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Unfortunately we live in an age of great social isolation. Most of us are profoundly lonely because we don't have the families, friends and support system that human beings are calibrated to needing. Faith in a higher power and the pursuit of what interests me has kept me going. If you feel isolated and alone, you are not alone. Have faith and "do what you love." It is my hope that "A Meeting of the Ways" can serve as a resource to you, giving you ideas as to where you might be able to go for spiritual renewal, growth, and solace.

Joseph Campbell said that everyone's life has a special purpose. He advised that one could find out what one's special purpose is by, "following your Bliss". He said that when you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that will not open to anyone else. "If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there the whole while, waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one that you are living."

I think of it in simpler terms, "do what you love."

Our destiny is the realization of our unique gifts. Whatever we sincerely yearn to do is what we're meant to be doing. In my experience, when people connect to their creative power and act out of it, the impossible becomes possible and the neurosis become irrelevant. Whatever our gifts, it is our responsibility and our privilege to bring them to life. That means doing what ever is necessary...studying, connecting with people, etc. to bring your creativity to fruition. Don't be discouraged by circumstances. As Doris Lessing once said, "whatever it is you are meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible."

Joseph Campbell on the teachings of the Arthurian Legends: "They thought that it would be a disgrace to go forth as a group. Each entered the forest at a point that he himself had chosen, where it was darkest and there was no path. If there is a path it is someone else's path and you are not on the adventure."

"As you go forward into your life, you will come upon a great chasm. Jump! It is not as wide as you think." The advice of a Native American People to their young people.

"If you can dream it, you can do it." --Walt Disney

"I became convinced that non cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good." --Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cheri Huber There is nothing Wrong With You, Going Beyond Self Hate, a compassionate process for learning to accept yourself exactly as you are , Keep It Simple Books, 2001

The poetry of Hafiz

Everything written by Marion Woodman

China Galland Longing For Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna,Viking/Penguin, 1990/1991 and The Bond Between Women: A Journey to Fierce Compassion,
Riverhead Books/Putnam, 1998 Riverhead Books/Putnam, 1998

Yaya Diallo and Michell Hall. The Healing Drum, African Wisdom Teachings
Rochester, Vermont, Destiny Books, 1989.

Julia Cameron. The Artist's Way.
New York, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Perigee Books, 1992

Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers. The Power of Myth.
New York, Doubleday, 1988.

Betty Edwards. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.
Los Angeles, Jeremy P. Tarcher, 1979. Drawing on the Artist Within.
New York, Simon & Schuster, 1986.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. Women Who Run With the Wolves.
New York, Ballantine Books, 1992.

Frederick Franck. The Zen of Seeing, Seeing/Drawing As Meditation.
New York, Vintage Books, 1973.

Mickey Hart. Drumming At The Edge Of Magic.
San Francisco, Harper San Francisco, 1990.

Mark Levy, Technicians of Ecstasy, Shamanism and the Modern Artist,
Connecticut Bramble Books, 1993

Jerry Mander. In the Absence of the Sacred (The Failure of Technology & the Survival of the Indian Nations).
San Francisco, Sierra Club Books, 1991.

Maledoma Patrice Some. Ritual: Power, Healing and Community,
Portland, Swan/Raven & Company, 1993.

Sule Greg Wilson. Foreword by Babatunde Olatunji, The Drummer's Path, Moving the Spirit with Ritual and Traditional Drumming,
Rochester, Vermont, Destiny Books, 1992.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler. The Art of Happiness: A Handbook For Living, 1998

Lori Wallach & Michelle Sforza. Whose Trade Organization? Corporate Globalization and the Erosion of Democracy, 1999

Anything written by Sark

The poetry of Jeladin Rumi

The poetry of Mary Oliver, especially Dream Work

If you have ever yearned to play a musical instrument or to sing in a choir, "just do it"! There are many opportunities in the Santa Cruz and San Francisco Bay Areas. Most of the colleges and universities in the area have all sorts of choirs and musical ensembles. Most of them are open to community members and a surprising number do not require an "official" musical background. I study Middle Eastern music and play in a world fusion band. There are many fantastic teachers waiting to help you realize your dream. I am here to tell you that it doesn't take long for someone to get "functional" if they practice and love it. Music is a great way to be with people. If at first you don't find a teacher or ensemble that you feel good with, keep looking until you find the right one. You will know.

Buddhist Meditation is one of the best things I have going in my life. There are local centers where you can practice "Zazen", "just sitting", "mindfullness" or "insight" meditation on a donation-basis. My favorites are a sitting group founded by Cheri Huber that meets in Palo Alto (650-966-1057); the Insight Meditation Center of the Mid-Peninsula in Redwood City. They also meet in San Jose (650-599-3456 ),; and the Floating Zendo, meets Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm at the Friends Meeting House in Santa Clara, 1041 Morse Street near Newhall. For more info go to Yahoo Groups, Floating Zendo.  Beginners are welcomed at all of these groups!

Drawing and other art activities are a huge part of what keeps me centered. One of the big joys in my life is taking my sketch book everywhere I go and drawing what I see. Most of the adult education programs offered by our cities and school districts offer excellent and inexpensive art courses. Contrary to popular belief, we are all artists and have the ability to articulately express ourselves with a wide variety of media and it's fun, and sometimes what you make looks really great! Unfortunately, our public school systems largely discouraged us from embracing our artist within. If you have ever yearned to paint, play with clay, draw, weave, make paper lamps or whatever, please go and do it! There is an internal voice that keeps us from persuing these things. STOP OBEYING It and go make a big mess with art supplies! There is magic in persuing what you yearn to do and that negative voice eventually quiets down and can help you make great art.

If you listen regularly to "A Meeting of the Ways" you know I am passionate about restoring our Republic to a government that is "of the people and by the people". I believe that this can only be achieved by eliminating corporate control of our government. Because small groups of concerned citizens have always changed the world for the better, it's important for government officials to know how we feel. An easy way to write to them can be found on the Web. This Web site will find your congress persons and many other government officials and hook you up with a way to contact them.

I practice something called "voluntary simplicity". It's a way for me to enjoy my life, have what I want and want what I have. I seek to live simply so that others may simply live. There are many excellent books about voluntary simplicity. My favorites are Henry David Thoreau's "Walden" and Cecile Andrews' "Circle of Simplicity - Returning to the Good Life". If you would like to know more, here is an excellent web page

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Guests on Past Programs

  • A.J. "Tony" McGettigan - Author of A Voyage to Consciousness
  • Ableza's Native American Youth Performance Ensemble
  • Acterra's Be the Change: Rebecca Araiz Iverson, Lynn Adams, Mark Sugars & Toni Hanson
  • Al Traugott, Coalition to Save San Jose Medical Center
  • Alan Clement, Buddhist Activist on Burma & his play "Politically Incorrect"
  • Alessandra Harris, Tina Baker, and Nunu Kidane on the global debt cancellation movement 
  • Ali Harris, San Jose Peace Center and former resident of Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia
  • Alice Cox, San Jose Peace Center
  • Alicia Zhao & Sherry Zhang, Falun Dafa Practitioners
  • American Moslems For Global Peace
  • Amy Miller, Director of the Vajrapani Institute and member of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition
  • Angeles Arien, Cultural Anthropolgist & author, 'Living in Gratitude'
  • Angie Boissevain, Teacher of Zen Buddhism
  • Ann Wrixton - SeniorNet
  • Anne Marie Sayers, Ohlone Elder, Indian Canyon
  • Art Between Us: Viviane Bias, Alise Peeples & Lucy Colvin
  • Arun Gandhi, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
  • Asim Zia, SJSU Environmental Studies on Climate Change
  • Ato Walker, Comedian, Comedy at the Brit
  • Avi Chomsky, "They Take Our Jobs and 20 other myths about immigration"
  • Bahai Community Members: Cathy, Camille, and Claudette Yazram and Kyong-Mi
  • Barbara Fields, Association for Global Net Thought
  • Barry Glassner, author "The Culture of Fear"
  • Berget Jelane, Carol Dalrymple and David Wald on Health Care for All
  • Betty Beasley & Sandy Miranda The Crisis at KPFA
  • Blanca Bosquez and Pedro Rosado, Prop 36 & Reforming California's 3 Strikes Law
  • Calvin Miaw, Unite Here Local 19 Hotel Workers’ Union
  • Carolyn Edwards, Author, Ritualist and Storyteller
  • Cassandra Brown, Santa Cruz Peace & Justice Activist
  • Cathy Atkins, - Willow Glen Books
  • Cathy Deppe and Holly Stump, 9 to 5 National Association of Working Women
  • Cecile Andrews, spokesperson on voluntary simplicity, Nationally syndicated columnist and author of Circle of Simplicity - Returning to the Good Life.
  • Claudia Horowitz, author of "The Spiritual Activist"
  • Charlotte Casey, Green Party of Santa Clara County
  • Cheri Huber, teacher of Zen Buddhism, author of The Key and There is Nothing Wrong With You, Going Beyond Self Hate
  • China Galland, Buddhist teacher, author and founder of Images of Divinity
  • Chip Berlet, Senior Analyst at Political Research Associates and author of Right Wing Populism in America
  • Chief Sonne Reyna, One Earth One People,
  • Chris Dayler, Santa Cruz STOPFTAA
  • Christina Egan, Loaves & Fishes
  • Chuck Collins, United for a Fair Economy
  • Civil Rights For Children: Blanca Bosquez & Norm Towson
  • Coach Yosh Uchida, Legendary SJSU Judo Coach
  • Cosi Fabian: Mythologist and Sacred Prostitute
  • Dale Gieringer, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
  • Dan Mayfield, National Lawyers Guild
  • Darlene and Donna Wallach, Justice for Palestinians
  • Daryll Williams - Citizens' Tribunal
  • Daud Ali Jerraji, Dervish of the Jerrahi-Halveti Sufi Order
  • Dave Blume, Permaculturist, on Alcohol can be a gas!
  • David Bacon
  • David Smith-Ferri, Battlefields Without Borders, on Iraq Refugee Crises
  • Debra Benedict, No on Prop 98 Yes on 99
  • Deborah Grenn-Scott: Founder of the Lilith Institute
  • Dee Urista & Robert Jones, High Speed Train
  • Deena Metzger, poet, storyteller, author, visionary
  • Diane MacEachern, Author of “Big Green Purse”
  • Diane Patterson & Kelli Green: Music for Social Change
  • Diane Way & David Yohn, Ableza
  • Dixie Keithly, Your Choice Your Health
  • Dr. Allan J. Hamilton, The Scalpel & the Soul: A Surgeon'’s Journey Beyond Science
  • Dr. Ann Aurelia López, Professor at San Jose City College, on the failure of NAFTA
  • Dr. Clayborn Carson, Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University
  • Dr. Fred Luskin, founder of The Forgiveness Project at Stanford and
  • Dr. David Miller, author of Staying Clean and Sober: Complementary and Natural Strategies for Healing the Addicted Brain
  • Dr. Earl Stevens, San Jose Prepared!
  • Dr. Marcia Ishi-Eiteman, Pesticide Action Network's World Bank Accountability Project and Light Brown Apple Moth Spraying
  • Dr. Michael Cheers & Justin Allegri, SJSU Journalists, the 2009 Civil Rights Tour and the Obama Inaguaration.
  • Dr. Roger Mills and Betsy Wolfe-Graves on Health Realization
  • D.J. Sheb i Sabbah, D.J. and visionary
  • Don Monkerud, National Writers Union
  • Doniece Sandoval, San Jose’s Zero One Festival
  • Duane Elgin, author of Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich
  • Elijah Wald, author of Society Blues
  • Elise Peeples “Strand”; 510-843-4907
  • Elizabeth Betita Martinez, Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Ellen Bravo, 9 to 5
  • Ellen Callas, San Francisco Mime Troup
  • Eugene Cordero, Phd., on Climate Change
  • Eunice Cho, "Global Activist Manual: Local Ways to Change the World" and National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
  • Father Roy Bourgeoise, School of the Americas Watch
  • Francis Moore Lappe & Anna Lappe, "Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet"
  • Gail Reig, Backyard Beekeeping,
  • Gil Sperry, Author, 'Mariachi for Gringos'
  • Greg Bernal Mendoza Smestad, The DeAnza Trail
  • Greg Palast, investigative journalist extrodinaire
  • Gregg Castro, Tribal Council Chair, Salinan Nation
  • Gil Fronsdal, Phd., Teacher of Insight Meditation
  • Glenn Mullin, Tibetologist, Buddhist writer, and teacher of Tantric Buddhist meditation
  • Gloria LaRiva and the South Bay Coalition to End the Sanctions Against Iraq
  • Good Friday Service @ Lawrence Livermore Labs
  • Groucho Monarch, Santa Cruz Art & Revolution
  • Harry Wu, Laogai Foundation
  • Hassaun Ali Jones-Bey, Imagine Peace
  • Ingrid Medina-Wagoner: DeAnza College Students for Justice
  • International Womens Day with Lata Patil, Cardea Center
  • Ishky, Performance Artist-Technologist on Pi In The Sky
  • Jaime Austin, ZER01 Art & Technology Network
  • James Sullivan, author of 'Jeans, a cultural history of an American icon'
  • Jane Dobisz, Zen Master & author
  • Jane Roberts, 34 Million Friends
  • Janet Gray Hayes, Former Mayor of San Jose & Citizens Against Airport Pollution
  • Janus Blume and J'té Argent, Unitarian Universalist & Santa Cruz Pagan Network
  • Jasmine, Third Eye Movement on Proposition 21
  • Jason Marks, Global Exchange
  • Jay Azarow, Phd., Stanford's Generativity & Meaning Making Project
  • Jean Kilborn, author and media watchdog
  • Jeff Conant, Hesperian Found., Report Back on World Social Forum
  • Jessica Miller, Ecological Farming Assoc.,
  • Jewish Voice for Peace: Mitchell Plitnick, Wendy Greenfield, Betsy Wolfe-Graves
  • Jill Arnone, San Jose Mariachi Festival
  • Jimmy Kelly, SJCC Labor studies & Western Workers Heritage Festival
  • Joah Bazar, Womens International League for Peace & Freedom
  • Joan Goddard & Lata Patil, Cardea Center for Women
  • Joanna Macy, Deep Ecologist
  • John Bell, on the Militarization of Space and Saving Coyote Valley
  • Josephine McCall and Sandra Koelzer, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • Judith Boice, N.D., Menopause With Science and Soul
  • Judy Lipske and Larry Lauro, School of the Americas Watch West
  • Julia Cameron, The Artists Way and The Writing Diet
  • Juliette Beck Global Exchange
  • Kaaryn Gustafson, Women of Color Resource Center
  • Kaitlin Gaffney, Oceans Conservancy
  • Keith Boylan, Swords to Plowshares
  • Keith Garcia, Stanford's Lucidity Institute
  • Kelle Green & Diane Patterson - Green Eyes Record Label
  • Kent Sandvik: Gyalwa Gyatso Center (San Jose branch of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition)
  • Kent Keith, "Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments"
  • Kevin Griffin, ONE BREATH AT A TIME - Buddhism and the Twelve Steps
  • Kim Shrunk, City of San Jose, and Mike Dever, Santa Cruz, on Emergency Preparedness
  • Lama Surya Das, author "Awakening the Buddha Within"
  • Lance Trumbull, Everest Peace Project
  • Laurie Doyle, Babylon Salon
  • Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel,
  • Layne Redmond, author of When the Drummers were Women
  • Leni Kronish, Tibetian Buddhist
  • Leonard Shlain, author "The Alphabet and the Goddess"
  • Linda Blachman, Mothers’ Living Stories Project and Ethical Wills
  • Linton Hale, composer and founder of
  • Lori Andrews, Attorney & Author on "Social Networks and the Death of Privacy"
  • Louise Auerhahn, Working Partnerships
  • Maria Quetzaoceloaciua Ortiz, Barrio Defense Committee
  • Margarete Strand-Rangnes of Ralph Nader's Public Citizen on the Multilateral Agreement on Investments
  • Margaret Starbird, on the sacred feminine in Christianity
  • Marjorie and Stuart Duflor, Eckancar
  • Mark Cook, Gardinarian Wiccan and Druid
  • Mark Schapiro, Center for Investigative Reporting, Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at stake for American Power
  • Marteen, Elizabeth, and Raj Jayadev of the Silicon Valley Debug Youth Collective
  • Mary Lia Kelly, Tri-Valley Cares - Environmental Group Monitoring the Livermore Labs
  • Mary Rose O'Reilly, author of The Barn at the End of the World
  • Mary Zepernick, Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy
  • Matt Venutti, The Venusians
  • Matthys Levy, Why the Wind Blows, A History of Weather and Global Warming,
  • Melinda Ribner on New Age Judaism
  • Melody Ermachild, Buddhist teacher & author of "Meena", a history of the Revolutionary Association of Women in Afganistan
  • Michael Franti, recording artist and global peace maker
  • Michael Gene Sullivan, San Francisco Mime Troupe
  • Michael Nagler, scholar of Gandhian non violence & author of "Is There No Other Way?"
  • Michael Parenti
  • Monique Harden, Esq, Black Environmental Justice Network
  • Nahrain Daniel-Moran, Lover of Rumi
  • Nancy Evans, The Breast Cancer Fund
  • Noah Levine, Buddhist teacher & author of "Dharma Punk"
  • Pat & Pete Koopman, PFLAG
  • Pathria Arya - Laughter As Spiritual Practice (Laughaway)
  • Patti Parrera and Lisa Esteves, Special Olympics
  • Paul Andrews, - United Religions Initiative
  • Paul Hance, Artist and Modern Designer
  • Peter Lumsdaine, Resource Center for Non Violence on the Militarization of Space
  • Phil D'Anna, Buddhist teacher, co founder of Living Compassion, and Sister of Notre Dame
  • Philip Klasky, a teach in on war and the environment
  • Pratichi Sinha, Doctor of Aurevedic Medicine
  • Rabbi Abner Weiss on Connecting to G_d, ancient Kabbalah & Modern Psychology 
  • Rabbi Elyjah Navy,
  • Rabbi Stepen Fisdel, the Talmudic Orgins of the Tarot
  • Raj Jayadev, Just Act: Youth of Color Against the WTO
  • Ruth Caplan, Alliance for Democracy, on the General Agreement on Trades in Services
  • Ram Kalki Das and Veera Kalki Das, Foundation for Spiritual Awakening
  • Red Rob Smith of San Francisco Art and Revolution
  • Redwood Mary, Plight of the Redwoods
  • Reshma Yunus, Reverend Margo Tenold & Bart Charlow of SouthBay Interfaith
  • Reverend Adebisi Aromolaran, Phd.,Yoruba Priest and Educator
  • Reverend Andrew Kille, Phd, Founder of
  • Reverend Dennis Moore, Metropolitan Community Church of San Jose
  • Reverend Ellen Grace O'Brian, Center for Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Reverend Roy Davis, Kriya Yoga Teacher & founder of the Center for Spiritual Awareness
  • Reverend Sandra Jackson, Firelight Church of Religious Science
  • Richard Hobbs, Immigration Rights Attorney, on Prop. 227
  • Richard Hobbs & Patricia Martinez on County Board Election
  • Rick Hind, Amanda Fiore & Renee Blanchard: Greenpeace Toxics Tech Campaign
  • Rick Longinotti, Santa Cruz Desalinization Choice Measure P
  • Rick Shaw, Housing America and "The Activists Handbook"
  • Robert Jensen, "Citizens Against the Empire"
  • Robin and Michael Mastro, on the Way of Vastu Shastra
  • Rowan Fairgrove and Gwaine, Covenent of the Goddess, Wiccan
  • Russell Targ, Stanford Physicist and co-author of "The End of Suffering": Buddhist and physics teachings how to live fearlessly in troubled times
  • Sabore Ole Oyie, Maasai elder and warrior on Kenya's Oldonyo Orasha Water Project
  • San Jose Peace Center's Youth Essay Contest Winners
  • Sandy Miranda & Betty Beasley The Crisis at KPFA
  • Sarah Westervelt - Basal Action Network
  • Sark, Author and Creative Beacon
  • Sakyong Miham, Tibetan Buddhist Teacher
  • Scoop Wes Nisker, Journalist and Author
  • Scott Myers-Lipton, PhD
  • Senator John Vasconcellos
  • Sharon Salzberg, author and Buddhist teacher on Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness and Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience
  • Shah Nazar Seyed Ali Kianfar, Phd., International Association of Sufism
  • Shahram Shiva, Rumi Translator and performance artist
  • Shanie Scott & Jacob Hey, Planned Parenthood
  • Shaykh Hisham Kibbani, Naqshbandhi Sufi Order
  • Sheikh Kabir & Camille Helminski, Threshold Society/Mevlevi Sufi Order
  • Sheila Davis, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
  • Sister Marilyn Lacey of the Pageri on Sudan's humanitarian crisis
  • Stacy Malkan, GMO and CA Proposition 37
  • Stephanie Tate, Dharma Punx San Jose
  • Stephen Batchelor, Buddhist teacher & author of "Buddhism Without Beliefs"
  • Stephen Grey, on CIA Extraordinary Renditions
  • Sumbul Ali-Karamali, Author of The Muslim Next Door
  • Susan Samuels Drake, Fields of Courage: Remembering César Chávez and the People Whose Labor Feeds Us
  • Susun Weed, Author, Herbal Healer and Godess
  • Swami Kriyananda, Co-Founder of the Ananda Society and the Self Realization Institute, on the Gita
  • Sylvestro Akara Bakhiet, Pageri Sudanese Organization, on the crisis in Dafur, Sudan
  • Taneen, Sufi Musical Ensemble
  • Ted Smith, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
  • The Reverend Lindi Ramsden, 1st Unitarian Church of San Jose & No on Knight Proposition 22
  • The Reverend Sharon Delgado, Earth Justice Ministries
  • Tara Brach, Buddhist teacher & Author of "Radical Acceptance"
  • Dr. Theo Colborn, co-author "Our Stolen Future", Senior Scientist at the World Wildlife Fund and one of the world's leading authorities on endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environment
  • Thomas Moore & Sr. Phil D'Anna on dark nights of the soul
  • Tina de Sousa - Psychologist & Llorisha of the Afro-Brazilian Tradition
  • Tova Green, Buddhist Peace Fellowship
  • Toni Cormier, wholistic health and healing
  • Tracy Lerman, Earth Island Institute's Water Project
  • Tulku Orgyen Zangpo Rinpoche & Jordan Leahy, Compassion Fellowship
  • Urla Hill, Sports Historian on SJSU's Speed City Era
  • Vance Simms, Father Matters
  • Veggielution's Amy Frisch and Mark Medeiros
  • Vivace Youth Choir
  • Yael Ben-Zvi and Max Weiss, Stanford University's Coalition For Justice in Israel/Palestine
  • Yehudit Steinberg: DJ and Founder of Bodysoulmusic
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My Favorite Cool Out Places

  1. Muddy Waters
    on Valencia near 16th in San Francisco
  2. Los Gatos Creek Trail
    between Leigh and Meridian
  3. Big Sur
    I camp at Lime Kiln State Park or Molero State Park. I love Sand Dollar Beach, too.
  4. Harbin Hot Springs
    I am a devotee of the Bath. This is a beautiful place run by beautiful people. The last affordable and esthetically beautiful place of its kind in Northern California. If you know of another place this great AND as affordable, let me know!
  5. Osento Bathhouse for Women,
    955 Valencia Street, S.F.
  6. Walking along West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz
    (by the Light House)
  7. Watching the Butterfiles at Light House Field
    (from December to Early March)
  8. San Jose Municipal Rose Garden
  9. Cafe Matisse on First Street
  10. The cool coffee place next door to the Towne Theater in San Jose
    (used to be called "Cafe Leviticus".
  11. Jahva House in Santa Cruz
  12. The Chapel at Immaculate Heart Hermitage in Big Sur
  13. The Camera and Towne Cinemas in San Jose
  14. The fountain in Cesar Chavez Park
    on Market Street in San Jose
  15. Aquatic Park and Land's End in San Francisco.
    (Aquatic Park is the water front in front of Giradelli Square and Land's End is in Lincoln Park, right behind the Legion of Honor Museum)


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