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September 2016

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NP ArtistTitleAlbum LabelDateGenre Programmer
10 4 for the ShowIt Had to Be You For Once in Our Lives9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
36 Adam BrodskyHard Travelin' Hookers, Hicks & HeebsPermanent 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
2P AdeleHello (Dub Up Mix) Hello (Dub Up Mix) Single9/6/2016 ReggaeEric
2Aidar Sirinner9/6/2016 Tatar popAhmet Toprak
25 Aileen VanceWe Are Alive After The NightAvedialns 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
16P Aireene EspirituGoing Back To Where I Belong Back To Where I Belong9/13/2016 BluesEric
8Ajda Pekkan Oyalama Beni9/6/2016 Turkish PopAhmet Toprak
51Al Vashti's SongListen Up! 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
31 Alan Jabbour & KenPerlmanBonaparte's Retreat Southern Summits(self)9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
19 Alan Kelly GangThe Poorest Company The Last BellBlackbox9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
10P Alap JetzerEternity's Sunrise (parts VII and I) Eternity's SunriseAUM Edition (cassette only) 9/4/2016VisionarySteve Davis
5 Alasdair Fraser & Jody Stecher Blue Bonnets Over the Border/There Was an Old WomanTossed Up in a Blamket/Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow The Driven BowCulburnie9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
20P AlbaBella RomaAround The World 9/6/2016International Eric
13 Andrea Beaton Number Nine/Fr. John Angus Rankin/Kiss the Girls/Nun & the German/Musical Priest Branches(self)9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
34Andrea Hoag Dewey's BluesFire & Water (self)9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
3P Andrew LahiffThe Deep Blue Sky Begins to Darken The Distant Lights of Forgotten Places self-published9/4/2016Visionary Steve Davis
27 Andrew Lloyd WebberPie Jesu Requiem9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
18Andy Irvine I Wish I Was in Belfast TownParachilna (self)9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
21Andy Irvine Spirit of Mother JonesAbocurragh (self)9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
23Andy Irvine Never Tire of the RoadRude Awakening Green Linnet9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
5Ani Difranco Trickle DownUp Up Up Up Up Up Righous Babe9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
17 Ani DifrancoAmazing Grace Living In ClipRighous Babe 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
4N Ann LicaterBlossoms Falling Beyond the WavesCul de Sac Mystic 9/5/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
11Anne Feeney Watever You Say, Say Nothing Dump The Bosses Off Your BackSelf 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
22Anne Feeney Bread And RosesUnion MaidSelf 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
23Anne Feeney Fifty Cent Sneakers And Five Dollar Wine Dump The Bosses Off Your BackSelf 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
24Anne Feeny Aint I a womanLook to the left self9/4/2016Women's Laura Testa
22 Anne Hills & Cindy MangsenLone Pilgrim Never Grow OldFlying Fish 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
41Anuna Heia ViriInvocation 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
17 Aoife ClancyEarl of March's Daughter Slvery MoonAppleseed9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
17P Arthur "Big Boy" CrudupThat's All Right Now Mama History Of Blues9/13/2016 BluesEric
41Artisan Walking Down the AlleysOur Back Yard 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
24P Arturo SandovalA Time For Love A Time For Love9/6/2016 JazzEric
6Asik Veysel Dostlar Beni Hatirlasin 9/20/2016Turkish Folk Ahmet Toprak
18P AstralogikHere & Now Dream Awake9/13/2016 R&B/SoulEric
1Ata Demirer Soyleme Bilmesinler9/20/2016 Turkish popularized classicalAhmet Toprak
4P AydarKyzgala Poezd 9/13/2016TatarAhmet Toprak
8Azat Dim dim9/20/2016 TatarAhmet Toprak
7P Baird Hersey & Prana - with Nexus A Splinter of DawnChiaroscuro Bent9/25/2016Visionary Steve Davis
8P Baird Hersey & Prana - with Nexus A Vast Expanse of SkyChiaroscuro Bent9/25/2016Visionary Steve Davis
37N Banjo Nickaru & Western ScoochesJock-A-Mo Very Next ThingOn the Bol 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
4 Banshee in the Kitchen Kitchen Girl/Jerusalem RidgeEven Hotter Water (self)9/8/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
5P Barry StrampSkyA Sky of Dreams Ancient Sun Music9/25/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
3N BattlefieldBraes of Mar/Pottinger's R/The Baker Beg & BorrowTemple9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
3Beduk Oynayalim9/6/2016 Turkish PopAhmet Toprak
7 Belkis AkkaleOrmandan Gel 9/27/2016Turkish Folk Ahmet Toprak
34N Belle HollowsSan Remo Miller's CreekElm Hill9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
3N Ben CarrolCitizens of Earth Multidimensional Voiceself 9/12/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
34P Benny Martin (Little Darlin') Give Me One More Chance 45rpm singleMercury9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
14 Berkeley Artists in ResonanceGot to Be Real BOCA vol. 29/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
11Bill Jones Holland MistressTwo-Year Winter Compass9/8/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
3P Bill O'ConnellWake UpHeart Beat 9/20/2016JazzEric
5P Billy WilsonNot So Young 45rpm singleMaster9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
13P BlazeElevation Spiritually Speaking9/13/2016 DanceEric
14P BlazeChange The World Spiritually Speaking9/13/2016 DanceEric
1P Blue HighwayThrough The Window Of A Train Bluegrass Number One Hits9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
11P Bob MarleyJammin'Legend 9/20/2016ReggaeEric
7P Bob WesleyCome Looking For Me 45rpm singleLas Vegas9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
8P Bob WesleyYou'll Meet The Same Ones Coming Down 45rpm singleLas Vegas9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
3P Bobby CaldwellComing Down From Love Timeline: The Anthology9/13/2016 R&B/SoulEric
15 Bobby McFerrinGood Love The Best of Bobby McFerrin9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
16 Bobby McFerrinFrom Me to You The Best of Bobby McFerrin9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
18P Bobby NelsonYou Can't Pick A Winner Every Time 45rpm singleGNP Crescendo 9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
19Bohola StormsBoholaShanachie 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11P BonoboStay The SameBlack Sands 9/27/2016ElectronicEric
36 Boston CommonMention My Name in Sheboygan SPEBSQSA '739/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
33 Boyz Nite OutWhen I Look in Your Eyes BNO9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
1P Boz ScaggsLoan Me a Dime 9/29/2016EclecticBobby G
25 Brad Leftwich & Hogwire String Band Last of CallahanBerkeley OT Music Cov. Sampler (self)9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2P Brad Leftwich & Hogwire Stringband Susan's GoneRascal Fair Dark Train9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
2Brannan Lane To Earth and Back (parts 1 & 2) To Earth and BackSpace For Music 9/4/2016VisionarySteve Davis
8Brannan Lane BoundlessTo Earth and Back Space For Music9/26/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
14 Brenda StubbertIron Man/Riddrie/Cameron Walker In Jig Time!Celestial Entertainment 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
22 Brendan NolanHere I Am From Donegal Where Do I Go From Here?Magra 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7 Brian McNeillLady Glasgow Busker & the Devil's Only DaughterTemple 9/30/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3P Broken HarbourThe Geometry of Shadows The Geometry of ShadowsRelaxed Machinery 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
26 Bruce MolskyPeg & Awl Poor Man's TroublesRounder 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
46P Buckwheat ZydecoI'm On A Wonder Putamayo Presents Zydeco9/26/2016 ZydecoDave Hook
23N Bucky HalkerRebel Girl Anywhere But UtahRevolting 9/30/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
28 Bucky HalkerTramp, Tramp, Tramp Anywhere But UtahRevolting 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
46 Buffalo BillsAs Time Goes By Youtube9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
2P Byron MetcalfPresence of Longing Inner Rhythm MeditationsSounds True 9/12/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
11P Byron MetcalfGarden of the Peaceful Warrior Inner Rhythm MeditationsSounds True 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
26 BYU Vocal PointWe All Need Saving Maximum Acapella9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
31 C. Kallet/E. Epstein/M. CiconeFrobisher Bay Heart WalkSleepy Creek9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
2P Captain BeyondThousand Days of Yesterday (Intro) 9/8/2016Eclectic Bobby G
3P Captain BeyondFrozen Over 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
4P Captain Beyond Thousand Days of Yesterday (Time since Come and Gone)) 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
16Cara Dillon Here's a HealthAfter the Morning Compass9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
10N Carl WeingartenSpurlos An Endless PremonitionMultiphase 9/26/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
18 Carl WeingartenFlow of Stars PanomorphiaMultiphase9/4/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
9P Carlos Santana & John McLaughlinNaima 9/15/2016Eclectic Bobby G
4N Caroline CotterJourney In C Dreaming As I DoSelf9/11/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
19N Caroline CotterJourney in C Dreaming as I doBella Blue Records 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
30N Caroline CotterPollyanna Dreaming As I DoSelf9/11/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
22 Carrie NewcomerGhost Train Before & AfterRounder 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3P Cavit TebrizliAyrilik 9/13/2016AzeriAhmet Toprak
7 Cavit TebrizliSevdam 9/20/2016AzeriAhmet Toprak
19N Celtic Fiddle Ferstival Planxty Burke/Thomas BurkeStorm in A Teapot Loftus9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
31 Cheryl WheelerLittle Road Defying GravityPhilo9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
45P Chester Smith and The MegatonesStand On The Rock 45rpm singleMega9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
4P Chet FakerNo Diggity Thinking In Textures9/27/2016 AlternativeEric
3 Chingiz SadykhovBu Geje 9/27/2016AzeriAhmet Toprak
38 Chorallaries (MIT)RioEarshot 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
13 Choying Drolma & Steve TibbettsChenrezi SelwaSix Degrees9/4/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
14 Choying Drolma & Steve TibbettsChendren SelwaSix Degrees9/4/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
28N Chris CooleStone Walls & Steel Bars The Tumbling River(self)9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
30N Chris CooleMay Day #1 The Tumbling River(self) 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
10P Christian McBrideWalking On The Moon SCI FI9/13/2016Jazz Eric
20 Christine LavinHappy Dance Happy dance of the XenophobeYellow Tail 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
27 Christine LavinCary Grant If you're drunk you can't buy a puppyself 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
9N Chronotope ProjectChurning The Ether PassagesSpotted Peccary9/5/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
9N Chronotope ProjectPassages PassagesSpotted Peccary9/19/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
33 Chuck BrodskyCurse of the Billy Goat Tulips For LunchWaterbug 9/30/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
15Chulrua Bridget KellyThe Singing Kettle Shanachie9/8/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
12N Cillian VallelyBoys of Ballycastle The Raven's Rock(self)9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
30 Cindy KallettWings to Fly Working on Wings to FlyFolk-Legacy 9/30/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3Claire Lynch Train Long GoneCrowd Favorites 9/26/2016Bluegrass?Dave Hook
1 Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownTake Me Back To Tulsa BlackjackSugar Hill9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
10 Clef HangersShe Has No Time BOCA 20079/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
13 Clive GregsonPretty Peggy-O Comfort & JoyCompass 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
39 Coffee Zombie CollectiveClandestino And If I Die inAptos...(self) 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
49 Concert ChoirSing Me to Heaven Best of HS Acapella 20019/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
8N ConnlaMoon & Stars River Waiting(self)9/1/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
17P Cosmic HoffmannBeyond the Galaxy (~1st half) Beyond the GalaxyHeart and Mind 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
10N Cosy SheridanThis song is broken Sometimes I feel to muchself 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
12N Cosy SheridanNapolean The Musical Sometimes I Feel Too MuchSelf 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
18N Cosy SheridanWoody Guthrie watch over me Sometimes I feel to muchself 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
29N Cosy SheridanI'm Afaid This Song Is Broken Sometimes I Feel Too MuchSelf 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
30N Cosy SheridanWoody Guthrie Watch Over Me Sometimes I Feel Too MuchCosyng 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
31N Cosy SheridanNapolean the musical Sometimes I feel to muchself 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
29N Cosy SheridinWoody Gothrie Watch Over Us Sometimes I Feel To MuchSelf 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
6 Coyote OldmanLuminescence Under an Ancient SkyHearts of Space 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
8 Craig PadillaMessage from Within GenesisSpotted Peccary9/12/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
2P Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young4 + 20 9/29/2016Eclectic Bobby G
50P Curtis GordonRompin' and Stompin' Play The Music LouderBear Family 9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
11N Daimh Lassies' Fashion/Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston/Dunrobin Castle/Sweet Molly Hebridean SessionsStudio Ostaig 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
40 Dakota Dve HullWhen You're Smiling Reunion RagFlying Fish9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
12P Dal PerkinsMoney Greases The Wheels 45rpm singleChallenge9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
10N DallahanHurley's House When the Day Is On the Turn(self) 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
16N Dan PoundShadows of the Heart Shadows of the HeartPound Sounds 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
15P Darren RahnForget Me Nots Talk Of The Town9/6/2016 R&B/SoulEric
4P Debby McClatchySan Antonio Chestnut Ridge(self)9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
22 Debby McClatchyBanks of the Sacramento Off to CaliforniaWildebeest 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
24 Debby McClatchyStella Ireland and Lady Luck Lady LuckGreen Linnet9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
18Debra Cowan Mcginnis Gets a JobThe Long Grey Line (self)9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
15 Deby Benton GrosjeanMaol Donaidh Beyond the ShoreAniar9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
11N DeepernetThe NetworkThe Network Spotted Peccary9/12/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
26N Deer Creek BoysHow A Cowgirl Says Goodbye 2016 Spring Singles Mountain Fever Records 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
3P Delfeayo MarsalisStar Crossed Lovers Sweet Thunder: Duke & Shak9/27/2016 JazzEric
6Deniz Seki Nerelerdeydin9/6/2016 Turkish PopAhmet Toprak
10P Derek & The DominosUntitled Instrumental 9/22/2016Eclectic Bobby G
5Dermot Byrne Pigeon on the Gate/Heather BreezeDermot Byrne Green Linnet9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
4N DeuterMatamua Illumination Of The HeartNew Earth 9/12/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
43P Devvy DavenportTake Your Guitar and Git 45rpm singleSims9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
13 Dick GaughanWorkers' Song Handful of EarthGreen Linnet 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1Dick Hensold Lance Robson's J Big Music For Northumbrian Smallpipes Ten Thousand Lakes9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6 Dolores Keane & Reel UnionJohnny & Molly There Was a MaidCladdagh9/1/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
36Double Date Blue SkiesDouble Date 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
37Double Date Wayfarin' StrangerDouble Date 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
42Double Date Weep O Mine EyesDouble Date 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
3Duck Baker Rights of ManKid on the Mountain Kicking Mule9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
10 Eamon Coyne & Kris Drever Ger the Rigger/An Dro/Peninsula Man Honk Toot SuiteCompass9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
42 Earl ScruggsSittin' On Top Of The World The Ultimate Collection / Live at the Ryman 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
43 Earl Scruggs & Hylo Brown & The Timberliners Girl In The Blue Velvet Band Bluegrass - Earl Scruggs - Classic Bluegrass Live 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
25Early Mays The Blackest CrowThe Early Mays (self)9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
7P Earth, Wind & FireHead to The Sky / Devotion 9/1/2016Eclectic Bobby G
8P Earth, Wind & FireSun Goddess 9/1/2016EclecticBobby G
48P Eddy and The BackfiresHonky Tonk Girl Get Up and Dance!Rhythm Bomb 9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
6 Edip AkbayramDegmen Benim Gamli Yasli Gonlume 9/27/2016Turkish psychedelic Ahmet Toprak
9 Eileen Ivers & Immigrant SoulMundo Pequeno Eileen Ivers & Immigrant SoulKoch 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
37 Eiza GilkysonRoses at the End of Time Roses at the End of TimeRed House 9/30/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3N ElixirRed Star Line/Adirondack Super Tonic(self)9/1/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
8N ElixirCalle CespedesRampant (self)9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
14N ElixirMeredithAnybody's Guess (self)9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
17N ElixirTarbolton Lodge Anybody's Guess(self)9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
6Ellery Klein The Graf SpeySalt & Pepper (self)9/8/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
24 Emmas RevolutionTaxed EnoughRpm Self9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
17Enoch Kent I'm a Workin' ChapI'm a Workin' Chap 2nd Av9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
8P Eric Clapton Eyesight to The Blind / Why does Love got to be so Sad? 9/15/2016Eclectic Bobby G
10N Erik WolloSepiaBlue Radiance Projekt9/12/2016Visionary Roger Werner
28Euphonia Cotton-Eyed JoeThe Old Jawbone (self)9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
44Euphorics Message in a BottleStanding Up for Love 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
21 Eve GoldbergLittle Boat A Kinder SeasonBorealis9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
4P Everything But The GirlDriving The Language Of Life9/20/2016 AlternativeEric
16N Evie Ladin BandCoocoo Jump The Fire9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
17N Evie Ladin BandHave It All Jump The Fire9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
22P EWFAfricanoThe Hits 9/27/2016R&B/SoulEric
23P EWFSee The LightThe Hits 9/27/2016R&B/Soul Eric
2P Eylem AktasHatirla Sevgili 9/13/2016Turkish popularized classical Ahmet Toprak
9 Fevzi AtliogluKirsehir Oyun Havasi 9/27/2016Turkish Folk Ahmet Toprak
26Fiddler's 4 Greek Medley/Polly Put the Kettle OnFiddlers 4 Compass9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
10P Fleetwood MacSara 9/29/2016EclecticBobby G
11P Fleetwood MacSong #3 (Walk a Thin Line) 9/29/2016Eclectic Bobby G
12P Fleetwood MacEyes of The World 9/29/2016EclecticBobby G
24Flynn Cohen Conversation With DeathThe Lazy Farmer Wepecket Island9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
20 Forrest Fang & Carl WeingartenFreezing Days InvisibilityThe Foundry9/25/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
6N Four Bitchen BabesIn My Dreams Midlife VicesHem And Haw 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
17N Four Bitchen BabesHistory of Cheese Midlife VicesHem and Haw9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
28N Four Bitchen BabesJust in case Midlife VicesHem and Haw9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
38Fourth Ave I'm Feelin' Lucky TodayScrapbook 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
7Funda Arar Ne Gelen Var Ne Soran Var 9/6/2016Turkish popularized classical Ahmet Toprak
21 G. Bok/E. Trickett/A.M. MuirGin & Raspberry Minneapolis ConcertFolk-Legacy 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
9N Gailfean Hunting the Hare/Swaggering/Hardiman the Fiddler Won't You Come Out TonightLadslike 9/30/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
14N GailfeanHeenan & Sayers Won't You Come Out Tonight(self) 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7N Gary SchmidtBetween Two Worlds Landscapes of the Heartself 9/26/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
15 Gearoid O'hAllmhurain Crosses of Annagh/Jim McCormack's Trad. Music from Clare & Beyond Celtic Crossings9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2P George DukeStraight From The Heart Brazilian Fusion9/20/2016 JazzEric
14P George DukeCorine Brazilian Fusion9/27/2016 JazzEric
12P George HarrisonAwaiting on You All 9/22/2016Eclectic Bobby G
8P George NooksAre You Ready Smiling Africa9/13/2016 ReggaeEric
2P George WinstonSeptemberAutumn Windham Hill9/26/2016Visionary Roger Werner
4 German LebedevSong of the Girls 9/6/2016Chuvash Ahmet Toprak
17Gibb Todd Scarborough Settler's LamentConnected KRL9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
16N Gina ForsythCooper Rooster Cooper RoosterWaterbug9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
29N Gina ForsythCherokee Shuffle Copper RoosterWaterbug9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
38N Gina ForsythWhiskey Before Breakfast Copper RoosterWaterbug9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
42 Ginny ReillyOh Daddy Blues Blues of Bessie Smith(self) 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Gino VannelliStorm At Sunup Storm At Sunup9/6/2016 RockEric
20P Gino VannelliCrazy Life Crazy Life9/13/2016Rock Eric
20P Gino VannelliUgly Man The Gist Of The Gemini9/27/2016 RockEric
21P Gino VannelliKeep Walking Storm At Sunup9/27/2016 RockEric
25P Gino VannelliCarnal Question The Gist Of The Gemini9/6/2016 RockEric
26P Gino VannelliAfter The Battle The Gist Of The Gemini9/6/2016 RockEric
27P Gino VannelliTo The War The Gist Of The Gemini9/6/2016 RockEric
17Glad They Can't Take That Away From MeGershwin 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
46P Gloria Becker, Don Ralke Quintet Sixteen Pounds (Housewife's Lament)45rpm single Real9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
20 Goodtime SingersOh How We Roared in the 20s Yours in Harmony9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
30P Greensky BluegrassRoom Without a Roof Shouted, Written Down & Quoted 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
31P Greensky BluegrassPast My Prime Shouted, Written Down & Quoted 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
32P Greensky BluegrassFixin' to Ruin Shouted, Written Down & Quoted 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
15P Gregory Porter w/DisclosureHolding On Caracal9/13/2016Dance Eric
40 Groove SocietyYou're No Good Groove Society9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
1 Gustav Holst (Peter Sykes, organist) Neptune the MysticThe Planets Raven9/4/2016Visionary Steve Davis
1 Gustav Holst (cond: Charles Dutoit) Neptune the MysticThe Planets London9/11/2016Visionary Steve Davis
1 Gustav Holst (cond: Geoffrey Simon) Neptune the MysticThe Planets LaserLight Digital9/25/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
44P Hank CochranThe Picture Behind The Picture 45rpm singleLiberty9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
1Hanz Araki Rainy Night in SohoLittle Fires Little Sea9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
39Happy Traum Spanish Is the Loving Tongue Just For the Love of ItLark's Nest 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
37 Harley AllenHey Across The Blueridge Mountains9/26/2016 Bluegrass?Dave Hook
38 Harley AllenStray Dogs And Alley Cats Harley Allen Live At The Bluebird Cafe 9/26/2016Bluegrass?Dave Hook
39 Harley AllenEverything I Love Is Killin' Me Harley Allen Live At The Bluebird Cafe 9/26/2016Bluegrass?Dave Hook
9P Harold RileyIran Sux45rpm single Ho-Ron9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
28 Harpeth RisingCalifornia 1854 Dead Man's Hand(self)9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
34Heat Cry Me a RiverHeat 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
35Heat HeatwaveHeat9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
6N Heidi Osgood-MetcalfPitosi Peak Montanasself9/26/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
8N Hennie BekkerBeyond Dreams Beyond DreamsAbbeywood Records 9/5/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
8N Hennie BekkerBeyond Dreams Beyond DreamsAbbeywood Records 9/19/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
20Holly Near Harriet TubmanSinger In The Storm Chameleon9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
5N Howard Givens & Madhavi DeviIntention Source of CompassionSpotted Peccary Music 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
6N Howard Givens & Madhavi DeviEmergence Source of CompassionSpotted Peccary Music 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
9N Howard Givens & Madhavi DeviOmkara Source Of CompassionSpotted Peccary 9/12/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
14N Howard Givens & Madhavi DeviIntention Source of CompassionSpotted Peccary Music 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
15N Howard Givens & Madhavi DeviPathless Passage Source of CompassionSpotted Peccary Music 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
20N Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi Source of CompassionSource of Compassion Spotted Peccary Music9/4/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
15P Hristo Vitchev QuartetIn Search Of Wonders In Search Of Wonders9/20/2016 JazzEric
4Ian Benzie I'se the B'yI'se the B'yKRL 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
2P IncognitoI Hear Your Nanme The Best Of Incognito9/13/2016 R&B/SoulEric
22N Irene KelleyJohnson's Hardware Store These Hills9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
23N Irene KelleyThese Hills These Hills9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
24N Irene KelleyCoal Train These Hills9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
2P IshqFyenFhorm TXT Recordings9/25/2016Visionary Steve Davis
8P Isley BrothersHarvest For The World The Ultimate Isley Brothers9/27/2016 R&B/SoulEric
10P Jack RenoBlue45rpm single Fono Graf9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
9P James BrownIntroduction to Star Time! 9/1/2016EclecticBobby G
10P James BrownLicking Stick - Licking Stick 9/1/2016Eclectic Bobby G
11P James BrownCold Sweat 9/1/2016EclecticBobby G
12P James BrownThere was a Time 9/1/2016EclecticBobby G
29N James GordonSunny JimSunny Jim Borealis9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
32N James GordonChange Train Sunny JimBorealis9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
4James King These Old Pictures Rounder Radio Bluegrass Sampler 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
7 Jamie AndersonWhen Cats Take Over The Wolrd Never AssumeTsunami9/11/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
16Jamie Laval Vineyard HarvestShades of Green Tartan9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
36N Jania IanCrocodile Song Folk Is the New BlackRude Girl 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3N Janis IanDanger, Danger Folk Is The New BlackRude Girl Records 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
8N Janis IanThe Great Divide Folk Is The New BlackRude Girl Records 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
11N Janis IanDanger Danger Folk is the new blackRude Girl 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
14N Janis IanDanger Danger Folk Is The New BlackRude Girl Music 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
33N Janis IanFolk is the New Black Folk is the New BlackRude Girl 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11 Jazz SingersLove is More Thicker Then Forget BOCA 20079/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
32 Jeannie StahlMysteries of Science MysteriesDaring9/15/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
10N Jeff PearceUnder Summer Stars Follow the River Homeself 9/5/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
11N Jeff PearceOutpost Follow the River Homeself 9/26/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
19N Jeff PearceSnowfall Follow the River HomeJeff Pearce Music 9/4/2016VisionarySteve Davis
19N Jeff PearceUnder Summer Stars Follow the River HomeJeff Pearce Music 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
20 Jenna MoynihanBanks of the Deveron Woven(self)9/1/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
4N JeremiahsNorth Sea Holes The Jeremiahs(self)9/1/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
39 Jeremy LyonsWhen I'm Feeling Better Make It Better(self)9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
24 Jese Milnes & Emily MillerPuncheon Floor Deep End Sessions , v. 2Deep End 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
5P Jesse McReynoldsStella Blue Songs of the Grateful Dead9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
19Jez Lowe ProppingThe Parish Notices Green Linnet9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
5N Jill HaleyTen Thousand Islands National Park SoundscapesCoranglais 9/12/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
37 Jim Kweskin & Meredith Axelrod Old Chisholm Trail/Get Along Little Dogies/Back in the Saddle Again Come On In(self)9/1/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
41N Jim Kweskin & Meredith AxelrodOh By Jingo Come On In(self)9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
36 Jim Lauderdale & Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys Forever Ain't No Trouble Now Lost in the Lonesome Pines9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
8Jim Malcolm Flowers of EdinburghLive in Glnfarg Beltane9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
36 Jimmy AbrahamWayward Girl Songwriter's Notebook, v.1Sawmill 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
17P Jimmy NewmanWhat'cha Gonna Do 45rpm singleMGM9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
33P Jo SerrapereThere Goes My Heart Dollar Store Nation(self) 9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
1 Joan ArmatradingAll shapes and sizes What's InsideRCA9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
1 Joan ArmatradingAll Shapes And Sizes What's InsideRca9/11/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
1 Joan ArmatradingAll Shapes And Sizes What's InsideRca9/25/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
21N Joan BaezThere But For Fotune &5th Birthday CelebrationRazor And Tie 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
21N Joan BaezHard Times 75th Birthday CelebrationRazor And Tie 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
23N Joan BaezHouse of the Rising Sun 75th Birthday CelebrationWNET 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
26N Joan BaezThere But For Fotuen 75th Birthday CelebrationRazor And Tie 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
32N Joan BaezDeportees 75th Birthday CelebrationWNET 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
41Joan Baez Diamonds & Rust&5th Birthday Celebration WNET9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2N Joanna BroukMary's Watch Hearing MusicThe Numero Group 9/5/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
7P Joe Cocker / Mad Dogs & Englishmen Feeling Alright9/8/2016 EclecticBobby G
8P Joe Cocker / Mad Dogs & Englishmen Blue Medley:9/8/2016 EclecticBobby G
9P Joe Cocker / Mad Dogs & Englishmen a. I'll drown in My Own Tears 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
10P Joe Cocker / Mad Dogs & Englishmen b. When Something is wrong with My Baby 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
11P Joe Cocker / Mad Dogs & Englishmen c. I've been loving You too Long 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
12P Joe Cocker / Mad Dogs & Englishmen d. Basking in The White of The Midnight Sun (Reprise) 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
13P Joe Cocker / Mad Dogs & Englishmen Space Captain9/8/2016 EclecticBobby G
14P Joe Cocker / Mad Dogs & EnglishmenThe Letter 9/8/2016Eclectic Bobby G
14P Joe Cocker / Mad Dogs & EnglishmenThe Letter 9/29/2016Eclectic Bobby G
15P Joe Cocker / Mad Dogs & EnglishmenDelta Lady 9/29/2016Eclectic Bobby G
2P Joe ZawinulDr. Honoris Causa 9/1/2016EclecticBobby G
27Joel Mabus Uncloudy Day/Leonard LivelyThe Banjo Monologues Fossil9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
18P Johann JohannssonFlight from the City OrpheeDeutsche Grammophon 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
16John Adams On the Transmigration of Souls (~1st 10 min) On the Transmigration of SoulsNonesuch 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
4P John BeasleyMonk's Processional Presents MONK'estra V19/13/2016 JazzEric
18P John BeasleyGallop's Gallop Presents Monk'estra Vol19/27/2016 JazzEric
19P John BeasleyComing On The Hudson Presents MONK'estra V19/13/2016 JazzEric
19P John BeasleyAsk Me Now Presents Monk'estra Vol19/27/2016 JazzEric
2John Blake Earl's Chair/Gan AinmThe Narrow Edge (self)9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
9John Carty Connemara Stockings/Flowers of Red Hill/Prohibition At It AgainShanachie9/1/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
40 John CraigieAs Tragic Montana TaleZabriskie Point 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
14P John LennonImagine 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
8 John McCormackWhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling My Wild Irish RoseBMG9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
27 John McCutcheon It's a Long Way Down to the Soup Line Joe Hill's Last WillAppalseed 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
29P John PrineJust Waitin' For Better, Or Worse9/26/2016 Country & FolkDave Hook
28P John Prine & Amanda Shires Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, And Loud, Loud Music For Better, Or Worse9/26/2016 Country & FolkDave Hook
27P John Prine & Iris DeMent Who's Gonna Take The Garbage Out For Better, Or Worse9/26/2016 Country & FolkDave Hook
37 John StewartSlider The Day the River SangAppleseed 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
12 John StrachanBonny Lassof Fyvie Songs From AberdeenshireRounder 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1 John Wesley HardingCanadee-i-o Trad. Arr. JonesAppleseed 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
26 JohnMcCutcheonWho Will Sing For Me? Wind That Shakes the BarleyRounder 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
37P Johnnie HumbirdOne Heartache At A Time 45rpm singleColumbia9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
38P Johnnie HumbirdIf I Could Come Back 45rpm singleColumbia9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
7P Johnny "Guitar" WatsonI Want To Tata You Baby Ain't That A Bitch9/13/2016 R&B/SoulEric
10Jon Hicks Big John MacNeil/Malibu AbuChasing the Bear Tall Tree9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
17 Jonathan EliasForgiveness The Prayer CycleSony Classical 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
6Jonn Serrie And the Stars Go with You And the Stars Go with YouNew World Music 9/4/2016VisionarySteve Davis
9P Jordan RakeiSelfishGroove Curse 9/27/2016ReggaeEric
15P Jordan RakeiA Tribe Called Government Groove Curse9/27/2016 R&B/SoulEric
30 Jorma KaukonenBy the Rivers of Babylon Stars In My CrownRed House 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
35 Joseph SpenceOuton the Rolling Sea Happy All the TimeHannibal 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11Jubilation Moonlight Brings MemoriesSweet Adelines '85 9/13/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
43Judy Henske Big Fat ManShe Sang California Fair Star9/8/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
15June Tabor PharaohA Quiet EyeGreen Linnet 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1P KansasMiracles Out of Nowhere 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
2P KansasThe Spider 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
3P KansasPortrait (He knew) 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
4P KansasCarry On Wayward Son 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
6N Karen SavocaShook the tree I shoot the treeAllcover Music 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
9P Kat ParraSugar (Azuca De Amor) Kat Parra9/13/2016Jazz Eric
5Kate Rusby The Wild GooseSleeplessCompass 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
26 Kathy KaleckCall Me A Taxi Call Me A TaxiSugar Hill 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
21P Kenon D RenfrowIs Your All On The Altar I Will Praise Him9/13/2016 JazzEric
11 Kevin Burke & Micheal O'Domhnaill Whole Chicken in the Soup/Bir in the Bush/New-Mown Meadow/Silver Spear PromenadeGreen Linnet9/1/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1P KINGThe StoryWe Are KING 9/13/2016R&B/Soul Eric
2P KINGThe Right OneWe Are KING 9/27/2016R&B/Soul Eric
13P KINGOh, PleaseWe Are KING 9/20/2016R&B/Soul Eric
23P KINGOh PleaseWe Are KING 9/6/2016R&B/Soul Eric
5P King CrimsonImprov I 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
6P King CrimsonDoctor Diamond 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
7P King CrimsonImprov II (Excerpt) 9/22/2016Eclectic Bobby G
11P King CurtisTeasin' 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
16P King's XPleiades Gretchen Goes To Nebraska9/20/2016 RockEric
8P Kirk WhalumFool On The Hill Jazz Remakes No.1059/6/2016 JazzEric
3Kitka Yofcharche MladoVoices on the Eastern Wind 9/13/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
43Kitka Kak Ivin-to Hodit-BroditThe Vine 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
7P KlymaxxMeeting In the Ladies Room Klymaxx9/27/2016 R&B/SoulEric
10P KlymaxxTake You BackSingle 9/27/2016R&B/Soul Eric
12P KlymaxxTake U BackSingle 9/13/2016R&B/Soul Eric
9P Kris BowersForever Wonder Heroes & Misfits9/6/2016 JazzEric
10P Kris BowersForever Spring Heroes & Misfits9/6/2016 JazzEric
7P Kris Bowers w/Chris TurnerWonder Love Heroes & Misfits9/6/2016 JazzEric
28N Kristine SchmittThat Is The Good Dirt Good DirtSelf9/25/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
23 Lancaster TransitErsatz Aliens & Strangers9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
15N Lara HerscovitcaMisfitMisfit self9/4/2016Women's Laura Testa
29N Lara HerscovitcaWill the circle be unbroken Misfitself9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
8N Lara HorscoutivchMisfitMisfit Self9/11/2016Women's Laura Testa
7Laura Love SativaFourteen DaysZoe Records 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
9Laura Love SativaFourteen DaysZoe Records 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
10Laura Love SaskatchewanNegrasOctoroon 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
16Laura Love Passin'NegrasOctoroon 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel9/5/2016Visionary Roger Werner
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel9/12/2016Visionary Roger Werner
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel9/19/2016Visionary Roger Werner
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel9/26/2016Visionary Roger Werner
25 Laurie LewisHardford 1944 Skipin And FlyingSpruce And Maple 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
24 Laurie Lewis And Kathy Kallek Goin Upon The MountainTogether Kalidescope Records9/11/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
1P Led ZeppelinBabe I'm gonna leave You 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
3P Led ZeppelinStairway to Heaven 9/15/2016EclecticBobby G
4P Led ZeppelinThat's The Way 9/15/2016EclecticBobby G
5P Led ZeppelinGoing to California 9/15/2016Eclectic Bobby G
14P LemongrassPolar Nights Ambient Land (ep)Lemongrass Music 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
32 Leonard CohenStagesCan't Forget Columbia9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
12P Les NubiansDemain Jazz Princesses Nubiennes9/6/2016 R&B/SoulEric
13P Les NubiansTaboo Princesses Nubiennes9/6/2016 R&B/SoulEric
32P Libby RoderickAmerica, America If You See A DreamTurtle Island 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
13P Linda TilleryWe are going Still we sing, still we riseself 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
31 Linda TilleryThe Twist Still We Stand, Still We RiseSelf 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
2P Linda Tillery And The Cultural Heratige Choir You Don't Want MeStill We Sing, Still We Rise Self9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
14 Linda Tillery And The Cultural Heratige Choir Hammer RingGood Time, A Good Time Self9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
18 Linda Tillery And The Cultural Heratige Choir Lift Every VoiceFront Porch Music Self9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
31P Linda Tillery And The Cultural Heratige Choir We Are GoingStill We Sing, Still We Rise Self9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
18 Linsey Aitken & Ken Campbell Where the Scots Pine GrowKith & Kin Bridgegate9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
29 Lisa AtkinsonJimmy & Joe Connie's Songbird(self)9/15/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
8Lisa Gerrard The RiteThe Mirror Pool4AD 9/4/2016VisionarySteve Davis
9 Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke Pilgrimage of Lost ChildrenDuality 4AD9/4/2016Visionary Steve Davis
15 Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke The Unfolding (part)Duality4AD 9/4/2016VisionarySteve Davis
7 Lissa SchneckenburgerColeman's March (Reprise) Lissa SchneckenburgerFootprint 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
35P Little Ruby JeanI Cried My Last Tear Oiver You 45rpm singleAccent9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
5 Liz Carroll & John Doyle Smokies in Arbroath/Mystery Writer//Blessings of Gold In PlayCompass9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
10N Loren Nerell & Mark SeeligAcacia Tree Of LifeProjekt9/19/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
21P Louie VegaFlight (Nu Life Vox Mix) Studio Apartment9/6/2016 DanceEric
45Lovenotes Hooked On This Skype ThingFrom The Heart 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
24P Lucy RoseShiverLike I Used To 9/20/2016Singer/Songwriter Eric
4P Ludovico EinaudiOdd DaysEchoes Ponderosa9/19/2016Visionary Roger Werner
16Lunasa Cillian's Midnight Dip/Tuttles R/Spoil the Dance RedwoodGreen Linnet9/1/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
20Lunasa Inion Ni ScannlainMerry Sisters of Fate Green Linnet9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6P Luther VandrossWait For Love The Ultimate Luther Vandross9/20/2016 R&B/SoulEric
4N Lynn TredeauAwakenA New Dream self9/26/2016Visionary Roger Werner
7N Lynn TredeauInnocenceA New Dream self9/12/2016Visionary Roger Werner
34Mad Agnes Circuit CityRevenants(self) 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
10Maddy Prior The Fabled HareYearPark 9/30/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
42 Madeleine Peyroux I'm Always Walkin' After MidnightDreamland 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
5Makbule Oral Eklemedir Koca Konak9/27/2016 Turkish FolkAhmet Toprak
33 Mandolin OrangeRounder Such JubileeYep Roc9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
31 Manhattan TransferDead or Alive Mecca for Moderns9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
4P Marcus JohnsonShalom Flo For The Love Of9/6/2016 JazzEric
17P Marcus Marr & Chet FakerThe Trouble With Us Work - EP9/20/2016 ElectronicEric
17P Marion MeadowsSuedePlayer's Club 9/27/2016Smooth Jazz Eric
2 Marjorie de MuynckBreath In The Key Of EarthSounds True 9/19/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
35N Marley's GhostBlind Fiddler Woodstock SessionsSage Arts 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
38N Marley's GhostAlabama John Cherokee Woodstock SessionsSage Arts 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
6 Martin Hayes & Dennis CahillColeman's March Welcome Here AgainGreen Linnet 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
22P Marvin GayeWhen Did You Stop Loving Me Here My Dear9/6/2016 R&B/SoulEric
34Mary Flower Terminal RagBywater Dance Yellow Dog9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
25 Mary McCaslinCole Younger Prairie in the SkyPhilo9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Max RoachNommo 9/1/2016EclecticBobby G
38 Max StallingLast DogBanquet (self)9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
14P Meddy GervilleBlue Rondo a la Turk Fo Kronm La Vi9/20/2016 JazzEric
3 Mehmet Abi and ChorusYalnizim 9/20/2016Turkish acapella Ahmet Toprak
18Melodeers Nothing Can Stop Us NowThe Joy of Six 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
19Melodeers Baby Face/You Must Have BeenThe Joy of Six 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
8 Meshrep EnsembleBahar Seylisi 9/27/2016UyghurAhmet Toprak
2Metin Guyer Ayrilmak Ne Kadar Zor9/27/2016 Turkish popularized classicalAhmet Toprak
9 Michael ColemanThe Grey Goose Legacy of Michael ColemanShanachie 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
10 Michael Hoppe & Tim WheaterSilence of Stars Wind SongsSpring Hill Music 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
12 Michael Mandrell & Benjy Wertheimer Santosa (Contentment)Anjali Ancient-Future.com9/4/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
11 Michael StearnsCorridors of Time ChronosSonic Atmospheres 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
12 Michael StearnsEssence and the Ancients ChronosSonic Atmospheres 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
13 Michael StearnsAngels, Bells and Pastorale ChronosSonic Atmospheres 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
5 Michael WatersTwo Shamans Famous In MongoliaLadybird Music 9/5/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
15N Mick McAuley & Colm O'Caoimh Palm Sunday/Peter O'Byrne's F/Noonday Feast Highs & Bellows(self) 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
27Mike Seeger Savoy Family WThird Annual Farewell Reunion Rounder9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
3P Miles DavisRight Off 9/1/2016EclecticBobby G
12P Miles Davis & Robert Glasper w/Ann Muldrow Milestones - remixEverything's Beautiful 9/27/2016JazzEric
16P Miles Davis & Robert Glasper w/Laura Mvula Silence The WayEverything's Beautiful 9/27/2016JazzEric
1P Miles Davis, Robert Glasper & KING 9/27/2016R&B/Soul Eric
6P Miles Davis, Robert Glasper w/ Hiatus Kaiyote Little ChurchEverything's Beautiful 9/27/2016JazzEric
34 Mission Valley ChorusSitting on Top of the World A Feminine Way9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
22 Mixed CompanyPoisoning Pigeons A Cappella Party9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
15N Moira SmilyBring Me A Little Water Circle, Square, Diamond And FlagMora Music 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
10N Monica PasqualGolden Cuff Is Fortune A WheelPoptuna Music 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
14N Monica PasqualGolden Cuff Is fortune a wheelself9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
30N Monica Pasqual1969 Is fortune a wheelself9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
15 Monteverdi ChoirPurcell: Come Ye Sons of Art Purcell: Music for Queen Mary9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
5N Moria SmileyBg me a little water Circle, square, Diamond, Flagself 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
25N Mountain & the MoonKathy at the Lake Mountain & the Moon(self) 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
14M-Pact A Mile in My Shoes#2 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
1P Muazzez ErsoyKalbimin Sahibisin 9/13/2016Turkish popularized classical Ahmet Toprak
20 Muireann Nic AmhlaoibhWestern Highway DaybreakCompass9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
28Myxolidians Walk on the OceanBOCA 2002 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
6P Naked BootleggersRustbelt KKUP 2015 FCB Marathon9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
21N Nancy CassideyI'm Free Heart of the SongTwitter Twatter 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
3N Nancy CassidyI'm Free Heart Of The SongTwitter Twatter 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
6 Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy Whistler of Rosslea/Earl of Hyndford's ROne (self)9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
1P Nathan East101 Eastbound Nathan East9/20/2016 JazzEric
21P Nathan EastCan't Find My Way Home Nathan East9/20/2016 JazzEric
2N Nathan Gourley & Joey Abarta Miss Johnstone/Tipperary Hills/Cucanandy Copley Street(self)9/15/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
13N Nathan Gourley & Joey Abarta Johnny Henry's/Boys on the Hilltop/Arkle Mountain Copley Street(self)9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
32New Life When I Lift Up My HeadBorn Again 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
13 Niamh ParsonsBonny Woodhall In My PrimeGreen Linnet9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
2Nic Jones The Humpback WhalePenguin Eggs Topic9/8/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
12P Nick ColionneSlammin'Influences 9/20/2016Smooth Jazz Eric
35Nields Dave Hayes the Weather GuyXVII Mercy House9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
6Nik Tyndall LoonLagoonHearts of Space 9/5/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
7P NiluferSensiz Yillarda 9/13/2016Turkish PopAhmet Toprak
23P Nina SimoneWhy (The King Of Love Is Dead) The Best Of Nina Simone9/20/2016 JazzEric
9Noel Hill Wind That Shakes the Barley/Steampacket/Mountaintop/Devanney's Goat Irish Concertina Two(self) 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7Nomos `Troy's Wedding/Peter Ostroushko's J I Won't Be Afraid Any MoreGreen Linnet 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
26 Norman BlakeBilly GrayOld Ties Rounder9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
31Nota You Own My AllNota 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
32Nota Tracks of My TearsNota 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
6 Note-cracker SweetsI feel a song coming on Sincerely Yours9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
26Notorious Door County #2Road to Damascus Black Socks9/8/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
33 NYC Gay Mens ChorusI Hear Bells Love Lives On9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
45 Oak Ash & ThornBenjamin Bowmaneer Old Enough to Drink9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
9P Ohio PlayersPainPain 9/20/2016R&B/SoulEric
10P Ohio PlayersRooster PootPleasure 9/20/2016R&B/Soul Eric
27Old Buck Nancy AnnOld BuckTin Halo 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
11P Omar SossaCalling EggunEggun 9/6/2016JazzEric
12 One Lane BridgeLast of the Starrs One Lane Bridge(self)9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
4 Oophoi & Tau CetiCydonia Plains Celestial GeometriesAmplexus/Arya 9/4/2016VisionarySteve Davis
5 Oophoi & Tau CetiValles Marineris Celestial GeometriesAmplexus/Arya 9/4/2016VisionarySteve Davis
34 Outdoor Plumbing CompanyEast Virginia Blues Live! At McClure9/26/2016 Country & FolkDave Hook
12N Outside TrackSet You Free Light Up the DarkLorimer9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
38Owen Plant I Was on the MoonI Was on the Moon (self)9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
24Panache If There's Anybody Here from Out of TownXXOO 9/13/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
9N Paradiso & RasamayiAcross the Threshold Celestial Resonance5th Element Music 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
10N Paradiso & RasamayiThe Journey Through Celestial Resonance5th Element Music 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
13 Pat HumpriesBuy This American Car Same RainMoving Forward Music 9/25/2016Women'sLaura Testa
13P Patrice RushenNumber 1 Straight From The Heart9/27/2016 R&B/SoulEric
14P Patrice RushenSpirit Of Jazz Patrice Rushen9/6/2016 JazzEric
51P Patsy ClineWalkin' After Midnight Commemorative CollectionMCA 9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
4Patty Larkin Metal DrumbsLive In The Square Philo9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
31N Paul GeremiaAin't Nobody Home But Me Live From Uncle Sam's BackyardRed House 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
13P Paul KossoffTime Away 9/29/2016EclecticBobby G
15P Paul McCartneyRam On 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
16P Paul McCartneyBack Seat of My Car 9/22/2016Eclectic Bobby G
13P Paul McCartney & WingsA Love for You 9/22/2016Eclectic Bobby G
18 Paul McKenna BandIndianaElements Compass9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
21 Paul McKenna BandLong Days Paths That Wind(self)9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
20Pentatonix Can't Sleep LovePentatonix (Deluxe Version) 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
21Pentatonix SingPentatonix (Deluxe Version) 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
1Persuasions It Must Have Been the RosesMight as Well 9/13/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
2Pete Clark Theresa McVarishNow & Then (self)9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
19Pete Coe I Courted A Wee GirlLong Company Backshift9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
25Pete Seeger Homestead Strike SongSing Along Smithsonian Folkways9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
36 Peter & Lou Berryman Here's Louie With the Sports We Don't Talk About ThatCornbelt 9/30/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
6Peter Daldry Bruach ChluaidhFamiliar Roads (self)9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
17P Phillip MartinAmerican Garden Pride & Joy9/6/2016 JazzEric
12P Phillip WilkersonAnd Then the Time Was Lifted Waking Across the Riverself-published 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
13P Phillip WilkersonThe Last Day Here Waking Across the Riverself-published 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
42 Pierce PettisNothing But the Truth State of GraceCompass9/15/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
18P PocketsTell Me WhyTake It On Up 9/6/2016R&B/Soul Eric
7P Popol VuhWoe Be To Khorazin (part) Best of Popol Vuh: From the Filmsof Werner Herzog Milan9/4/2016Visionary Steve Davis
11P Popol VuhListen He Who Ventures Tantric Songs / Hosianna Mantra Celestial Harmonies9/4/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
16P Popol VuhBrothers of Darkness -- Sons of Light Best of Popol Vuh: From the Filmsof Werner Herzog Milan9/4/2016Visionary Steve Davis
20P Punch Drunk LoveEric Roberson The Box9/20/2016 R&B/SoulEric
18Quartette Allison Lives by the Big BendWork of the Heart 9/13/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
5P Quincy JonesSecret GardenQ 9/6/2016R&B/Soul Eric
11N Rachel SageTry Try Try ChoreographicMpress Music 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
12N Rachel SageHomeChoreographic Mpress records9/4/2016Women's Laura Testa
3N Rajendra TeredesaiYoga Prabhat Morning Ritual Moksha The Path To Inner PeaceReal Music 9/5/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
21 Ralph McTellStrets of London Songs of Ralph McTellRed House 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
33 Ralph StanleyI'm On My Way Back To The Old Home Live! At McClure9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
35 Ralph StanleyWhite Dove Live! At McClure9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
44 Ralph StanleyJesus On The Mainline My All & All9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
23 Ranch RomanceWheatfield Annie Flip CitySugar Hill9/11/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
48Razzcals Keepin' Out of Mischief NowNow Appearing 9/13/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
41 Red Clay RamblersChicken Hard TimesFlying Fish9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
40P Red GarrettThey Got Me Singin' That Way 45rpm singleRCA Victor9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
41P Red GarrettPlease45rpm single RCA Victor9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
2Red Molly WitchitaLove And Other Tradgedies Self9/11/2016Women's Laura Testa
6Red Molly Coal TatooNever Been To Vegas Self9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
9Red Molly Walk Beide MeLight In The Sky Self9/11/2016Women's Laura Testa
13Red Molly Clince River BlueThe Red Album Self9/11/2016Women's Laura Testa
19Red Molly JezebelJamesSelf 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
22Red Molly WitchitaLove and other tragedies self9/4/2016Women's Laura Testa
22Red Molly Coal TatooNever Been To Vegas Self9/11/2016Women's Laura Testa
26Red Molly Coal TattooNever been to Vegas self9/4/2016Women's Laura Testa
32P Red SovineTeddy Bear Truckin' On: 52 SongsStarday 9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
18P RedshiftBombers in the Desert EtherChampagne Lake Productions 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
7Reeltime Hayes and HayesLive It Up Green Linnet9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
7 Richard BurmerAve Pladaelio MosaicAmerican Gramaphone 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
8 Richard BurmerBhakti Point Bhakti PointFortuna9/11/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
9 Richard BurmerGhost Tower Treasures of the SaintsMiramar 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
19P Ringo StarrYou & Me (Babe) 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
28 Rita HoskingLittle Joe Come Sunrise(self)9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
31 Robert Earl Keen Jr.Mariano West TexturesSugar Hill9/1/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
11P Robert Glasper f/Bilal & Jazzmine Sullivan You're My EverythingBlack Radio 2 9/13/2016R&B/SoulEric
19P Robert Glasper w/Musiq Soul Child & Chrisette Michelle Ah YeahBlack Radio 9/20/2016R&B/SoulEric
5Robert Rich Parallel HorizonsOpen Window Soundscape Productions9/19/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
19Robert Rich Black SkiesA Troubled Resting Place Fathom9/25/2016Visionary Steve Davis
4 Robin BullockJohn Mackenzie's Fancy Midnight HowlMaggie's9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
36P Ron KartchnerAdd It Up 45rpm singleEl Dorado9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
22 Rosalie Sorrels & Utah Phillips Charge on Mother JonesThe Log Memory Red House9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
20Rose Clancy Betty MofettRose Clancy With Brendan Doan (self)9/8/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
33 Roy BookbinderC C & O Blues Ragtime MillionaireBlue Goose 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
30RSVP She Moved Thru the FairThe Road Home 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
6P Rusty YorkSally Was A Good Old Girl 45rpm singleGaylord9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
3 Sahan ArzruniVisionary Landscapes Visionary Landscapes - HovhanessHearts of Space 9/19/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
29 Salamander Crossing God Bless That Poor Moonshiner Henry Street - A RetrospectiveSignature Sounds 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
45 Salamander CrossingWheels Salamander Crossing9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
2Sandy Denny Down in the Flood North Star Grassman & the RavensHannibal 9/30/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
3P SantanaLook Up (to see What's coming Down) 9/29/2016Eclectic Bobby G
4P SantanaJust in Time to see The Sun 9/29/2016Eclectic Bobby G
5P SantanaSong of The Wind 9/29/2016EclecticBobby G
3Saw Doctors Clare IslandLive in Galway Shamtown9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
5 Sevara NazarkhanBakhtimdan 9/6/2016OzbekAhmet Toprak
5 Sevara NazarkhanErkalab 9/20/2016OzbekAhmet Toprak
6P Sevara NazarkhanDebochadan 9/13/2016OzbekistanAhmet Toprak
22P Shades Of GreenOrrin Evans Freedom9/20/2016Jazz Eric
14 Sharon ShannonLife Is What You Make It LibertangoCompass9/15/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
24 Shawn ColvinShotgun Down the Avalanche Steady OnColumbia9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
12Shimmer Orange Colored SkyShimmer! 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
13Shimmer Some Lucky DayShimmer! 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
8P Shirley HornBut Beautiful But Beautiful9/20/2016 JazzEric
37N Show PoniesStupid Run For Your Life(self)9/8/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
24Si Kahn Black GoldDoing My Job Flying Fish9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
3Siucra Muldoon the Solid ManA Place I Know ESL9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
11N Skipper's AlleyFainne Geal an Lae Skipper's Allet(self)9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
4Skylark Pretty SusanAll of It Green Linnet9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
10Skylark Young & FoolishLight and Shade Claddagh9/22/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
12Slide Just So Far AwayOverneath(self) 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
5P Smokey Robinson w/Groove Boutique, Roy Ayers Quiet StormMotown Remixed 9/20/2016R&B/SoulEric
19P Snarky Puppy w/N' DambiDeep Family Dinner Vol.19/6/2016 JazzEric
3N Snow AppleAnywayTracks Zip Records9/4/2016Women's Laura Testa
7N Snow AppleChoo choo trainTracks Zip Records9/4/2016Women's Laura Testa
16N Snow AppleChoo Choo TrainTracks Zip Records9/11/2016Women's Laura Testa
28N Snow AppleAnywayTracks Zip Records9/11/2016Women's Laura Testa
12N SnowappleAnywayTracks Zip Records9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
30N SnowappleRolling AwayTracks Zip Records9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
17Solstice KappeeRise9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
29 Sound of Music ChorusOn the Old Dominion Line Sweet Adelines '729/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
50 Southern Gateway ChorusWith a Song in My Heart Top 20 Choruses '03; SPEBSQSA9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
3P Spencer & RainsSkeedaddle The Old Texas Fiddle Vol. II(self) 9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
3P Spyro GyraThe Unknow Soldier The Collection9/6/2016 JazzEric
35Stan Rogers White Collar HollerLibe...Between the Breaks Borealis9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
8 Stanford MedicantsJust What I Needed Beggar's Dozen9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
9 Stanford MedicantsI'm Going Down Beggar's Dozen9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
27 Stanford MendicantsShambala Besides What You See9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
39 Stanford Mixed CompanyHolding Out for a Hero Greatest Hits '85-059/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
4P Stanley ClarkeVulcan Princess 9/1/2016EclecticBobby G
5P Stanley ClarkeYesterday Princess 9/1/2016EclecticBobby G
5P Stanley ClarkeLight As A Feather Azymuth: Outro9/13/2016 JazzEric
6P Stanley ClarkeLupsy Lou 9/1/2016EclecticBobby G
5N Starr ParodiHope The Heart of FridaSonicooppler 9/26/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
35 Steve Gillette & Cindy MangsenAn Hour Away BerrymaniaCompass Rose9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
15P Steve ReichSix Marimbas (~1st 5 min) Sextet / Six MarimbasNonesuch 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
17Steve Reich Music for Eighteen Musicians (~1st 16 min) Music for Eighteen MusiciansECM New Series 9/4/2016VisionarySteve Davis
4P Steve RoachNight Ascends (~1st 18 min) Shadow of TimeProjekt9/11/2016 VisionarySteve Davis
6N Steve RoachSkeleton Passage Live In TucsonTimeroon Editions 9/19/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
7N Steve RoachSpiral Passage Live In TucsonTimeroon Editions 9/19/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
9N Steve RoachSymmetry And Balance Skeleton KeysProjekt9/26/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
7P Steve Roach & Robert LoganErosphere BiosonicProjekt9/5/2016 VisionaryRoger Werner
6P Stevie WonderGolden Lady Innervisions9/6/2016 R&B/SoulEric
19 Street SoundsNo More Auction Block for Me Street Sounds9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
4N Stuart and RooneyThe Garden Really GoodCountry con Fusion 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
17N Stuart And RooneyDestitute Really GoodCountry Con Fusion 9/11/2016Women'sLaura Testa
32N Stuart and RooneyDestitute Really GoodCountry con Fusion 9/4/2016Women'sLaura Testa
11 Susan McKeownThe Hare's Lament LowlandsGreen Linnet9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
34 Susan WernerOur Father (New, Revised Edition) The Gospel TruthSleeve Dog 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
13 Sweet Honey in the RockBallad of the Sit-ins The Women Gather9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
2N Sweet Honey in the RockBreaths A TributeAppleseed9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
8N Sweet Honey in the RockShuku Shuku A TributeAppleseed9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
9N Sweet Honey In The RockBreaths A TributeAppleseed9/25/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
15N Sweet Honey In The RockFreedom Suite A TributeAppleseed9/25/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
18N Sweet Honey In The RockPata Pata A TributeAppleseed9/11/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
19 Sweet Honey In The RockI Remember, I Believe Sacred GroundEarthbeat9/25/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
23 Sweet Honey in the RockIn this land In this landEarthbeat9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
25 Sweet Honey in the RockWe are the ones 25Ryko9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
27N Sweet Honey In The RockFreecom A TributeAppleseed9/11/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
27 Sweet Honey In The RockWe Are Sacred GroundEarthbeat9/25/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
33N Sweet Honey in the RockCome yw A TributeAppleseed9/4/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
28 Swingle SingersAnother Hundred People 18129/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
29 Swingle SingersPeter Gun1812 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
16 Tallis ScholarsAgnus Dei Josquin: Missa Sol Fa Re Mi9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
5P Tanju OkanHasret 9/13/2016Turkish PopAhmet Toprak
7P TankIf That's What It Takes Stronger9/20/2016 R&B/SoulEric
2Tarkan Nasil Gecti Habersiz9/20/2016 Turkish popularized classicalAhmet Toprak
11P Teddy ReidelI'll Sail My Ship Alone 45rpm singleVaden9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
32 Terence MartinMiles From Here Last Black and White TVGood Dog 9/30/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1P The Allman Brothers BandRevival 9/15/2016Eclectic Bobby G
2P The Allman Brothers BandDreams 9/15/2016EclecticBobby G
47P The Ballroom RocketsI Don't Care Get Up and Dance!Rhythm Bomb 9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
17P The BeatlesDon't let Me Down 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
18P The BeatlesGet Back 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
23The Bobs Fluffy's Master PlanCoaster 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
2P The BoxcarsCaryville It's Just a Road9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
7P The ByrdsTurn Turn Turn 9/29/2016EclecticBobby G
8P The ByrdsMr. Tambourine Man 9/29/2016EclecticBobby G
9P The ByrdsEight Miles High 9/29/2016EclecticBobby G
15P The ByrdsTurn Turn Turn 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
16P The ByrdsMr. Tambourine Man 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
17P The ByrdsEight Miles High 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
18N The Coal PortersPaint It, Black Find the One9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
19N The Coal PortersFarmers' Hands Find the One9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
20N The Coal PortersHeroes Find the One9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
21N The Coal PortersBarefoot on the Courthouse Lawn Find the One9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
40 The Country GentlemenCalling My Children Home Feel Like My Time Ain't Long9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
9N The Del McCoury BandThe Government Road Del & Woody9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
6P The DoorsLight My Fire 9/29/2016EclecticBobby G
14P The Earls Of LeicesterA Faded Red Ribbon Rattle & Roar9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
15P The Earls Of Leicester Mother Prays Loud In Her SleepRattle & Roar 9/26/2016Bluegrass Dave Hook
21 The FormalitiesSam the Old Accordion Man Favor the Formalities9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
5N The Gothard SistersSolid Ground CompassSelf9/11/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
16P The Jeff Lorber BandCorinaldo Hacienda9/6/2016Jazz Eric
5P The Jimi Hendrix Experience 1983... (A Merman I should turn to Be) 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
6P The Jimi Hendrix Experience Moon, Turn the Tides... Gently Gently Away 9/8/2016EclecticBobby G
26 The King's SingersWith Cat-Like Tread Here's a Howdy Do9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
19P The Lucky StarsGo To Town Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
20P The Lucky Stars$100 and No/sense Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
21P The Lucky StarsWhose Hat Is That? Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
22P The Lucky StarsRye Whiskey Baby Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
23P The Lucky StarsFeelin' It Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
24P The Lucky StarsThe Way You Walk Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
25P The Lucky StarsGlycerin Tears Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
26P The Lucky StarsRight By Me Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
27P The Lucky StarsWatch Your Step Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
28P The Lucky StarsLie, Lie Again Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
29P The Lucky StarsIf I Were Me Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
30P The Lucky StarsI'll Go The Extra Mile Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
31P The Lucky StarsThe Last Call Blues Go To TownFate9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
39 The Marshall Family Children, Go Where I Send Thee Feel Like My Time Ain't Long9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
30 The Melo Edge When You Look in the Heart of a RoseTake One 9/13/2016Human Voice Bio Billy
7 The Moses Hogan ChoraleElijah Rock The Best of Moses Hogan9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
24The Nylons Ain't No SunshineThe Nylons 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
25The Nylons I Can't Go for ThatThe Nylons 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
18P The O'JaysI Love Music The Ultimate O'Jays9/20/2016 R&B/SoulEric
17The Once Valley of Kilbride Row Upon Row of the People They KnowBorealis 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
8N The Outside TrackCanadee-i-o Light Up the DarkLorimer 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
16N The Outside Track Get Me Through December/The Joy of It Light Up the DarkLorimer 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
5 The Real GroupWhen I Fall in Love Nothing But9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
6 The Real GroupChili Con Carne Nothing But9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
25N The Spinney BrothersLiving The Dream 2016 Spring Singles Mountain Fever Records 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
6P The Stanley Clarke BandSchools Days Up9/13/2016Jazz Eric
7P The SteeldriversRiver Runs Red The Muscle Shoals Recordings9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
5 The Vagabonds Who's in the Strawberry Patch w/ Sally To Pilch w/ Love9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
49P The Western FlyersNo Moon At All Wild Blue YonderVersa-Tone 9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
12Three Altos O Mama BakudalaCamaradas 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
4 Threshold ChoirKeep Watch Tenderly Rain9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
33Tim Keller Across the BordelandNo Stranger to Wishes Chamisa9/1/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2P Tom HeasleyGround Zero (~1st 12 min) Where the Earth Meets the SkyHypnos 9/11/2016VisionarySteve Davis
40Tom Rozum Love is a Lonely StreetJubilee 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
41Tom Rozum Don't Fix Up the DoghouseJubilee 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
38Tom Russell Crucifix in a Death Hand/CarmelitaModern Art Hightone9/15/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
12P Town MountainWildbird Southern Crescent9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
13P Town MountainI Miss the Night Southern Crescent9/26/2016 BluegrassDave Hook
3Toxic Audio All I Gotta DoWord of Mouth 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
4Toxic Audio Route 66Word of Mouth 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
6P TrafficDear Mr. Fantasy 9/15/2016EclecticBobby G
30Trapezoid Country Dance/NonesuchLong Time Down This Road Azure9/8/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
2Trenchcoats A Capello BluesYour Joy 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
5P Troy SneedMove Forward Awesome God9/27/2016 GospelEric
8 U. of Michigan Amazin BlueAngel BOCA 20059/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
22 UCLA Awaken AcapellaGravity BOCA 20049/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
3N Uma SilbeyCloudscapes Altered StatesAiro Audio 9/26/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
6N Uma SilbeyCloudscapes Altered StatesAiro Audio 9/12/2016VisionaryRoger Werner
25 UNC Chapel Hill LoreleisJesusland Ben Folds Presents9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
20N Under Hill RoseOur Time Is Done The Great TomorrowSelf9/11/2016 Women'sLaura Testa
29 Utah PhillipsCasey Jones the Union Scab We Have Fed You All for 1000 YearsPhilo 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1 V. Morrison/L. Donegan/C. Barber Good Morning BluesSkiffle Sessions Exile9/30/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
20 Various (Bill Staines)Sourdough/Miner's Song {hilo So FarPhilo9/15/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
14 Various (Billy Bragg)Between the Wars Troubadours of British Folk, v.3Rhio 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
23 Various (Spencer & Rains)Down the Road Berkeley OT Music Cov. Sampler(self) 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
16 Various (Teetotalers) Green Fields of Woodford/Nightingale/Castle Burren Backroom Series, v.1WGBH 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
1 Various (Traffic)John Barleycorn Troubadours of British Folk, v.2Rhio 9/1/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
43 Veritones (Harvard-Radcliffe)Mexico Vertigo9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
44 Veritones (Harvard-Radcliffe)Attitude Vertigo9/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
13P Vernon OxfordGoin' Home 45rpm singleRCA Victor9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
14P Vernon OxfordThe Old Folks' Home 45rpm singleRCA Victor9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
15P Vernon OxfordBaby Sister 45rpm singleRCA Victor9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
16P Vernon Oxford Little Sister Throw Your Red Shoes Away 45rpm singleRCA Victor9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
35Vigortones Moon RiverBest of the Vigortones 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
37 Vocal MajorityGive Me a Good Ol' Mammy Song With a Song in Our Heart9/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
9Vocaldente Let's MisbehaveLet's Misbehave 9/13/2016Human VoiceBio Billy
33Voice Everything PossibleEverything Possible Self9/25/2016Women's Laura Testa
34Voices Everything possibleEverything Possible self9/4/2016Women's Laura Testa
10N Volume FiveBecause Of YouDrifter 9/26/2016Bluegrass Dave Hook
11N Volume FiveScarecrowDrifter 9/26/2016Bluegrass Dave Hook
36 Wainwright SistersBaby Rocking Medley Songs in the DarkPIAS9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
27 Wake the Dead Banks of Lough Gowna/The Reunion/Friend of the Devil Wake the DeadArista9/30/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
40 Waterson:CarthyBlack Muddy River Fishes and Fine Yellow SandTopic 9/15/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
47 Waterville HSTime Gone Best of HS Acapella 20039/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
23N Weeping WillowsPale Rider Before Darkness Comes A-Callin'(self) 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
7 Wellesley College Blue NotesWhat Goes Around BOCA 20099/13/2016 Human VoiceBio Billy
7 Wendy MacIsaac McDonald of the Isles/Mom's J/Rakes of Kildare/Judique J That's What You GetKRL9/22/2016 FolkPeter Schwarz
39P Wes HollyShufflin' Shoes 45rpm singleIowana9/4/2016 CountryStompin' Steve Hathaway
42P Wild Bill EmersonWidow Julie 45rpm singleAce of Hearts 9/4/2016Country Stompin' Steve Hathaway
5 Willie ClancySong of the Riddles Minstrel From ClareGreen Linnet 9/8/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
18Yanks Adieu Muy Lovely NancyHaymaker (self)9/8/2016Folk Peter Schwarz
8Yarn Take Me FirstShine the Light On 9/26/2016BluegrassDave Hook
4Yat-Kha Tozhu Kyzy9/27/2016 TuvanAhmet Toprak
7P YesRitual (Nous Sommes du Solei) 9/15/2016Eclectic Bobby G
8P YesExcepts from "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" 9/22/2016Eclectic Bobby G
9P YesRoundabout 9/22/2016EclecticBobby G
1Zeki Muren Belki bir sabah Geleceksin 9/6/2016Turkish popularized classical Ahmet Toprak
1Zeki Muren Simdi Uzaklardasin9/27/2016 Turkish popularized classicalAhmet Toprak
3P Zero Ohms & Brannan LaneFlows Adrift Immense DistanceSpace For Music 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
4P Zero Ohms & Brannan LaneOn a Cosmic Sea Immense DistanceSpace For Music 9/25/2016VisionarySteve Davis
1Zing! What'll I Do?Nashville Quartet Contest 2009 9/2/2016Human Voice Barbara Vander Putten
2Zing! Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart Nashville Quartet Contest 20099/2/2016 Human VoiceBarbara Vander Putten
42Zoe Mulford StockRoadside SaintsAzalea City 9/22/2016FolkPeter Schwarz
4 Zulfu LivaneliYigidim, Aslanim 9/20/2016Turkish PopAhmet Toprak