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KKUP Program Schedule - Tuesday

Time Program Description
1:00 am Melodic Thoughts (Kaila D'Sa)
5:00 am The Tuesday Morning Drive-Thru (The Rhythm Mechanic) Tune in for your weekly sonic tune up of jazz, blues, dance, r&b, soul and funk. You name it; we play it. Well, almost. Playlists
7:00 am The Human Voice Barbershop, gospel, doo-wop & other vocal styles.
(1st) (Barbara Vander Putten)
(2nd) (Bio Billy)
(3rd) (Phil Debar)
(4th) (Rey Gonzalez)
(5th) (Mike Amaral)
10:00 am It's Just Us Folks, Singin' & Playin' (One-Eyed Jack) Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Irish and Blues.
1:00 pm The Alan Watts Hour (George Byrd) Hear your favorite Alan Watts seminar that you missed on Sunday. And wake up again.
  • Some abridged transcripts of Alan Watts' lectures, and audio clips can be found at The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension.
  • Enjoy an excerpt from Alan Watts' autobiography "In My Own Way". Or enjoy Alan Watts' "The Joyous Cosmology" and other essays.
  • Additional information available at Alan Watts Electronic University.
  • 2:00 pm Static in the Attic (Anita Rosas) Comedy and drama from the vaults of radio history.
    4:00 pm Bajaba On Jazzline (Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs) The evolution of the blues from Bebop to Hip Hop featuring Bay Area jazz and blues artists. Jazzline Blog
    6:00 pm (1st, & 3rd) Ajuas Y Mas Ajuas, Traditional Musica Nortena (Marie Lopez Hernandez) Music for all ages: Traditional Mexican music (30's to 70's), Norteña (viejitos pero bonitos), & Chicano Rock. Live interviews with non-profit agencies based on positive community values.
    (2nd, 4th, & 5th)
    Amenidades Latino Americanas
    (Cristina Boyd) Contemporary Latin American folk music.
    8:00 pm Can't Come Down (Mr. Mustard) Eclectic mix of vintage vinyl from the 1960's Psychedelic Era. Playlists
    10:00 pm The Orient Express (Ahmet Toprak) Music, culture, & news from Turkish lands.
    11:00 pm For the Record Archives (Dave Emory) Alternative news roundup & analysis. Locally produced.

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