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March 2017

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NP ArtistTitleAlbum LabelDateGenre Programmer
1 Andy Irvine & Davy Spillane Pride of MacedoniaEastWind Tara Music Company Ltd.3/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
2Mozaik Baneasa's Green Glade / Roumen Sirakov's Daichevo Live from the PowerhouseCompass Records 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
3 Kevin Burke's Open HouseDucino Kolo Hoof and MouthGreen Linnet 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
4 Hamish Moore & Dick Lee The Rumblin' Brig/Boatman Bill/Ian McGee's Romanian Boots/Birnam Triangle The Bees KneesGreen Linnet 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
5Skylark Pretty SusanAll Of It 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
6Kate Rusby The Wild GooseSleepless Pure Records3/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
7 Josephine MarshMatthew's Waltz Josephine MarshJosephine Marsh 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
8 Oisin MacDiarmada The Avonmore / All Hands Around (feat. Samantha Harvey) The Green Branch3/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
9 Liz Doherty & Fiddlesticks John Steven of Chance Inn/ Ross' Reel No.4/ Frank's Reel Racket In the RectoryFoot Stompin' Records 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
10 Jerry O'SullivanGreen Fields of Canada Gaelic RootsKells3/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
11 Peter Daldryloch lomond The Sands of LifePeter Daldry 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
12Dervish Creggan White HareBurren Backroom Series, v.1 3/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
13 Mick McAuley Jackson's Favourite / All Hands Around / Scott Skinner's (feat. Colm O Caoimh) Highs and BellowsMick McAuley 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
14 Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra Rocking the Baby / The CurlewWaves Sunsign Records3/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
15 Andy M. StewartThe Lakes of Pontchartrain The Man in the MoonGreen Linnet 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
16 Janet RussellThe Creole Girl's Lament Love Songs and Fighting TalkHarbourtown 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
17 Eileen Ivers & Mark Simos Gentle Breeze/Paddy Fahy's/Piper on Horseback/Jenny's Welcome to Charlie Gaelic RootsKells3/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
18 The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem Courtin' In the Kitchen Come Fill Your Glass With Us (Remastered) Tradition3/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
19Noctambule InsomniaTravel in the Shdows Noctambule3/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
20 Mandolin OrangeSettled Down Such JubileeYep Roc Records 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
21 The Wailin' JennysOne Voice 40 DaysRed House Records3/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
22 Ordinary ElephantBefore I Go Before I GoBerkalin Records 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
23 Gina ForsythWe Will Be Reborn promised landWaterbug3/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
24 Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans American Rifle Team Hornpipe (feat. Norman Blake & Nancy Blake) Songs That Are Mostly Older Than Us (feat. Norman Blake & Nancy Blake) Native & Fine3/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
25 Hank BradleyThe Hexadecimal Rag The Pescadero BluesSage Arts 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
26Uncle Earle Booth Shot LincolnShe Waits for Night 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
27 Debby McClatchyWild Rose of the Mountain Light Years AwayMarimac3/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
28 Adam Nordell with Johanna Davis Means of ProductionWalk These Fields 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
29 Dana And Susan RobinsonBig Mystery Big MysteryItsAboutMusic.com 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
30Trapezoid Devrah's DelightLong Time Down This Road Azure3/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
31Notorious Door County #2The Road to Damascus Black Socks Press3/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
32 Debby McClatchyOff to California Off to CaliforniaWildebeest 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
33 Lissa SchneckenburgerHalafl/ Mona's Lissa SchneckenburgerFootprint Records 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
34 John CraigieAs Tragic Montana TaleZabriskie Point Records 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
35Peter Lang Can't Feel at Home in This World Anymore TestamentHorus Records3/9/2017 FolkPeter Schwarz
36 Michael McNevinJersey Jail Secondhand StoryMudpuddle Music 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz
37 Joan Baez, Richard Thompson & David Bromberg House of the Rising Sun Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration Razor & Tie3/9/2017Folk Peter Schwarz
38 Catie CurtisTuesday's Dead Hello, StrangerCompass Records 3/9/2017FolkPeter Schwarz