Garland & His Sugar FootersBear Family 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
47P Hank GarlandSeventh And Union Hank Garland & His Sugar FootersBear Family 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
2Hanz Araki Rainy Night in SohoLittle Fires Wildwood5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
23N Happy TraumChurch Street Blues Just for the Love of ItLark's Nest 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
24P Harry James, Helen WardAll of Me 50 Sweet Bands5/24/2016 JazzEric
37 Harry James/I'll Get By 5/25/2016JazzRazz
18 Harry James/ Helen ForrestIt's Been So Long 5/25/2016Jazz Razz
26 Harry James/ Helen Forrest I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night 5/25/2016JazzRazz
52 Harry James/ Helen Forrest I've Heard That Song Before 5/25/2016JazzRazz
55 Harry James/ Kitty Kallen It's Been A Long, Long time 5/25/2016JazzRazz
20 Harvard KrokodiloesMasochism Tango Wasting Our Parent's Money5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
39 Hat Check GirlEcho Echo Six Bucks ShyGallway Bay 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7Hayko Cepkin Itirazim Var5/10/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
48P Hazel ScottRound Midnight 5/11/2016JazzRazz
24 Heart of America ChorusStraw Hat & a Cane Wow What a Sound!5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
7P HeatwaveAin't Know Half Steppin Too Hot To Handle5/17/2016 R&B/SoulEric
6N Helen Jane LongSwiftlyIdentity BLE Records5/16/2016Visionary Roger Werner
4N Hendrik MeurkensWhat's New harmonicus rexHeight Advantage 5/21/2016JazzRazz
9Henry Busse Canteen Bounce5/25/2016 JazzRazz
1P Herbie HancockMaiden Voyage 5/25/2016JazzRazz
2P Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters Hang Up Your Hang Ups5/12/2016 EclecticBobby G
3P Herbie Hancock & The HeadhuntersSpider 5/12/2016Eclectic Bobby G
21High Five Moondance5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
29 Hillbillies From MarsBlind Fiddler/Sandy Boys Hillbillies FromMars(self) 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
8P HoaikaneSweet OkoleSweet Okole 5/29/2016WorldCoco Fox
9N Homeless BaloonPlay At Your Own Risk Play At Your Own Riskself 5/23/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
4P HonokaDewdrop Pearls Water SpiritsCelestial Harmonies 5/8/2016VisionarySteve Davis
14N Honor FinneganMovie Star Roses And VictorySelf5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
19N Honor FinneganTake me home Roses And VictorySelf5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
3P Ho'onu'aFeel Good Island Music Island Roots5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
14 Hoosier Hot Shots I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones 5/17/2016Human VoicePhil Debar
10 Horace HeidtNow Is The Hour 5/25/2016JazzRazz
50 Horace Heidt I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire 5/25/2016JazzRazz
16 Horace SilverDoodlin'The Best of Blue Note5/21/2016Jazz Razz
1Hot Rize Radio Boogie5/14/2016 BluegrassSully Roddy
37House Jacks Feelin' FunkaeDrive 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
26 Howie Bursen Hull's Victory/Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/Dying Ranger Banjo MannikinFolk-Legacy 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Hui AlohaWhee Ha SwingHui Aloha 5/29/2016WorldCoco Fox
25P Humphrey Lyttleton [Kathy Stobart ts] I Can't Get Started5/11/2016 JazzRazz
25P Hussein El JasmiWahashetni Donyeti 5/9/2016Arabic Pop Hala Fauzi
30Hylo Brown Too Many Parties20 Gospel Favorites 5/23/2016Bluegrass/Gospel Dave Hook
2 Ian F. BenzieBells of Rhymney I'se the B'yKRL/Lochshore 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
29P Ihab TawfikA'edlak Fadeela 5/9/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
4 Ilke TurkdoganSu Dalmadan Gectin mi 5/24/2016Turkish Ahmet Toprak
13P Ina Rae HuttonWild Party 5/11/2016JazzRazz
35P Ina Rae HuttonWitch Doctor 5/11/2016JazzRazz
6Incendio Isla VerdeSeduction IncendioMusic.com5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
7Incendio SeductressSeduction IncendioMusic.com5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
8Incendio Secret TravelerSeduction IncendioMusic.com5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
9Incendio Malaga SunsetSeduction IncendioMusic.com5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
19P Irie LoveDon't believe the Hype Coconut Island5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
10P Israel Kamakawiwo'oleMen Who Ride The Mountain Island Roots5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
11P It's a Beautiful DayBulgaria 5/19/2016EclecticBobby G
12P It's a Beautiful DayTime 5/19/2016EclecticBobby G
11P J BoogSunshine Girl (feat. Petah Morgan) Backyard Boogie5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
10 J. Madden/B. Coway/B. McCommiskey/B. Dolan Old Cross/The ClansPride of New York Compass5/5/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
1Jamala 19445/17/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
4P James Brown & The J.B.'sMind Power 5/12/2016Eclectic Bobby G
6P James HandBaby, Baby, Don't Tell Me That Shadows Where The Magic WasHonkyTonkTexas 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
23 James Hill & Anne DavisonOh Susanna True Love Don't WeepBorealis 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
19James Keane Tongs By the Fire/Shaskeen/Chorus J Live in DublinLavalla5/12/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1James King Here Today And Gone Tomorrow Thirty Years Of Farming5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
2P James KingJason's Farm Three Chords and the Truth5/23/2016 CountryDave Hook
3P James KingChiseled In Stone Three Chords and the Truth5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
4P James KingHe Stopped Loving Her Today Three Chords and the Truth5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
5P James KingSunday Morning Christian Three Chords and the Truth5/23/2016 CountryDave Hook
6James King Bed by the WindowBed by the Window 5/23/2016BluegrassDave Hook
7James King These Old PicturesThese Old Pictures 5/23/2016BluegrassDave Hook
24 Jan Savitt/ Bon BonOn The Road To Mandalay 5/25/2016Jazz Razz
8 Janet RussellPigeon & the Sparra Love Songs & Fighting TalkHarbourtown 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
48P Jean ShepardSecond Fiddle (To An Old Guitar) Honky-Tonk HeroineCountry Music Foundation 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
37 Jeannie StahlLittle Cowboy's Lullaby MysteriesDaring5/19/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
24P Jeff BeckBeck's Bolero 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
38 Jefferson RossSore Fingertips Dogwood CatsDeep Fried5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
30 Jeffrey FoucaultDon't Look For Me Stripping CaneSignature Sounds 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
8N Jeffrey KoepperTrance Electric KonnektionsAir Space Records 5/16/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
19P Jessi ColterRainy Day Women #12 & 35 Out Of The Ashes5/23/2016 Country & FolkDave Hook
16Jez Lowe Old BonesBack ShiftFellside 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7Jez Lowe The Midnight MailBad Penny Firebird5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
25Jezebelle TouchJezebelle5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
4 Jim and JesseAre You Tired of Me, My Darling Jim and Jesse Now5/14/2016 BluegrassSully Roddy
2P Jim GreinerTrack 1 (~1st 11 min) Tuned Meditation Chimes: Harmonic Pulsing self-published5/15/2016Visionary Steve Davis
4P Jim OttawayAlpha Crucis Southern Crossself-published 5/29/2016VisionarySteve Davis
6P Jim OttawaySouthern Cross (Timeless Motion) Southern Crossself-published 5/29/2016VisionarySteve Davis
27Jim Ringer Strawberry RoanBest of Jim Ringer Philo5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
30 Jimmy AbrahamWestern Cattle Call Songwriter's Notebook, v.1Sawmill 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
15 Jimmy DorseyMoonlight On The Ganges 5/25/2016JazzRazz
36 Jimmy Dorsey/ Helen O'Connell I'm Stepping Out With A Memory Tonight 5/25/2016JazzRazz
49 Jimmy Dorsey/ Helen O'ConnellGreen Eyes 5/25/2016JazzRazz
22 Jimmy LaFaveShelter from the Storm Austin Skyline5/23/2016 CountryDave Hook
1 Joan ArmatradingAll shapes and sizes What's InsideRCA5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
2N Joanna BroukMary's Watch Hearing MusicThe Numero Group 5/9/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
4N Joanna BroukGoing Through the Veil Hearing MusicThe Numero Group 5/16/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
2N Joanna BroukThe Space Between Hearing MusicThe Numero Group 5/30/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
2N Joanna BroukThe Creative Hearing MusicThe Numero Group 5/8/2016VisionarySteve Davis
6N Joanna BroukThe Space Between Hearing MusicThe Numero Group 5/15/2016VisionarySteve Davis
8 Joe Henderson There's A Boat That's Leavin' Soon For New York Porgy and BessVerve5/21/2016 JazzRazz
9 Joe HendersonOh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess Porgy and BessVerve5/21/2016 JazzRazz
24P Joe WilliamsHere's To Life Joe Wms & Robert Farmon Orch 5/17/2016JazzEric
27Joel Mabus Liza Jane/WLS & the Prairie Farmers Banjo MonologuesFossil5/19/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
20 Johan Agebjorn The Sound of Snowflakes Touching the Ground MosseboLotuspike5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
13P John ColtraneTo Young to Go Steady BalladsImpulse5/21/2016 JazzRazz
6P John ColtraneGreensleeves Africa BrassImpulse5/25/2016 JazzRazz
34John Prine Sam StoneJohn Prine: Live in Asheville '86 5/23/2016Singer/Songwriter Dave Hook
37N John Reischman & The JaybirdsThe Old Grove Vintage Unique5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
36 John Wort HannamGreat Lakes Brambles & ThornsBorealis 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
49P Johnny CashOne Piece at a Time 5/14/2016CountrySully Roddy
40P Johnny PaycheckTouch My Heart The Real Mr. HeartacheCountry Music Foundation 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
2 Johnson Mountain BoysSee God's Arc Moving 5/14/2016Bluegrass Sully Roddy
38 Johnson Mountain BoysDuncan and Braidy 5/14/2016Bluegrass Sully Roddy
13 Josephine MarshMatthew's W Josephine Marsh(self)5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
16P Julian VaughnRide AlongLimitless 5/17/2016JazzEric
24 Julie HeniganAdieu My Lovely Nancy American StrangerWaterbug 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3June Tabor A Place Called EnglandA Quiet Eye Green Linnet5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
41N Junior Sisk & Ramblers ChoiceWalk Slow Trouble Follows Me5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
14N Kal David & Lauri BonoMy Oh My Living the DreamKalDavid.com 5/30/2016BluesHala Fauzi
15N Kal David & Lauri BonoLittle By Little Living the DreamKalDavid.com 5/30/2016BluesHala Fauzi
16N Kal David & Lauri BonoI Found a Love Living the DreamKalDavid.com 5/30/2016BluesHala Fauzi
17N Kal David & Lauri Bono If You Love me Like You SayLiving the Dream KalDavid.com5/30/2016Blues Hala Fauzi
7 Karan Casey & John DoyleMadam I'm a Darling Exiles ReturnCompass5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
28P Karim MohsenNedary Leh 5/9/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
15 Kate McGarryWe Kiss In The Shadows Girl TalkPalmetto5/25/2016 JazzRazz
18Kate Rusby Some TyrantLittle LightsCompass 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11Kate Rusby Some TyrantLittle LightsCompass 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
4N Kathy Kallic BandI'm not your honey baby Fox HoundsLive Oak Records 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
10N Kathy Kallic BandBanjo Picking Girl Fox HoundsLive Oak Records 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
26N Kathy Kallick BandTear Stained Letter Foxhound5/14/2016 BluegrassSully Roddy
30N Kavita ShahTabla Interlude VisionsKavitaShahMusic.com 5/30/2016World FusionHala Fauzi
31N Kavita ShahPaper PlanesVisions KavitaShahMusic.com5/30/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
32N Kavita ShahTristeVisions KavitaShahMusic.com5/30/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
42Kay Kyser Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition 5/25/2016JazzRazz
43Kay Kyser The White Cliffs Of Dover 5/25/2016JazzRazz
47Kay Kyser Jingle, Jangle, Jingle 5/25/2016JazzRazz
2P Ken MartinCathedrals of Neptune SpheresSpace For Music5/29/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
3P Ken MartinTranquilitySpheres Space For Music5/29/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
13 Kevin KellerArc of the Pendulum PendulumLektronic Soundscapes 5/8/2016VisionarySteve Davis
28Kevin Welch Answer Me ThatA Patch of Blue Sky Music Road5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
27P Khaled SelimSid Sidi 5/9/2016Arabic PopHala Fauzi
23Kim Angelis Fort Ross FantasyGypsy's Odyssey Skysong Records5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
17P King CrimsonPeace (a Theme) 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
11Kitka Hopp Ide TisztanNektar 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
22Kitka Shto Si5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
21 Klaus Schulze Sequenzer (from 70 to 07) [~1st 7:30]Kontinuum SPV/Synthetic Symphony5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
5Klaus Wiese Dunya (~1st 17 min)Dunya Aquamarin Verlag5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
2P Kool & The GangWild & Peaceful Wild & Peaceful5/31/2016 JazzEric
11P Kris BowersForever Wonder Heroes & Misfits5/3/2016 JazzEric
12P Kris BowersForever Spring Heroes & Misfits5/3/2016 JazzEric
13P Kris BowersWonder Love w/Chris Turner Heroes & Misfits5/3/2016 JazzEric
14Kris Drever Farewell to FuinerayBlack Water Compass5/5/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
17P Kristin RaderSmileSmile EP 5/3/2016Inspirational Eric
7 Lambert, Hendricks, & RossSummertime 5/17/2016Human Voice Phil Debar
4Laraaji Meditation 1Ambient 3: Day of Radiance Editions EG5/15/2016Visionary Steve Davis
29 Larry ClintonThe Dipsy Doodle 5/25/2016JazzRazz
9P Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time Black Diamond StringsMurder On Music Row 5/23/2016Country & Folk Dave Hook
17Larry Groce Junk Food Junkie5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
14 Late Show QuartetSurfer Girl Now and Then5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel5/2/2016Visionary Roger Werner
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel5/9/2016Visionary Roger Werner
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel5/16/2016Visionary Roger Werner
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel5/23/2016Visionary Roger Werner
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel5/30/2016Visionary Roger Werner
34P Laurie LewisSinging My Troubles Away 5/14/2016Bluegrass Sully Roddy
38N Laurie Lewis & Kathy Kallick Cabin On A Mountain Sing The Songs Of Vern & Ray 5/23/2016BluegrassDave Hook
36N Laurie Lewis And The Right Hands I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling (Featuring Tom Rozum, Chad Manning, Patrick Sauber & Andrew Conklin) The Hazel and Alice Sessions5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
5P Lee Michaels & FrostyTell Me how You feel 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
6P Lee Michaels & Frosty(Don't want no) Woman 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
7P Lee Michaels & FrostyMy Friends 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
8P Lee Michaels & FrostyFrosty's 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
9P Lee Michaels & FrostyThink I'll go Back 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
9 Len Graham & Brian O hAirtOne Morning in May In Two Minds(self)5/19/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
5P Lena HorneDeed I Do 5/11/2016JazzRazz
4 Leon RosselsonHarry's Gone Fishing Harry's Gone FishingGadfly 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
25Les Brown I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 5/25/2016JazzRazz
16 Les Brown/Doris DaySentimental Journey 5/25/2016JazzRazz
1P Les McCannThe Lovers 5/12/2016EclecticBobby G
23P Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs I Still Miss Someone5/14/2016 BluegrassSully Roddy
52Libera The LambNew Dawn 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
3P Life In BalanceLive (~1st 15 min) LiveLife In Balance Music 5/15/2016VisionarySteve Davis
14P Lil ArmstrongIt's Murder 5/11/2016JazzRazz
30P Lil Band O' GoldCajun Twist Lil Band O' Gold5/14/2016 Swamp PopSully Roddy
5P Lillian FifitaTavake Ni Ia Tongan Melodies5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
15N Linda McRaeCan you hear the calling? Shadown TrailsBorialous Records 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
20N Linda McRaeLong shadow trail Shadown TrailsBorialous Records 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
53 Linda Thillery & Cultural Heritage Choir The Boll Wevil BluesGood Time, A Good Time 5/10/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
39 Linda ThompsonDo Your Best for Rock & Roll Versatile HeartRounder5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
31P Linda TilleryThe twist Still We Sing, Still We RiseSelf 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
15 Linsey Aitken & Ken CampbellAchachrome Kith & KinBridgegate5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
12 Linsey Aitken & Ken Campbell Wheel of Fortune/Gabby's WKith & Kin Bridgegate5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
18 Lisa Ornstein & Dan Compton Black Cat J/Fran's Cup of Tea The Magic Paintbrush(self) 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
6P Lisa ShawLet It Ride Let It Ride EP5/17/2016 DanceEric
5Litha Saints & SinnersUntil the Cows Come Home Artes5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
7P Little FeatFeats Don't Fail Me Now 5/14/2016Rock Sully Roddy
8Liz Carroll Anlon McKinney/Mind the DresserLake Effect Green Linnet5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
9N Logical DriftMeditation On A Blue String Pacific JourneyCineVu5/9/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
12P Lopeti BlakeBabe I'll let u go Tongan favorite hits 125/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
4Lorelies JesuslandUniversity A Cappella 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
3N Loren Nerell & Mark SeeligKayon Tree Of LifeProjekt5/23/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
19P Los LobosOne Time One Night 5/14/2016rockSully Roddy
10P Lost Weekend Western Swing BandCowboy Blues 5/14/2016Western Swing Sully Roddy
8P Lovie AustinTravellig Blues 5/11/2016JazzRazz
35 Lucky MillinderCherokee 5/25/2016JazzRazz
13P Luke AbbottThe Blackest Crow Take Me Home5/14/2016 BluegrassSully Roddy
4Lunasa Snow on the Island/Brenda Stubbert's/Thunderhead LunasaCompass5/19/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
6P Luxury GroovesSolitude Jazzy Chill House Vol.15/31/2016 JazzEric
39 M. Scarlett/J. Washington/K. Whitely Your Old Used to BeSitting ona Rainbow Borealis5/5/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
11 Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomhnaill Banks of ClaudyBetween the Two Lights Green Linnet5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6 Maire BreatnachEist Angels' CandlesBlix Street 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
17P Majestic w/Lutan FyahImagine Smiling Africa5/17/2016 ReggaeEric
4P MaloPana 5/19/2016EclecticBobby G
28N Mamadou & VanessaHaklima Live At Ashkenaz Vol 1 AfricaMusicMali.com 5/30/2016MaliHala Fauzi
29 Mare WakefieldIronwoodIronwood (self)5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
22P Marsha Ambrosius w/Charlie Wilson Spend All My TimeFriends & Lovers 5/3/2016JazzEric
44P Marti Brom with the Cornell Hurd Band Fuedin' and Fightin'Fuedin' and Fightin' Goofin'5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
45P Marti Brom with the Cornell Hurd Band Moon Shine LullabyeFuedin' and Fightin' Goofin'5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
35 Martyn Joseph Whoever It Ws That Brought Me Here Will Have to Bring Me Home Whoever It Ws That Brought Me Here Will Have to Bring Me Home Appleseed5/5/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
34 Mary Chapin CarpenterTranscendental Reunion Ashes & RosesZoe5/12/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
11P Mary Lou WilliamsNightlife 5/11/2016JazzRazz
12P Mary Lou WilliamsZonky 5/11/2016JazzRazz
31P Mary Lou WilliamsTimmie Time 5/11/2016JazzRazz
32P Mary Lou WilliamsHumoresque 5/11/2016JazzRazz
33P Mary Lou WilliamsBoogie Mysterioso 5/11/2016JazzRazz
2P Matthew MontfortMountain Song Quiet FireNarada Music5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
7P Meddy GervilleIt's Probably Me Fo Kronm LA Vi5/31/2016 JazzEric
17P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery Big Big HeartachesUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
18P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery I've Come A Long Way From GoodbyeUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
19P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery It's Not The SameUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
20P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery Don't Make Me ChangeUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
21P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery I'm Never Gonna Be The SameUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
22P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery Before She Changed Your MindUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
23P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery The Mood I'm InUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
24P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery The Blues Are Closing InUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
25P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery We Re-opened An Old LoveUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
26P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery Don't Make Me Build Another WallUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
27P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery Listen ArmsUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
28P Melba MontgomeryMelba Montgomery Blues No One Can DescribeUnited Artists 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
15P Melissa Gosselin (Cook Island) Kua Akatipitipi/10 GuitarsPacific Rhythm 5/29/2016WorldCoco Fox
30Melodeers Happy Feet MedleySeventh Heaven 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
31Melodeers Come on, Get HappySeventh Heaven 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
10P Memphis MinnieWhen The Levee Breaks 5/11/2016JazzRazz
35P Michael Cleveland and FlamekeeperCome Along Jody On Down the LineCompass5/14/2016 BluegrassSully Roddy
32 Michael GaitherStarlite Drive-In Saturday Night Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night(self) 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Michael JonesEchoesSunscapes Narada Music5/9/2016World Fusion Hala Fauzi
30 Michael SmithSuch Things Are Finely Done Live at Tales of the TavernTales From the Tavern 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11P Micheal HendersonLet Me Love You The Essential Micheal Henderson Vol 1 5/17/2016R&B/SoulEric
5N Michelle QureshiSoon Scattering StarsHeart Dance Records 5/9/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
14 Mick McAuley/Winifred Horan/Colm O Caoimh The King's ShillingSailing Back to You (self)5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
35Mickey Katz She'll Be Coming Round the Katzkills 5/17/2016Human VoicePhil Debar
23P Mike PhilipsWe Are One Brand Jordan All Star Sampler5/31/2016 Smooth JazzEric
23P Mike Riley and His Round and Round Boys You're Giving Me the Run-Around 5/11/2016JazzRazz
28P Miles Davis Quintet [Beryl Booker p] The Squirrel5/11/2016 JazzRazz
22P Mills Cavalcade OrchestraLovely Liza Lee 5/11/2016Jazz Razz
20P MinoakaPata PataIsland Roots 5/29/2016WorldCoco Fox
25N MirzaevaUzbekistan Dyorim The Secret Museum of MankindYazoo 5/2/2016UzbekistanHala Fauzi
23 Mission Valley ChorusMagic To Do Magic To Do5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
24 Mission Valley Chorus How Are Things in Glocca MorraMagic To Do 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
19 Mission Valley ChorusPal of My Cradle Days A Feminine Way5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
1 MIT LogarhythmsThe Kids Aren't Alright BOCA 20055/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
27N Moh AlilecheBe Happy The Groom Live At Ashkenaz Vol 1 AfricaFlagOfFreedom.com 5/30/2016AlgeriaHala Fauzi
20P Mohamed Abdel WahabGafnuhu Allamal Ghazal 5/2/2016Arabic Classical Hala Fauzi
21P Mohamed Abdel WahabEl Nahr El Khaled 5/2/2016Arabic Classical Hala Fauzi
22P Mohamed Abdel WahabKhayef A'ool 5/2/2016Arabic Classical Hala Fauzi
23P Mohamed Abdel WahabAlbi Bey Olli Kalam 5/2/2016Arabic Classical Hala Fauzi
3Moving Cloud George White's Favorite/Touch Me If You Dare/Green Mtn./Kiss Your Partner/Linen Cap Moving CloudGreen Linnet 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1 Muazzez AbaciBir Gonul Hikayesi 5/10/2016Turkish Ahmet Toprak
2 Muazzez ErsoyKalbimin tek sahibi sensin 5/17/2016Turkish Ahmet Toprak
24P Murphy MatauHula - Samoan Polynesian Mixx5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
25P Murphy MatauKiridiri - Tahiti g32845/29/2016World Coco Fox
50 Mystery ArtistShort People Mystery Album5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
8N MystifiedPride Groove Saving Cecil's PrideRed Haus 5/30/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
2P NajeeThe Morning After The Morning After5/17/2016 JazzEric
29N Najite & Olokuu ProphecyBolo-Oya Live At Ashkenaz Vol 1 Africa EstnyBoer.com/najite5/30/2016 NigeriaHala Fauzi
32 Nanci GriffithIt's A Hard Life Wherever You Go Best of Nanci GriffithMCA 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
10P Nanci Griffith w/Guy Clark Desperadoes Waiting For A Train Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back To Bountiful) 5/23/2016Acoustic PopDave Hook
11P Nancy AjramEtnain Sohab#8 NancyAjram.com5/2/2016 Lebanon/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
12P Nancy AjramMa Aw'edak#8 NancyAjram.com5/2/2016 Lebanon/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
13P Nancy AjramWebkoon Gai Wada'ak#8 NancyAjram.com5/2/2016 Lebanon/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
12P Naoyuki OndaTemple In Twilight Ancient City5/17/2016 JazzEric
10 Natalie MacMaster Silver Spear/Glen Road to Carrick/Lad O'Beirne's R BlueprintRounder5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
26N NawalSalama Live At Ashkenaz Vol 1 AfricaNawali.com 5/30/2016ComorosHala Fauzi
13 Nawang KhechogTibetKaruna Domo5/15/2016Visionary Steve Davis
4P Ned MillerFrom A Jack To Aking 45rpmFabor5/15/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
5P Ned MillerParade Of Broken Hearts 45rpmFabor5/15/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
40P Nellie LutcherHurry On Down 5/11/2016JazzRazz
16New Life Jesus Gave Me WaterBorn Again 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
5N New Standard Jazz OrchestraClose To You Waltz About NothingOA25/21/2016 JazzRazz
16 Niamh ParsonsLakes of Coolfin In My PrimeGreen Linnet5/12/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
17P Nickel CreekTomorrow Is A Long Time Why Should The Fire Die?5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
24Nields Dave Hayes the Weather GuyXVII Mercy House5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
4Nightingale Slang Polska/Alain Pennec's/Breton Hantr Dro Three(self)5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
7N Nikki TaleTrouble Out from the HarborSelf5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
8Nilufer Bir Garip Serce5/17/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
2 Noirin Ni Riain & Glenstall Abbey Monks The Darkest MidnightThe Virgin's Lament 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
12 Nollaig Casey & Artie McGlynn Fort of the Fairy QueenCauseway Tara5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
32 Norman BrooksOver There 5/25/2016JazzRazz
39 Northwestern U. Significant OthersNot the Doctor Fourplay5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
20Nota Belles I Love the Whole United States 1955 Sweet Adelines5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
36 Notecracker SweetsI Feel a Song Coming On Sincerely Yours5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
25Notorious Wild Rose of the MountainRoad to Damascus Black Socks5/5/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
13P Ohio PlayersIntroducing The Ohio Players Pleasure5/31/2016 R&B/SoulEric
14P Ohio PlayersRooster PootPleasure 5/31/2016R&B/Soul Eric
15P Ohio PlayersFunky WormPleasure 5/31/2016R&B/Soul Eric
10 Oisin MacDiarmada Bright May Morning/Fowler on the Moor The Green BranchCeol5/19/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
20 Oisin McAuleyPort na Bpucai Far From the Hills of DonegalCompass 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
41P Old Blind DogA Wild Rumpus 5/14/2016IrishSully Roddy
26P Old Crow Medicine ShowWagon Wheel (Rock Me Mama) Warren Hellman Memorial 2-19-2012 5/23/2016BluegrassDave Hook
26 Old Man LuedeckeI'm Fine (I Am,I Am) Tender is the NightTrue North 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11P Olik SilkStrings For Somebody Razor Sharp Brit5/31/2016 Smooth JazzEric
19P Olik SilkSupersize Razor Sharp Brit5/31/2016 Smooth JazzEric
6P Oliver NelsonStolen Moments The Blues and the Abstract TruthImpulse 5/21/2016JazzRazz
5P Oliver NelsonStolen Moments The Blues and The Abstract TruthImpulse 5/25/2016JazzRazz
26N OmukanovaDzuregumden The Secret Museum of MankindYazoo 5/2/2016KirghiziaHala Fauzi
6P Otis ReddingFa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song) Live in Europe5/14/2016 SoulSully Roddy
16P Otis ReddingSitting On The Dock Of The Bay The Very Best Of Otis5/31/2016 R&B/SoulEric
27 Palm Wine BoysUp & Down Up & DownWildplum5/12/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
3N Paradiso & RasamayiThe Journey Threough Celestial Resonance5th Element Music 5/16/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
5N Paradiso & RasamayiThe Journey (~1st 20 min) Celestial Resonance5th Element Music 5/15/2016VisionarySteve Davis
16N Paradiso & RasamayiAcross the Threshold Celestial Resonance5th Element Music 5/29/2016VisionarySteve Davis
17N Paradiso & RasamayiThe Journey Through Celestial Resonance5th Element Music 5/29/2016VisionarySteve Davis
13P Patrice RushenL'e espirit de Joie Signature5/17/2016Jazz Eric
17 Patrick StreetErin Go Bragh On the FlyLoftus5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
54P Patsy ClineWalkin' After Midnight Commemorative CollectionMCA 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
27P Patty LovelessHalfway Down 5/14/2016CountrySully Roddy
2P Paul HornEnlightenment Inside The Great PyramidKuckuck 5/2/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
19 Paul McKenna BandNo Ash Will Burn ElementsCompass5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
4P Paul SchwartzMagnificat State Of Grace Turn To Peace5/24/2016 JazzEric
22P Paul TaylorEmpireTenacity 5/31/2016Smooth Jazz Eric
20P Paul Taylor w/Johnathan FritzSupernova Tenacity5/31/2016 Smooth JazzEric
30N Paula MayaIluminar VoceIluminar PaulaMaya.com5/2/2016Brazil Hala Fauzi
31N Paula MayaBaiao de Cabo Frio IluminarPaulaMaya.com5/2/2016 BrazilHala Fauzi
32N Paula MayaTarde em Itapoa IluminarPaulaMaya.com5/2/2016 BrazilHala Fauzi
5 Pauline ScanlonWhen You and I Were True HushCompass5/19/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
11Peret Para Poder OlvidarlaEspana Putumayo.com5/9/2016Spain Hala Fauzi
1Persuasions SugareeMight as Well 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
34 Pete & Anne SibleyCome a Long Way Coming Home(self)5/19/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
8Pete Morton Madam or SirHunting the Heart Harbourtown5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
28 Peter & Mary Alice Amidon By the Waters of BabylonHymns & Ballads (self)5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
11N Peter DaldryLoch Lomond Sands of Time(self)5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
26Peter Lang Guabi GuabiTestamentHorus 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
21 Peter OstroushkoKasposia/Pioneer W/Pig's Eye R Heat of the HeartlandRed House 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
31 Peter SiegelRagged But Right Living in Rome(self)5/19/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
18 Petra HaydenHeinz Baked Beans 5/17/2016Human VoicePhil Debar
3P Phyllis HymanLiving All Alone Living All Alone5/3/2016 R&B/SoulEric
4P Phyllis HymanYou Know How To Love Me The Legacy Of Phyllis Hyman5/17/2016 R&B/SoulEric
10Platters You Can Depend on Me5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
3P PleasureSasafras Girl The Greatest Hits5/31/2016 R&B/SoulEric
1Plus 4 db In a Mellow Tone5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
4Plus 4 db Sesame St Medley5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
11 Procol HarumA Salty Dog 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
19P Psalm 91Luciano Deliverance Mad Professor Dub Showcase 5/17/2016ReggaeEric
18P Psalm 91 DubLuciano Deliverance Mad Professor Dub Showcase 5/17/2016ReggaeEric
13P Quicksilver Messenger ServiceWhat about Me 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
19P Quincy Jones w/James Moody, Brian McKnight, Take 6, Rachelle Ferrell Moody's Mood For LoveQ's Jook Joint 5/24/2016ReggaeEric
54 Quink Vocal EnsembleHeaven Above Folk Songs of the World5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
30 Racine Sweet AdelinesMr. Wonderful To Pilch w/ Love5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
36N Ragpicker String BandBruno's Dream Ragpicker String BandYellow Dog 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
8 Rahman AsadollahiAna 5/10/2016TurkishAhmet Toprak
7 Rahman AsadollahiAy Giz 5/17/2016TurkishAhmet Toprak
3N Rajendra TeredesaiYoga Prabhat Morning Ritual Moksha The Path To Inner PeaceReal Music 5/2/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
3N Rajendra TeredesaiYoga Uday Dawn Ritual Moksha The Path To Inner PeaceReal Music 5/9/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
5N Rajendra TeredesaiYoga Nyas Noon Ritual Moksha The Path To Inner PeaceReal Music 5/23/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
33 Ralph McTellPeppers & Tomatoes Sand inYour ShoesRed House 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
31 Ramapo Valley Sweet AdelinesWhat I Did for Love A Winner's World5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
20 Randall BaysGypsy Princess/Woman of the House Salmon's LeapFoxglove5/26/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
33P Randy TravisDeeper Than the Holler 5/14/2016Country Sully Roddy
16P Raul Malo, Pat Flynn, Rob Ickes You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go The Nashville Acoustic Sessions 5/23/2016Country & Folk Dave Hook
12P Ray RoweGolden Chains Of Love 45rpmHereford5/15/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
13P Ray RoweY-O-U45rpm Hereford5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
34 Raymond ScottMairzy Doats 5/25/2016JazzRazz
43Razzcals There Goes My HeartNow Appearing 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
7Red Meat That's WhatI'm Herte ForAlameda County Line Ranchero5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
5N Red MollyBlue Night Never Been to VegasSelf5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
8N Red MollyWitchita Love and other tragediesself 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
11N Red MollyOhioNever Been to Vegas self5/29/2016Women's Laura Testa
13N Red MollyMay I suggest Love And Other TragediesSelf 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
17N Red MollyCoal Tatto Never Been To VegasSelf5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
21P Reggie BWhite House LiesReggie B 5/17/2016R&B/Soul Eric
26N Rita HoskingI See Storms Frankie & the No-Go Road(self) 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3Rob Ickes Rueben5/14/2016 BluegrassSully Roddy
9P Robert Glasper w/Erykah BaduAfro Blue Black Radio5/17/2016 JazzEric
8P Robert Glasper w/Layla HathawayCheris The Day Black Radio5/17/2016 R&B/SoulEric
10P Robert Glasper w/Noarh JonesLet It Ride Black Radio 25/17/2016 R&B/SoulEric
8N Robert RichWhat We Left Behind What We Left Behindself5/23/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
6P Robert RichAerial on Warm Seas (~last 5 min) What We Left BehindSoundscape Productions 5/8/2016VisionarySteve Davis
7P Robert RichMeeting Face to Face What We Left BehindSoundscape Productions 5/8/2016VisionarySteve Davis
10P Robert RichSoft Rains Fall What We Left BehindSoundscape Productions 5/15/2016VisionarySteve Davis
27 Robin & Linda Williams Boots of Spanish LeatherBack 40 5/23/2016BluegrassDave Hook
48Rockapella A Change in My LifeRockapella 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
39 Rodney CrowellAin't Living Long Like This 5/14/2016Country Sully Roddy
41P Rose MurphyMy Blue Heaven 5/11/2016JazzRazz
2P Rosemary ClooneyStormy Weather 5/11/2016JazzRazz
2P Rotora Maori SingersMedley: How Great Thou Art Aotearoa-The Maoris of New Zealand 5/29/2016WorldCoco Fox
27RSVP How Can I Cry?The Road Home 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
5Rudy Adrian Distant StarsDistant Stars Lotuspike5/29/2016Visionary Steve Davis
5P Rufus & Chaka KhanFool's Paradise Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan5/17/2016 R&B/SoulEric
5Runa Black RiverCurrent Affairs(self) 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
8P Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva NotoGoodbye to Hawk The Revenant [soundtrack]Milan 5/8/2016VisionarySteve Davis
9P Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto Discovering BuffaloThe Revenant [soundtrack] Milan5/8/2016Visionary Steve Davis
10P Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva NotoHell Ensemble The Revenant [soundtrack]Milan 5/8/2016VisionarySteve Davis
11P Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto Glass and Buffalo Warrior Travel The Revenant [soundtrack]Milan 5/8/2016VisionarySteve Davis
12P Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto Arriving at Fort KiowaThe Revenant [soundtrack] Milan5/8/2016Visionary Steve Davis
1P Samir SorourEnta Omri Sax Lover Vol. 5Free Music 5/30/2016EgyptHala Fauzi
2P Samir SorourResala Men Tahtel Ma' Sax Lover Vol. 5Free Music 5/30/2016EgyptHala Fauzi
1P Samira SaidAyza A'eesh Ayza A'eeshRotana.net5/2/2016 Morocco/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
2P Samira SaidEnsana Mas'oola Ayza A'eeshRotana.net5/2/2016 Morocco/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
3P Samira SaidMadmanshi Nafsi Ayza A'eeshRotana.net5/2/2016 Morocco/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
4P Samira SaidMa Hasalshi Haga Ayza A'eeshRotana.net5/2/2016 Morocco/Arabic PopHala Fauzi
26P Samira SaidAyza A'eesh Azya A'eesh5/9/2016 Arabic PopHala Fauzi
3N SAMM/ Jamie OusleyIn The Still Of The Night The Unorthodox DuoTIE5/21/2016 JazzRazz
8Sammy Kaye The Hut Sut Song5/25/2016 JazzRazz
28P Sarah JaroszSimple Twist Of Fate Build Me Up From Bones5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
26P Sarah McLawlerRed Light 5/11/2016JazzRazz
7P Sarah VaughnS'Wonderful 5/11/2016JazzRazz
5N Scarlet RiveraThe Tiger Voice Of The Animalsself5/2/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
6N Scarlet RiveraThe Horse Voice Of The Animalsself5/9/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
32Scott Cook All My Moonlit RanblesMoonlit Rambles (self)5/26/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
20 Sean TyrrellYou Are My Sunshine Walker in the Snow(self)5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
20Seelyhoo Stronsay Weaver/Trip to CaliforniaThe First Caul Greentrax5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6 Senem Ersin GencDenizlerin Kumuyum 5/24/2016Turkish Ahmet Toprak
27N Sh Dzhraev & FamilyBulbulon The Secret Museum of MankindYazoo 5/2/2016TajikstanHala Fauzi
44Shakapella I Can See Clearly NowShakapella 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
15P Shakin' PyramidsWho Cares 5/14/2016RockabillySully Roddy
16N ShelIs the doctor in today Just Crazy EnoughMoraine Music Group 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
21N ShelLet me doJust Crazy Enough Moraine Music Group5/29/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
31Shep Fields American Patrol5/25/2016 JazzRazz
14P SherineA'asabo Tallaga 5/2/2016Egypt/Arabic Pop Hala Fauzi
15P SherineWahda B Wahda 5/2/2016Egypt/Arabic Pop Hala Fauzi
16P SherineDa Mosh Habib 5/2/2016Egypt/Arabic Pop Hala Fauzi
17P SherineLau Lessa Ba'ee 5/2/2016Egypt/Arabic Pop Hala Fauzi
18P SherineMasoola Mennak 5/2/2016Egypt/Arabic Pop Hala Fauzi
19P SherineEs'al Allaya 5/2/2016Egypt/Arabic Pop Hala Fauzi
23P Siale "IongiNofo Unaloto Da Sound Of Polynesian5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
3Sibel Can Melekler5/10/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
11Side Saddle Peanut Butter Conspiracy 5/17/2016Human VoicePhil Debar
4N Silvia NakkachLiminal Beauty LiminalVox Mundi5/23/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
36N Skillet LicoriceSleeping Lulu Skillet Licorice(self)5/19/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
17Skylark The Cruel WarsLight and Shade Claddagh5/5/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
34 Slaid CleavesTexas Love Song Still Fighting the WarMusic Road 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
41 Slaid CleavesStill Fighting the War Still Fighting the WarMusic Road 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
9P Smokey RobinsonYou Go To My Head Smokey Robinson5/24/2016 JazzEric
17P Smokie Robinson (Groove Boutique)Quiet Storm Motown Remixed5/31/2016 R&B/SoulEric
14P Snarky PuppyShofukan We Like It Here5/17/2016 JazzEric
1P Snarky Puppy w/Layla HathawaySomething Family Dinner Vol 15/17/2016 JazzEric
3Solstice Nasha PisnyaSolstice 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
39 Song SpinnersComin'In On A Wing And A Prayer 5/25/2016Jazz Razz
13P SorneHouse of Stone (Rubblewomen) Songs from the House of Stoneself-published 5/29/2016VisionarySteve Davis
18P South Pacific Singers Now Is The Hour (New ZealandPaciffic Paradise 5/29/2016WorldCoco Fox
21P South Pacific SingersAu Taku Tane Pacific Pasefika5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
22P South Pacific SingersAue Te Tangi (Cook Island) Pacific Pasefika5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
4P Spencer BrewerThe Last Snow Leopard EmeraldNarada Music5/9/2016 World FusionHala Fauzi
13P Stan KentonBon Homme Richard Live At RedlandsCreative World 5/25/2016JazzRazz
17P Stan KentonHere's That Rainy Day Live At RedlandsCreative World 5/25/2016JazzRazz
6P Stanley ClarkeSchool Days 5/12/2016EclecticBobby G
1P Stanley Clarke & George Duke From The Deepest Corners Of Mind3 5/24/2016JazzEric
2P Stanley Clarke & George DukeQuiet Time 35/24/2016Jazz Eric
15P Stanley Clarke BandPop VirgilUp 5/17/2016JazzEric
10Starshine Jazz Medley1985 Sweet Adelines 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
9 Steeleye SpanThe King/All Around My Hat Original MastersChrysalis 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
15 Steeleye SpanFighting For Strangers Original MastersChrysalis 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
15Stellamara Kyrie EleisonThe Seven Valleys Lucidity Music5/29/2016Visionary Steve Davis
2P Stephan MicusParts 1 - 3 Twilight FieldsECM5/23/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
4Stephen Kent Valley of the WindsOil & Water Trance Mission Music5/30/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
21P Sterling Young, Bobbie EnnisThree Little Words 50 Sweet Bands5/24/2016 JazzEric
37 Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen Now Everything DoesBerrymania Compass Rose5/5/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
8P Steve HackettStar of Sirius 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
9P Steve HackettSpectral Mornings 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
31 Steve KritzerEmbryonic Journey Dreams Crossing(self)5/5/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
8N Steve RoachIndigo Shift Etheric ImprintsProjekt5/2/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
7N Steve RoachAlive In The Vortex - Part One Alive In The VortexTimeroom Editions 5/16/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
6N Steve RoachEtheric Imprints Etheric ImprintsProjekt5/30/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
14P Steve Roach & Robert LoganDesires : Birth BiosonicProjekt5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
15P Steve Roach & Robert LoganOvnigen BiosonicProjekt5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
16P Steve Roach & Robert LoganBiosense BiosonicProjekt5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
7P Stevie WonderAnother Star 5/12/2016EclecticBobby G
8P Stevie WonderAs 5/12/2016EclecticBobby G
5 Stockholm City VoicesBe My Baby Beautiful5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
6 Stockholm City VoicesSweet Dreams Beautiful5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
33 Straight No ChaserOne Voice With a Twist5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
2P Stuart DempsterStanding Waves In The Great Abbey Of Clement VINew Albion 5/16/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
3P Stuart DempsterDidjeridervish In The Great Abbey Of Clement VINew Albion 5/30/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
38 Susan WernerEgg MoneyHayseed Thirty Tigers5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
33N Swamp BrothersTime Time Time Tennessee SessionsItchy Sabot 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
9 Sweet Honey in the RockStranger Blues The Other Side5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
40P Sweet Violet BoysI Love My Fruit Okeh Stomping Boogie - The Best of Western Swing 5/23/2016Western SwingDave Hook
6P Swing Out SisterMy State Of Mind Beautiful Mess5/24/2016 R&B/SoulEric
23 Swingle SingersBach Inventions 5/17/2016Human VoicePhil Debar
7P Tahiti BeatAue Ho'I o Eritana Pate Pate - "Aue5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
47P Taj MahalDust My Broom 5/14/2016BluesSully Roddy
32Take 6 If We Ever Needed the Lord BeforeLive 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
5Take 6 On My Way5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
6Take 6 Mary5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
8P TamiaYou Put A Move On My Heart Q's Juke Joint5/24/2016 R&B/SoulEric
14P TankIf That's What It Takes Stronger5/3/2016 R&B/SoulEric
3P TankIf That's What It Takes Stronger5/24/2016 R&B/SoulEric
8P TankStrongerStronger 5/31/2016R&B/SoulEric
23P Tapes and TopographiesPrague Spring Soft DecibelsSimulacra5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
1Tarkan Donulmez Aksamin Ufkundayim 5/31/2016Turkish Classical Ahmet Toprak
16P Tatiana BandBula Bula Gong Gong(New Caledinoia Musika Pasefika5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
17P Tatiana BandOfo Atu Lo'u Ola Atoa (Samoa) Musika Pasefika5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
31 Terence MartinAll the Bricks in Baltimore SleeperGood Dog5/12/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
18 Terra AmbientThe Pilgrim's Road The GateLotuspike5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
19 Terra AmbientThe GateThe Gate Lotuspike5/8/2016Visionary Steve Davis
5Tetrachords That's My MammyTypically Tetrachord 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
2N The 14 Jazz Orchestra With A Little Help From My Friends Nothing Hard Is Ever EasyDabon ? 5/25/2016JazzRazz
45 The Andrews SistersBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy 5/25/2016Jazz Razz
48 The Andrews SistersShoo Shoo Baby 5/25/2016JazzRazz
54 The Andrews SistersRum and Coca-Cola 5/25/2016JazzRazz
4P The AnimalsWe gotta get Out of Thie Place 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
14P The AnimalsIt's My Life 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
40P The BandStagefrights 5/14/2016RockSully Roddy
21P The BeatlesHey Bulldog 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
39P The Blackberry Bushes Stringband Three Red FeathersLIVE AT TOOLSHED STUDIOS 5/23/2016Bluegrass Dave Hook
31 The Bottle Rockets1000 Dollar Car Not So Loud: An Acoustic Evening with the Bottle Rockets 5/23/2016RockDave Hook
14 The BrontonesTea Leaves Somethin' Bron's5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
40The Buzz Until The Real Thing Comes AlongBuzzapalooza 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
41The Buzz Because of YouBuzzapalooza 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
18The Colby 8 Jump Up Behind MeMonkey Butler 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
42P The Deadly GentlemenCarry Me Home 5/14/2016Americana Sully Roddy
11P The DillardsWalkin' Down The Line There Is A Time: 1963-705/23/2016 Bluegrass?Dave Hook
13P The Earl Scruggs RevueI Shall Be Released The Essential Earl Scruggs5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
46The Embers EbbtideEmberglow 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
35 The Fairfield FourRoll Jordan Roll Lifted5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
35 The GaytonesAbileneEncores 5/10/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
12P The Goodbye GirlsBury Me Not on the Lone Prairie 5/14/2016Bluegrass Sully Roddy
25 The Goodtime SingersWait 'till the Sun Shines Yours in Harmony5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
14P The Grateful DeadCasey Jones 5/19/2016EclecticBobby G
15P The Grateful DeadJohnny B. Goode 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
6P The HolliesI'm Alive 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
7P The HolliesLook through Any Window 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
8P The HolliesPay You back with Interest 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
9P The HolliesStop Stop Stop 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
41 The Ink SpotsTo Each His Own 5/25/2016JazzRazz
16P The International Sweethearts of Rhythm Tuxedo Junction5/11/2016 JazzRazz
17P The International Sweethearts of Rhythm Sweet Georgia Brown5/11/2016 JazzRazz
36P The International Sweethearts of Rhythm Digging Dykes5/11/2016 JazzRazz
37P The International Sweethearts of Rhythm Witch Doctor5/11/2016 JazzRazz
38P The International Sweethearts of Rhythm Don't Get It Twisted5/11/2016 JazzRazz
39P The International Sweethearts of Rhythm Jump Children5/11/2016 JazzRazz
3P The Isley BrothersWork To Do S.O.U.L5/17/2016 R&B/SoulEric
15P The Isley BrothersShout The Best Of The Early Years5/24/2016 R&B/SoulEric
18P The Isley BrothersShout The Best Of The Early Years5/31/2016 R&B/SoulEric
8 The JabberwocksRibbon in the Sky Sermons & Soda Water5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
11P The Jackson 5Never Can Say Goodbye Sounds Of The Seventies: 19715/24/2016 R&B/SoulEric
10P The Jefferson AirplaneFeels so Good 5/19/2016Eclectic Bobby G
2P The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceManic Depression 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
1P The KinksDavid Watts 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
16P The KinksWaterloo Sunset 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
12P The Moody BluesNever comes The Day 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
13P The Moody BluesThe Afternoon: 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
14P The Moody Blues"Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)" 5/5/2016Eclectic Bobby G
15P The Moody Blues(Evening) Time to get Away 5/5/2016Eclectic Bobby G
17 The NY Gay Mens' ChorusAnother Hundred People Love Lives On5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
7The Nylons If You Don't Know MeLost and Found 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
8The Nylons Scandalize My NameLost and Found 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
28The Nylons Take Me To Your HeartSeamless 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
29The Nylons This BoySeamless 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
49 The Other Guys (U. of IL)Breaking the Girl BMOC Live!5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
7 The Outside Track Whitby Maid/Fr. John Angus RankinFlash Company Lorimer5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
14N The Outside TrackCanadee-I-O Light Up the DarkLorimer 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
51 The Purcell ConsortThis Day Dawns Now Make We Merthe5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
10P The Rolling StonesPaint It Black 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
11P The Rolling Stones19th Nervous Breakdown 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
12P The Rolling Stones Have You seen Your Mother , Baby, standing in The Shadow? 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
13P The Rolling StonesThe Last Time 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
29N The Seldom SceneIt's All over Now, Baby Blue Long Time... Seldom Scene5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
14P The SilvertonesAfrican Dub Punky Reggae Party5/24/2016 ReggaeEric
42N The Spinney BrothersProud To Be Your Dad Tried & True5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
35 The Stanley Brothers Two More Years (And I'll Be Free) Long Journey Home5/23/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
2P The StarlinersI Done Did It Rhythm Round-upAloha5/15/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
3P The StarlinersBovine Boogie Rhythm Round-upAloha5/15/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
11 The Swingle SingersOverture to William Tell 18125/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
12 The Swingle SingersPastime with Good Company 18125/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
12 The Swingle SingersA Whiter Shade of Pale Live in Japan5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
32 The SwinglesSwimDeep End 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
25 The Tuttles with A. J. Lee It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train to Cry Introducing The Tuttles with A. J. Lee 5/23/2016BluegrassDave Hook
44 The Tuttles with AJ LeeWayside/Back in Time Introducing the Tuttles with AJ Lee 5/14/2016BluegrassSully Roddy
13P The Wardlaw BrothersRight Now Lord God's Been There5/24/2016 GospelEric
15P The WhoMy Generation 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
19P The WhoMagic Bus 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
5P The YardbirdsOver Under Sideways Down 5/26/2016Eclectic Bobby G
25N Thomas MapfumoMwana Wemurombo Live At Ashkenaz Vol 1 AfricaThomasMapfumo.com 5/30/2016ZimbabweHala Fauzi
22N ThompsomiaShe may be your dog self5/29/2016Women's Laura Testa
37N ThompsoniaThe Yoghurt Song Thompsonia(self)5/12/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
34Three Altos O Mama BakudalaCamaradas 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
14P Tibby EdwardsPlay It Cool Man, Play It Cool Play It Cool Man, Play It CoolBear Family 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
15P Tibby EdwardsShift Gears Play It Cool Man, Play It CoolBear Family 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
16P Tibby EdwardsI'd Come Running Play It Cool Man, Play It CoolBear Family 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
3P Todd BartonMountain Ghost Breathing Mountain Ghost Breathing Valley Productions [cassette]5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
31 Todd RundgrenHonest Work 5/17/2016Human VoicePhil Debar
24N Tom EatonSunday / Slow Rotations AbendromenRiverwide5/8/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
8P Tom Edwards, Country FourMr. Know It All 45rpmCrest5/15/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
9P Tom Edwards, Country FourCook County Jail 45rpmCrest5/15/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
37P Tom Morrell & the Time Warp Tophands I Thought About YouJugglin' Cats WR5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
38P Tom Morrell & the Time Warp Tophands Mission To MoscowLet's Ride With Bob & Tommy WR5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
17 Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello Strop the Razor/Ard an BhothairGrace Bay (self)5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
33 Tonic Sol-FaMan of Constant Sorrow Style5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
41P Tony DouglasThank You For Touching My Life Heart of Texas CountryNeon Nightmare 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
20P Toot's Thielemans w/Barry White & Mervyn Warren At The End Of The DayQ's Jook Joint 5/24/2016ReggaeEric
25 Townes Van ZandtTecumseh Valley Best of Townes Van ZandtTomato 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
21Toxic Audio Take a Chance/Dancing QueenToxic Audio 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
22Toxic Audio My Cherie AmourToxic Audio 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
22P TrafficDear Mr. Fantasy 5/26/2016EclecticBobby G
2Trench Coats Everyday People5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
22P Troy SneedMove Forward Awesome God5/24/2016 GospelEric
38 Tufts BeelzebubsDigging in the Dirt Pandaemonium5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
18P Turkish DrummerTremolo Passion of PercussionMegaMuzik.com 5/30/2016Drum SoloHala Fauzi
19P Turkish DrummerGezgin Passion of PercussionMegaMuzik.com 5/30/2016Drum SoloHala Fauzi
20P Turkish DrummerCingenem Passion of PercussionMegaMuzik.com 5/30/2016Drum SoloHala Fauzi
21P Turkish DrummerRakkas Passion of PercussionMegaMuzik.com 5/30/2016Drum SoloHala Fauzi
22P Turkish DrummerSimarik Passion of PercussionMegaMuzik.com 5/30/2016Drum SoloHala Fauzi
23P Turkish DrummerAy Isiginda Dans Passion of PercussionMegaMuzik.com 5/30/2016Drum SoloHala Fauzi
24P Turkish DrummerCol Ruzgari Passion of PercussionMegaMuzik.com 5/30/2016Drum SoloHala Fauzi
10Tuu MigrationMeshFathom 5/29/2016VisionarySteve Davis
4P Twennynine & Lenny WhiteBest Of Friends Best Of Friends5/31/2016 R&B/SoulEric
19 U. Penn Off The BeatGoing Under BOCA 20055/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
18N Uma [Silbey]Moonscape Altered StatesAiro Audio 5/29/2016VisionarySteve Davis
5N Uma SilbeyCloudscapes Altered StatesAiro Audio 5/16/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
28 Uncle BonsaiHalf of the people The Grim ParadeYellow tail 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
29 Uncle Dave MaconJordan Am a Hard Road to Travel Go Long MuleCounty5/19/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
23Uncle Earl Willie TaylorShe Waits for Night Rounder5/19/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
30P Utta HippIndian Summer 5/11/2016JazzRazz
15P Valaida SnowYou Bring Out The Savage In Me 5/11/2016Jazz Razz
22Various Angelina BakerSwaneeHighland 5/5/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
10 Various (Noel Rice)Humors of Ballyloughlin Light Through the LeavesRounder 5/12/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
19 Various (Christy Moore) Crack Was Mighty in the Isle of Man Masters of Their CraftTara 5/26/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
16P VersionThe Return Riddim Driven: Retur to Big Street 5/24/2016ReggaeEric
27P Vi ReddThat's All 5/11/2016JazzRazz
7N Victor and PennyMoon Over Bourbon Street ElectricityOvertone Records 5/25/2016JazzRazz
23Vida BailadoraVida in Bloom 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
47Vigortones Moon RiverBest of the Vigortones 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
18P Viola Burnside/Mary HyamsRose Room 5/11/2016JazzRazz
46P Vivian Garry and her All-Girl Band A Woman's Place Is In The Groove 5/11/2016JazzRazz
47P Vivian Garry and her All-Girl BandBody and Soul 5/11/2016Jazz Razz
45 Vocal MajorityKeep Your Sunny Side Up Champs Back to Back5/10/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
15Vocaldente Another YouLet's Misbehave 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
16Vocaldente Don't Stop Me NowLet's Misbehave 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
22Vocaldente Juegalodann ist Sommer 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
27Vocolot Ocho KandelikasHeartbeat 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
28Vocolot Los BilbilicosHeartbeat 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
29Voice Squad Cocks Are Crowing5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
30Voice Squad Brown and Yellow Ale5/17/2016 Human VoicePhil Debar
13 Voices in HarmonyHey Good Lookin' Now and Then5/3/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
36P Volume FiveKing of California Voices5/14/2016 BluegrassSully Roddy
39Vox One Whisper When I SpeakOut There 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
38Vox Pop Try It On My OwnMandate 5/3/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
9P Voyage (Tahiti)Tahiti Tahiti Pacific Rhythm5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
13P Waan ( New CaledoniaFiancailles Pacific Rhythm5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
14P Waan ( New CaledoniaRoots Racine Waan Pacific Rhythm5/29/2016 WorldCoco Fox
49P Wade RayEasy Pickin'sIdaho Red The Hound5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
50P Wade RayCall Me UpIdaho Red The Hound5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
51P Wade RayTwo Red LipsIdaho Red The Hound5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
43P Warren SmithThat's Why I Sing In A Honky Tonk Call of the WildBear Family 5/15/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
1 Waterson:CarthyBlack Muddy River Fishes and Fine Yellow SandTopic 5/19/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
20P Waylon JenningsRainy Day Woman 5/14/2016CountrySully Roddy
15N Will GobleIt Ain't Necessarily So Consider The BluesOA25/21/2016 JazzRazz
21P Willie NelsonOn the Road Again 5/14/2016CountrySully Roddy
7 Winifred HoranLa Valse Laurencienne Lost Girl Found(self)5/12/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
10P Wishbone AshBlowing Free 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
5Woody Herman G.I. Jive5/25/2016 JazzRazz
21 Woody HermanTher'll Be A Hot Time In Old Berlin 5/25/2016Jazz Razz
24P Woody HermanNorthwest Passage 5/11/2016JazzRazz
9Yat-Kha Oy Adym5/10/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak
18P YesAmerica 5/5/2016EclecticBobby G
26P YESParallelsGoing For The One 5/24/2016RockEric
4Zen Land OngZen LandWarped Records 5/2/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
25P Zigaboo ModelisteLet It Go New Life5/24/2016 Funky JazzEric
33Zoe Mulford Pocket Fulla QuartersCoyote Wings Azalea City5/5/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
35Zoe Mulford Sleeping in Her Evening GownCoyote Wings Azalea City5/12/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6N Zoe MuthMama needs a margarita Wolrd of StrangersSignature Sound 5/29/2016Women'sLaura Testa
29Zulal VijagArmenian Acapella Folk Trio 5/10/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
8Zulya Yearning5/24/2016 TurkishAhmet Toprak