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February 2017

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NP ArtistTitleAlbum LabelDateGenre Programmer
10Abby Newton Rob Roy MacGregor/An Honorable Peace/Miss Fordyce's of Ayton's R Castles, Kirks, and CavesRedwing Music 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
30 Adam Nordell & Johanna Davis The Means of ProductionWalk These Fields New Root Music2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
32Adrian Legg Ragged NailWaiting for a Dancer Red House Records2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
18Altan Drumnagarry / Pirrie Wirrie / Big John's Island AngelGreen Linnet2/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
38Amy Speace Row, Row, RowSongs From Bright Street Wildflower2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
5 Andrea BeatonThe Number Nine BranchesAndrea Beaton2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
20 Andrew CalhounTelfer's Cows Telfer's Cows: Folk Ballads from Scotland Waterbug2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
6Andy Irvine Allan McLeanRude Awakenings Green Linnet2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
25 Ani DiFranco & Utah PhillipsBread and Roses Fellow Workers2/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
17 Aoife ClancyAre You Sleepin', Maggie Silvery MoonAppleseed2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
37Art Thieme Jerry Go and Oil That Car The Older I Get the Better I WasWaterbug 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
14 Athena Tergis King George IV / King's Reel / Old King's Reel / Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel (Strathspey / Reels) A Letter HomeCompass Records 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
23 BettySoo & Doug CoxDublin Blues Across the Borderline: Lie to Me Borderline Talent2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
12 Bill Dennehy & Todd Denman Woman of the House/New Mown Meadow/Bag of Spuds Like MagicAniar Records2/16/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
1 Black BrothersNow I Have to Call Him Father What a TimeDolphin2/16/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
6Bohola Ship in Full Sail/Bohola Jig/Irishman's Heart to the Ladies BoholaShanachie2/16/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
4 Brenda Stubbert Kylebrack Rambler/Ashley MacIsaac's Reel In Jig Time!Celestial Entertainment 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
7 Brendan Power Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself/Maid Behind the Bar/Corner House New Irish HarmonicaGreen Linnet 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
10 Brian McNeillThe Owl Waltz The Busker and the Devil's Only Daughter Temple Records2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
3Cúig The BachelorProspect 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
32 Catie CurtisHello, Stranger Hello, StrangerCompass Records 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
28Chris Coole Reuben's TrainThe Tumbling River Northern2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
9 Christina Smith & Jean HewsonThe Mallard Like Ducks!Borealis Records 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
40 Chuck Brodsky3rd Dead Cat Last of the Old TimeRed House Records 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
16Coila Sparky / Dr.Macphail's ReelFull On Lochshore2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
27 Cosy SheridanThe Angels In Rome The Horse KingWaterbug Records 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
16Daimh Mike MacDougall's/O'Keefe's/Pattern Day The Hebridean Sessions2/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
13De Dannan The Snowy Cordillera1/2 Set in Harlem Green Linnet2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
22Deanta Ready for the StormReady for the Storm Green Linnet2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
41 Denise Jordan FinleyMy Father's Train Folkest2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
14Dervish WhelansspiritCompass Records 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
18 Dolores KeaneThe Wind That Shakes the Barley Night OwlAlula2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
2P Donny HathawayThe Ghetto Never My Love: The AnthologyAtco 2/16/2017EclecticBobby G
31 Dorsey DixonWeaver's Life Babies in the MillHMG2/16/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
33 Double Decker String BandMary, Don't You Weep Chasing RainbowsMarimac2/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
31Eic Balkey Eyes Wide OpenMy Sacred Heart Hudson Harding2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
1Elixir Reverend Brothers/CalamitySuper Tonic Elixir2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
19Elixir Motel Henri / MamaRampantElixir 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
34 Faith PetricWhen Did We Have Sauerkraut? When Did We Have Sauerkraut?Faith Petric 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
7 Gearoid O'hAllmhurain The Crosses of Annagh/Jim McCormack's Traditional Music From Clare and Beyond Celtic Crossings2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
27 Gina Forsyth8th of January Copper RoosterWaterbug2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
23Grada The Eighteenth of JuneCloudy Day Navigation Compass2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
15 Hanneke Cassel Lime Hill / Banks of Spey / Lexy McAskill Dot the Dragon's EyesCassel Records 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
19Hanz Araki The Bold RobberRainHanz Araki 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
33 Harry Manx & Kevin BreitBottom of the Hill In Good We TrustStony Plain Recording Co. 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
42Harvey Reid Dreamer or BelieverDreamer or Believer Woodpecker2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
42 Hat Check GirlJake & the Five Plaids Six Bucks ShyHEI Global Entertainment Inc. 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
26 Houston JonesAngel from Montgomery Houston JonesSummerhill Records 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
40Jack Hardy I Ought to KnowOmens Great Divide Records2/16/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
2P James Brown & The J.B.'s Escape-ism / Make It Funky Revolution of The Mind: Live at The Apollo Vol. III Polydor2/23/2017Eclectic Bobby G
11P James Brown & The J.B.'s Hot Pants Road / There It Is Get Down at The Apollo with The J.B.'s: Live at The Apollo Vol. IV. Polydor2/23/2017Eclectic Bobby G
12P James Brown & The J.B.'s Papa don't take no MessHell Polydor2/23/2017Eclectic Bobby G
13P James Brown & The J.B.'sThe Funky Drummer 2-Part Polydor SinglePolydor 2/23/2017EclecticBobby G
11James Keane Carmel O'Mahoney/The Maid in the Cherry Tree/The Kilfenora Reel Live in DublinLavalla Records 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
37 James KeelaghanHouse Of Cards House Of CardsBorealis Records 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
14 Jenna MoynihanCawdor Fair / My Maryann WovenJenna Moynihan2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
43 Jim Kweskin & Meredith Axelrod Eight More Miles to LouisvilleCome on in Jim Kweskin2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
43Jim Page Down to EugeneWhose World Is This Whid-isle Music/Liquid City2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
6P Jimi Hendrix * Gypsy, Sun & RainbowsMedley: Live at WoodstockSony Legacy 2/16/2017EclecticBobby G
7P Jimi Hendrix * Gypsy, Sun & Rainbows a) Voodo Chile (Slight Return)Live at Woodstock Sony Legacy2/16/2017Eclectic Bobby G
8P Jimi Hendrix * Gypsy, Sun & Rainbows b) Star Spangled BannerLive at Woodstock Sony Legacy2/16/2017Eclectic Bobby G
9P Jimi Hendrix * Gypsy, Sun & Rainbows c) Purple HazeLive at Woodstock Sony Legacy2/16/2017Eclectic Bobby G
10P Jimi Hendrix * Gypsy, Sun & Rainbows d) Woodstock ImprovisationLive at Woodstock Sony Legacy2/16/2017Eclectic Bobby G
11P Jimi Hendrix * Gypsy, Sun & Rainbows e) Vilanova Junction BluesLive at Woodstock Sony Legacy2/16/2017Eclectic Bobby G
27 Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin Walking Through Your Town in the Snow Heart Songs: The Old Time Country Songs of Utah Phillips Rounder Records2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
35 Joe Craven & Sam BevanShady grove FoakeeBlender Logic2/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
21 Joe Weed & Neal HellmanCantar Montañés Dream of the ManateeGourd Music 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
4John Doyle Captain GlennWayward Son Compass Records2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
39 John StewartJasmine The Day the River SangAppleseed 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
39 John Wort HannamGreat Lakes Brambles and ThornsBorealis Records 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
19 Johnny B. ConnollyTon Doubl Fishel BridgetownGreen Linnet2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
29 Julie HeniganGoing Across the Sea American StrangerWaterbug 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
9Kate Rusby Old Man TimeHourglass Compass Records2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
20Kate Rusby The Wild GooseTen 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
21 Kathleen Conneely The Boy on the Hilltop / Coen's Memories/The Hare's Paw The Coming of SpringKathleen Conneely 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
8 Kevin CrawfordDouble Barrelled Carrying the TuneBallyO2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
18 La Bottine SourianteReel à Roland Appellation d'origine contrôlée Borealis Records2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
42 Larry Kenneth Potts3804 All Things Considered2/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
8 Larry McCullough Humors of Allegheny/Ghost of His Former Self The Light Through the LeavesRounder 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
17 Le Vent du NordAdieu marie Tromper le tempsBorealis Records 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
12 Liam O'Flynn Cailín na Gruaige Doinne (The Girl of the Brown Hair) The Given NoteTara Music Company Ltd. 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
5 Liz Carroll & John Doyle The Man With One Kidney / The Spy CzarIn Play Compass Records2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
33 Lou & Peter BerrymanFamily Car THE PINK ONECornbelt2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
40 Lucy Wainwright Roche & Suzzy Rochelandslide Mud & ApplesBunny Records 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
35 Lucy Wainwright Roche & Suzzy RocheDesperado Mud & ApplesBunny Records 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
9 Maire BreatnachBreatnaigh Abu Angels' CandlesBlix Street 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
11Maivish What Will We DoSunlight into Blue Maivish2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
17Maivish The Rambling ComberSunlight into Blue Maivish2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
15Maivish The Jade Piglet / Tomifobia Ice / Fly out the Window Sunlight into BlueMaivish 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
22 Martin SimpsonGood Morning Mr Railroad Man Prodigal SonCompass Records 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
3P Marvin GayePoor Abbey Walsh Trouble ManTamla2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
4P Marvin GayeThe Break In (Police shoot High) Trouble ManTamla2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
5P Marvin GayeCleo's Apartment Trouble ManTamla2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
6P Marvin GayeTrouble Man Trouble ManTamla2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
7P Marvin GayeTheme from Trouble Man Trouble ManTamla2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
8P Marvin Gaye Inner City Blues (Make Me wanna Holler) What's going OnTamla2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
9P Marvin GayeWhat's going On What's going OnTamla2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
10P Marvin GayeMercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) What's going OnTamla2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
4P McFadden & WhiteheadAin't no stoppin' Us Now 12-Inch SinglePhiladelphia International Records 2/16/2017EclecticBobby G
2Mick Moloney McNally's Row of FlatsMcNally's Row of Flats Compass Records2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
4Mick Moloney Are You the O’Reilly? If It Wasn't for the Irish and the Jews Compass Records2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
29Mike Seeger Shouting In JerusalemTrue Vine Smithsonian Folkways Recordings2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
1P Miles DavisRight Off A Tribute to Jack JohnsonColumbia 2/16/2017EclecticBobby G
3 Molly's Revenge Collier's/Tommy Gunn/In and Out the HarbourFour Molly's Revenge2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
24 Moors and McCumberNo Way to Live Live from Blue RockMoors and McCumber 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
34 Moors and McCumberBuried in Stone (Live) Live from Blue RockMoors and McCumber 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
21 Muireann Nic AmhlaoibhWestern Highway Daybreak: Fáinne an LaeCompass Records 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
16Nightingale Regain / Psalm of Life / Plant un Chouthree Midnight Music2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
10 Noel LenaghanMrs. Kelly's Kitchen A Long Time SinceWaterbug Records 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
24 Norman and Nancy BlakeThe Grave of Bonaparte While Passing Along This WayShanachie 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
36 Old Man LuedeckeJonah & the Whale Tender Is the NightTrue North 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
32Paddy Mills It's Getting ColdThe Good Life Slack Tide2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
13 Peter DaldryLoch Tay Boat Song The Sands of LifePeter Daldry 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
23Peter Keane Another Kind of BlueAnother Kind of Blue Broken White2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
6 Pride of New York Considine’s Grove/Trip to Durrow/Martin Wynne’s/Bere Island (REELS) Pride of New YorkCompass Records 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
36 Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen More WoodVoices of Wintergadfly 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
7Providence Smuggling the TinA Fig for a Kiss Appleseed2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
31 Red Tail Ring Queen of the West, And Other Stories The Heart's Swift FootEarthwork Music 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
15Rick Lee Lights Across the BayNatick Waterbug2/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
12 Robin BullockThe Lightning Field The Lightning FieldAzalea City 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
28 Rosalie SorrelsAshes intro Strangers In Another CountryRed House Records 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
29 Rosalie SorrelsAshes on the Sea Strangers In Another CountryRed House Records 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
30 Rosalie SorrelsRevolutionary Mandate #1 Strangers In Another CountryRed House Records 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
30Sara Grey Cranberry SongBack in the Airly Days Waterbug2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
24Scott Cook All My Moonlit RamblesMoonlit Rambles Scott Cook2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
38Scott Cook The Lord Giveth (And the Landlord Taketh Away) [Live] Moonlit RamblesScott Cook 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
11 Sean TyrrellWalker of the Snow Walker of the SnowThe Vital Record 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
2 Sharon Shannon & FriendsThe Galway Girl The Diamond Mountain SessionsCompass Records 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
5 Skipper's AlleyFlowers of Red Hill Skipper's AlleySkipper's Alley 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
13 Skipper's AlleyMaire Skipper's AlleySkipper's Alley 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
38 Sofia TalvikJasmine, Rose & Sage Big Sky CountryMakaki Music 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
35 Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen Now Everything DoesBerrymania Compass Rose Music2/2/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
14P Stevie WonderAnother Star Songs in The Key of LifeTamla 2/23/2017EclecticBobby G
15P Stevie WonderAs Songs in The Key of LifeTamla 2/23/2017EclecticBobby G
16P Stevie WonderGolden lady InnvervisionsTamla2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
17P Stevie Wonder I believe (When I fall in Love It will be Forever) Talking BookTamla2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
20Tarras Magpie's RevengeRisingRounder 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
36 Terence MartinUsed Cars Even TradeGood Dog Music 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
41The Bobs My Husband Was a WeathermanMy, I'm Large The Bobs2/16/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
5P The Chambers BrothersLove, Peace and Happiness Love, Peace and HappinessColumbia 2/16/2017EclecticBobby G
22 The Jones FamilyDream Operator From Earth to HevenShambling Gate 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
37 The KennedysI'm On My Way Songs of the Open RoadAppleseed 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
26 The Lonesome Ace StringbandGoing Across the Sea Gone For EvermoreLonesome Ace String Band 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
34 The Lonesome Ace StringbandHold On Gone For EvermoreLonesome Ace String Band 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
8 The Paul McKenna BandNo Ash Will Burn (Live) ElementsCompass Records2/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
3P The Philadelphia International All Stars Let's clean up The Ghetto12-Inch Single Philadelphia International Records2/16/2017 EclecticBobby G
41 The Robert Bobby DuoDance Hall Girls Folk ArtI Likemike2/2/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
1 The Saw DoctorsWill It Ever Stop Raining? Songs from Sun StreetShamtown Records 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
1P The TemptationsMessage from a Black Man Puzzle PeopleGordy2/23/2017 EclecticBobby G
3 The Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra The Night Pat Murphy Died (Song) [feat. Mick Moloney] Since Maggie Dooley Learned the Hooley Hooley The Washington Square Harp And Shamrock Orchestra 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
28 Tina Louise BarrCherokee Shufle Breakin' TraditionTina Louise Barr 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
39 Tracy GrammerHey Ho Flower of AvalonSignature Sounds Recordings 2/16/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
25Uncle Earl Bony On the Isle of St. Helena Waterloo, TennesseeUniversal Music 2/2/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
26 Utah PhillipsThe Telling Takes Me Home El CapitanPhilo2/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
2 William Coulter, Aria di Salvio & John Weed Gusty's Frolics/Broken Pledge/Hare's Pane One Lane BridgeOne Lane Bridge 2/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
25Zoe Mulford The Angel In the StormRoadside Saints Azalea City Recordings2/16/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz