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KKUP Program Schedule - Saturday

Time Program Description
12:00 am (1st & 3rd) SUAVECITO (Mario Del Castillo) Interviews and a variety of musical genres.
(2nd & 5th) Midnight with Mundo (Raymundo Talavera) This show will be listener made. Tejano, Chicano Oldies and Salsa. Big band and Rock and Roll can fit too.
(4th) INI Radio (DJ Young Son) Showcasing 3 solid hours of roots reggae, dub, and dancehall music ranging from past to present. Reggae music from Jamaica and around the world. Also occasional specials TBA on the air, and on Young Son's Myspace Page
3:00 am TBA TBA
6:00 am (1st & 5th) The Vault (Tomas Montoya) A wide variety of American roots music from the depths of KKUP's record vault.
(2nd, 4th) Cantos y Tradiciones (Isidro Jimenez) Tradicional music from old and contemporary Mexico. All genres, plus world music along the same guidelines. A window for the community to share current events, local artists, as well as visiting artists to our community.
(3rd) I Like All Folk Show (Jim Maley) Bluegrass/Country and domestic/international folk.
9:00 am El Barrio Nuevo Announcers:
  • (1st) (Jimmy Jam) Latin Soul Review - Classic Latin rock, salsa and Chicano style jamz.
  • (2nd) (rotating DJ's), from oldies to music of struggle to spoken word.
  • (3rd) (Lupe), Salsa, Tejano, Latin Jazz, Chicano Rock, and Rare Cruising Oldies all in one taza! Additionally, A Woman's Perspective - cultural and social issues pertaining to Latinas.
  • (4th) (Miguel Agosto), Salsa picante with mucho merengue and cumbias!
  • (5th) (rotating DJ's), Nuevo Canto, Boleros and Rancheras.
  • 11:45 am
    Latino News & Views
    Latino News & Views seeks to inform varied audiences about the perspective of U.S. Latinos and the issues and events affecting their lives; to promote cross-cultural understanding among Latinos, and between Latinos and non Latinos; to develop a forum for Latino cultural and artistic expression; and to strengthen the communication capabilities of Latinos.
    12:15 pm Alma Latina Announcers:
  • (1st) (Jesús Orosco), Latin Soul, Tex-Mex and Salsa
  • (2nd) (Hector Rivera), Latin Jazz, La Salsa Dura New York style. Showcasing various artists of America-Latina in the Jazz segment so people actually hear the wonderful array of sounds that these artists embrace with the "African/American" influences.
  • (3rd) (Raymundo Talavera), T4 Texas - At last Musica Tejana. We will enjoy Rancheras, Nortenos, and Tex-Mex Country. Put on your Kickers because we'll dance Cumbias and even the Texas Two Step. New music and old. Also some things you may have listened to on the side.
  • (4th) (Louie Rocha), A firme mix of Lowrider & Chicano style oldies from Califas and across Aztlan, including rolas from Motown to the Boogaloo sounds of the East Coast. Also, musica del movimiento con barrio news updates with community guests.
  • (5th) (rotating DJ's), Nuevo Canto, Folklorico, and Spoken Word
  • 3:00 pm Swing Boogie (Alternating Hosts) (Jackalope John, Johnny Westurn, Sleepy John, Sully) Bluegrass, Country, Western Swing.
    6:00 pm (1st, 2nd) Jim Dandy to the Rescue
    (Jim Dandy & Allen The Rhythm Doctor) play the 1950's Rhythm & Blues, mostly 45's.
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm (3rd) Kutcheri (Krish) South Indian Classical Music Playlists
    7:30 pm - 9:00 pm (3rd) Blue World Music Mix (Diane Solomon) Blue World Music Mix. An exploration of the traditional musics of North Africa, the Near East, and other cultures sometimes fused, mixed and remixed with a trip hop and jazz sensibility.
    6:00 pm (4th) The Ska Review (DJ Toast) & (The world's oldest living Ska DJ) play 1st, 2nd & 3rd wave SKA!
    (5th) First Set (Jammin' Jim) Features the up-and-coming artists that open up the fun on KKUP just like they do at this time of the evening in the Blues clubs.
    9:00 pm (1st) Trans-Love Airways (Verge & Cricket) Psychedelic Rock and Beyond.
    (2nd, 4th, 5th)
    Black, White, & Blue
    (Leo Murphy) Modern Jazz: The Tradition in Transition.
    Challenging improvisational music for adventurous ears.
    (3rd) TBA TBA

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