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January 2017

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NP ArtistTitleAlbum LabelDateGenre Programmer
26 (Brentwood) Academy SingersBefore the Throne Best of HS Acapella 20041/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
40Acapella RescueThe Collection 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
24Acapella Go Lullaby of BroadwayWay Out West in Seattle 1/10/2017Human Voice Bio Billy
29Acoustix You'll Never Walk AloneO Worship the King 1/10/2017Human Voice Bio Billy
10Alan Reid Iolair Na Mara (The Sea Eagle)The Sunlit Eye Temple1/5/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
32 Albemarle RamblersOtto Wood the Bandit Gentleman From VirginiaMerriweather Records Ltd. 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
46Ambiance Ain't Misbehavin' MedleyAin't Misbehavin' 1/10/2017Human Voice Bio Billy
4N Amy LaurenWhere Three Rivers Meet Sulla Rivaself1/2/2017 VisionaryRoger Werner
25 Antje DuvekotLong way The Near Demise of the Highwire DancerNimbit 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Armageddon Basking in The White of The Midnight Sun ArmageddonA&M Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
2P Armageddona) Warning coming On ArmageddonA&M Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
3P Armageddon b) Basking in The White of The Midnight Sun ArmageddonA&M Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
4P Armageddonc) Brother Ego ArmageddonA&M Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
5P Armageddon d) Basking in The White of The Midnight Sun (Reprise) ArmageddonA&M Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
6P ArmageddonSilver Tightropes ArmageddonA&M Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
16 Banshee in the KitchenThe Righteous Set Even Hotter WaterSpeirbhean Records 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
7 Binchois ConsortFrye: Missa Sine Nomine A Marriage of England & Burgundy 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
7Bothy Band Lucy Campbell/The Laurel Treelive In Concert 1/5/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
28 Boyz Nite OutMy Girl American Vinyl1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
6P Byron MetcalfPatterns of Awarness Inner Rhythm MeditationsSound True 1/2/2017VisionaryRoger Werner
18 CA Golden OvertonesStrong Enough No Boys Allowed1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
8Cara Dillon P Stands for Paddy (Lament for Johnny) Hill of ThievesCharcoal Records 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
17P Chuck Van Zyl The Theory Changes the Reality It Describes The Xyl FileIndustry81/1/2017 VisionarySteve Davis
22 Cracker JillsGoodbye Scarlet Ribbons1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
3 David SylvianOrpheaus Secrets of The BeehiveVirgin Records 1/12/2017EclecticBobby G
4 David SylvianThe Scent of Magnolia 12-Inch Portabello MixVirgin Records 1/12/2017EclecticBobby G
5 David SylvianForbidden Colours 12-Inch RemixVirgin Records 1/12/2017EclecticBobby G
9 David SylvianBrilliant Trees Virgin Records1/12/2017Eclectic Bobby G
2 David Sylvian& Robert Fripp Darshan (The Road to Graceland)12-Inch Remix Virgin Records1/12/2017Eclectic Bobby G
10 David Sylvian& Robert FrippUpon This Earth Virgin Records1/12/2017 EclecticBobby G
15Dervish Lord LevettFrom Stage to Stage 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
13 Dick HensoldMysteries of Knock Big Music for Northumbrian Smallpipes Ten Thousand Lakes1/5/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
14Edlos Iam I, Don QuixoteA Capella Broadway! 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
9 Eight MisbehavinWhen I'm 64 Eight Misbehavin1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
3P Emerald WebBeyond the Towers Sound TrekStargate1/1/2017 VisionarySteve Davis
15P Eric Clapton & The PalpitationsPearly Queen Eric Clapton's Rainbow ConcertRSO Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
16P Eric Clapton & The Palpitations Why does Love got to be so Sad? Eric Clapton's Rainbow ConcertRSO Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
17P Eric Clapton & The PalpitationsLittle Wing Eric Clapton's Rainbow ConcertRSO Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
14N Erik ScottNine Lives In the Company of Cloudsself-published 1/1/2017VisionarySteve Davis
25 Everyday PeopleWater Runs Dry Wail1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
12Fanatix Little Lady Make Believe Remember the Magic: Orlando 2000 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
22 Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans Old Ebenezer Scrooge (feat. Norman Blake & Nancy Blake) Songs That Are Mostly Older Than Us (feat. Norman Blake & Nancy Blake) Native & Fine1/5/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
9Gailfean Paddy Kellys Reels / Finbar Dwyer's (Reels) Won't You Come out Tonight4ladslike Records 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
7P George Harrison & Billy Preston Nothing from NothingDark Horse Promo Dark Horse / Apple Records1/5/2017 EclecticBobby G
8P George Harrison & Billy PrestonOuta Space Dark Horse PromoDark Horse / Apple Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
9P George Harrison & Billy PrestonWhat is Life Dark Horse PromoDark Horse / Apple Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
10P George Harrison & Billy PrestonMy Sweet Lord Dark Horse PromoDark Horse / Apple Records 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
12P Ginger Baker's Air ForceEarly in The Morning Ginger Baker's Air ForcePolydor 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
35 Growing GirlsAnna (Bonnedahl) Ohman Best of Two Worlds, Live1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
1 Gustav Holst (cond: Andre Previn) Neptune the MysticThe Planets Telarc1/1/2017Visionary Steve Davis
32 Hall Hill ChoirWeep O Mine Eyes Best of HS Acapella 20021/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
4P Harold BuddNova AlberiLuxa All Saints/Gyroscope1/1/2017 VisionarySteve Davis
5P Harold BuddChetLuxa All Saints/Gyroscope1/1/2017 VisionarySteve Davis
19P Heavenly Music CorporationSeventh Sun Cirquit From Here to Tranquility Volume 6: The Renaissance [compilation] Silent1/1/2017Visionary Steve Davis
51Hi-Lo's SkylarkNice Work if You Can Get It 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
48Humbuckers No TomorrowNever Said Thanks 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
2 Jacqui Mcshee's PentangleThe house carpenter Passe AvantPark Records1/5/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
17N Janet RussellBanks of Sweet Dundee Love Songs and Fighting TalkHarbourtown 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
6Japan Night PorterOil on Canvas Virgin Records1/12/2017Eclectic Bobby G
7Japan CantonOil on Canvas Virgin Records1/12/2017Eclectic Bobby G
8Japan Temple of DawnOil on Canvas Virgin Records1/12/2017Eclectic Bobby G
39Jezebelle TouchJezebelle1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
24Jim Page Heroes and SurvivorsHeroes and Survivors Disk Eyes courtesy of Big Fish Media1/5/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
20N Joanna BroukLifting Off I Am the Center... [compilation] Light In The Attic1/1/2017 VisionarySteve Davis
2N Joanna BroukMary's Watch Hearing MusicThe Numero Group 1/2/2017VisionaryRoger Werner
30Joel Mabus Liza Jane - WLS & Prairie Farmer The Banjo MonologuesFossil Records 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
4John Carty Major Moran's/Peg McGrath'sAt It Again Shanachie1/5/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
26 John McCutcheonSydney/Joe Hill UntoldAppalsongs1/5/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
27 John McCutcheonTime has made a change in me Sprout Wings and FlyRounder 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
21 Jurgens , Rogers, et.al.Non voglio amare Madrigals & Sacred Concertos 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
15 Kevin BrahenyKnowledge & Dust Desert Solitaire [with Steve Roach & Michael Stearns] Fortuna1/1/2017Visionary Steve Davis
11 King CrimsonIn The Court of The Crimson King DMG1/12/2017Eclectic Bobby G
12 King Crimson21st Century Schizoid Man DMG1/12/2017Eclectic Bobby G
17Kitka Subrali Sa Se SubraliThe Vine 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
44Kitka Tsomo lekho nafshiSanctuary 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
2P Klaus SchulzeBlancheBody Love Brain1/1/2017Visionary Steve Davis
37 Langley Schools ProjectDesperado Songs of Innocence and Despair1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
1P Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic The Great PrayerMeetings With Remarkable Men Citadel1/2/2017Visionary Roger Werner
19Liz Carroll The Drunken Sailor / The Bag of Spuds Lost In the LoopGreen Linnet 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
42 Masterpiece QuartetSweet Pea Nice & Easy1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
45 Masterpiece QuartetHeather On the Hill Nice & Easy1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
12P Matt VenutiDesert Dreams The Rhythm of Lifeself-published 1/1/2017VisionarySteve Davis
4 Meredith WilsonSincereMusic Man 1/10/2017Human Voice Bio Billy
19 MIT ChorallariesMissionary Man Earshot1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
27Mxyolidians Dear PrudenceBest of HS Acapella 2003 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
31Nightlife Stars Fell on AlabamaBasin St. Blues 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
20Noctambule NoctambuleTravel in the Shdows Noctambule1/5/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
31 Norman and Nancy BlakeOld Stepstone While Passing Along This WayShanachie 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
11Numina Waves of ReflectionSymbiotic Spaces Numinamusic / Gestal1/1/2017 VisionarySteve Davis
43 OK City Sweet AdelinesRock-a My Soul Barbershop is OK1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
1Oysterband The Old DanceStep Outside Cooking Vinyl1/5/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
30 Pasive ChaosDon't Speak Class Notes '981/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
6 Patrick StreetIn the Land of the Patagarang Irish TimesGreen Linnet1/5/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
3 Peninsula Women's ChorusDa Pacem Treasures1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
38Persuasion Take Anoher GuessOrlando 2000 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
1Persuasions I Bid You GoodnightMight as Well 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
3N Peter KaterEcho InsideResonance New Earth1/2/2017Visionary Roger Werner
36 Pomona College Glee ClubHail Pomona, Hail Pomona College Songs1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
11Rarities For All We KnowSo Rare 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
18P RedshiftBombers in the Desert EtherChampagne Lake Productions 1/1/2017VisionarySteve Davis
5 Remember WhenRain Medley Through the Years with Remember When 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
49Reveille Middle Aged ManTop 20 Quartets '07 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
23Rick Lee NatickNatickWaterbug 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
8N Robert RichThe Fading Shore of Memory VestigesSoundscape Productions 1/1/2017VisionarySteve Davis
9N Robert RichNight Seas Luminesce VestigesSoundscape Productions 1/1/2017VisionarySteve Davis
10N Robert RichSpectre of Lost Light VestigesSoundscape Productions 1/1/2017VisionarySteve Davis
12Runa Fear a Bháta / Aoibhneas Eilís Ní Cheallaigh / Filleadh an Bhádora (Live) LiveRuna Music1/5/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
13 Second EditionI'm Sitting on Top of the World Best of Two Worlds, Live1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
34 Second EditionJeanie With the Light Brown Hair Best of Two Worlds, Live1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
5 Sharon ShannonPhil Cunningham Set Sharon ShannonRMG Digital 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
3 Shirley Collins The Rich Irish Lady / Jeff SturgeonLodestar Domino Recording Co1/5/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
28Si Kahn ShouldersCourageStrictly Country 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
6P Simon LomaxAll That's Gone A Glimmer of MemoryTXT Recordings 1/1/2017VisionarySteve Davis
7P Simon LomaxAt First Sight A Glimmer of MemoryTXT Recordings 1/1/2017VisionarySteve Davis
47 Standing Room OnlyHumpty Dumpty Jumped Northern Harmony1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
55 Standing Room OnlyHumptey Dumpty Jumped Northern Harmony1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
2 Stanford MendicantsJ'Avais Reve D'Une Autre Vie Besides What You See1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
41 State Line GrocerySunny Side of the Street State Line Grocery1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
7N Steve RoachThis Place to Be This Place to BeTimeroom Editions 1/2/2017VisionaryRoger Werner
13 Steve Roach & Roger KingA Bigger Sky Dust to DustProjekt1/1/2017 VisionarySteve Davis
16 Steve Roach & Roger KingGone West Dust to DustProjekt1/1/2017 VisionarySteve Davis
23 Sweet Honey in the RockI've Got to Know Feel Something Drawing Me On1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
21 Tammy Rogers & Don HeffingtonJohn's Tune iN the REDDead Reckoning Records 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
1 Tangerine DreamRubyconRubycon Virgin Records1/12/2017Eclectic Bobby G
50 The 4 StatesmenCrazy Bones Skeleton Ball Masterworks Series1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
54 The 4 StatesmenYou'll Never Walk Alone Masterworks Series1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
33The Bobs The DeprogrammerThe Bobs 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
10 The Bron's TonesDidn't We Somethin' Southern1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
16 The Four RenegadesStart of Something Big Curtain Call1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
11 The Fretless Jig of the Blood Moon / Kylebrack Rambler bird's nestThe Fretless1/5/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
8 The King's SingersWilbye: Oft Have I Vowed All At Once We Met - English Madrigals 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
20 The King's Singers Dowland: Fine Knacks for Ladies All At Once We Met - English Madrigals 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
11P The KinksCelluloid Heroes Everybody's in ShowbizRCA 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
53 The Langley School Music Project Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Songs of Innocence and Despair1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
29The Mammals ProfitEvolverHumble Abode Music 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
18 The Paul McKenna BandThe Banks of the Moy Paths That WindPMB Records 1/5/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
14The Yanks The Humors of Tullycrine / Far from Home / Paidín O’Rafferty’s haymakerIndependent1/5/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
5N Tom CaufieldAuld Lang Syne I Heard It Was Christmas DayBoh 1/2/2017VisionaryRoger Werner
15 Tonic Sol-faVelvet Jefferson Red Vinyl1/10/2017 Human VoiceBio Billy
13P Traffic (Roamin' thru the Gloamin' with) 40,000 Headmen Live in Santa MonicaPolygram / Universal 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
14P TrafficDear Mr. Fantasy Live in Santa MonicaPolygram / Universal 1/5/2017EclecticBobby G
52Varttina Suuret Ja SoriatSeleniko 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy
6Vox One Pure ImaginationPure Imagination 1/10/2017Human VoiceBio Billy