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KKUP Program Schedule

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Time Program Description
12:00 am (1st) Blues In The Night (CJ the DJ)
(2nd, 4th) The Midnight Cruizers {The North Side Stories} (Stifler's Dad) Lost soul & R&B Oldies classics, Old School Soul, Old School Freestyle
(3rd) Blues In The Night (Blue Radish)
3:00 am (1st) Blues In The Night (CJ the DJ)
(2nd, 4th) School of the Higher Groove (Bobby G) Take a Trip back to a Time when Free-Form FM Radio ruled The Airwaves. Indulge in a Four-Hour Musical Oasis of Classic Rock, Funk and Soul from the Sixties and Beyond to quench Your Musical Thirst.
(3rd) On the Verge (Verge Belanger) Verge may well do anything musical or cerebral!
(5th) Too Much Time at the Record Store (Fred C. Dobbs) Social outcast embraces music.
7:00 am The Alan Watts Hour (George Byrd) Wake up while listening to a seminar by philosopher Alan Watts. Or listen to a seminar by Alan Watts while waking up.
8:00 am Neptune Currents (Steve Davis & Carol Joyce) Tranquil, expressive, meditative. Emphasis on electronic & electro-acoustic music, plus music of the Far East and other World musics. Playlists
11:00 am Wimmin's Music Program 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th

(Laura Testa) Women's music, news, & contemporary calendar. Interviews with local women movers & shakers.

(3rd) America's Global Winds, Native Roots (Teresa Nemeth) Bay Area Native American traditional and contemporary music, songs, and stories. Program also features local powwow news and PSA's, guest speakers and environment news.
1:00 pm Fools Paradise
(1st, 3rd, 5th)
(Mark Owens) Two hours without format, Blues, Zydeco, Reggae, African & Caribbean music.
(2nd, 4th) Indian Time (Davidthree) (aka Cipactzin David Romero) Music for and by American Indians, to promote community awareness through information on Health and Social Services, Cultural events like Pow-Wow's and Ceremonies also local Groups and their events.
3:00 pm (1st)
Classical Music Tales
(Rey Gonzalez) Classical music at its best along with a few tales, some notes about the composers and performers, and maybe a little fun, all meant to ease kids and adults of every age into the pleasures of great classical music.
(2nd, 4th)
No Pigeonholes
(Don Campau) The longest running program of home tapes and small studio productions in the world is also now broadcast on shortwave in Europe on Radio Marabu. Send us your home recordings for airplay!
(3rd) Mostly Jazz (John Hayden) Eclectic Jazz, plus political commentary.
(5th) She-Radio (Coach Vicci) Locally based life coach. This talk show entertains, empowers, and inspires women. She-Radio features interviews with news-makers, experts, musicians, and more. Listen and call in to share your comments and questions.
5:00 pm A Meeting of the Ways (Diane Solomon) Celebrating diversity, the varieties of religious experience, peace & justice, and the sacred music of the World.
6:00 pm Canta Brazil (Xuxu & Maria, Lars Bourne) Hot Brazilian music...
8:00 pm One World in One Hour (Lars Bourne) A musical journey around the world in one hour. Playlists
9:00 pm Cupertino Barndance (Stompin' Steve Hathaway) Bluegrass, honkytonk, western swing, rockabilly. Playlists

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